Airmeet Dispatch – July 2022

Padma Sankar
• July 13, 2022

(2 min read)

It’s the time of the month again and Airmeet has got a number of exciting product updates since last month. We have consolidated major releases and enhancements that come handy for you to host a successful virtual event.

Breakout Rooms

Make your sessions highly interactive with breakout rooms

The feature allows organizers to create and host short networking or group video chat sessions within an ongoing live session.

The attendees will be split into random groups or specifically assigned groups. The organizer can set the number of groups and the duration of the breakout sessions. Organizers and speakers can flit between multiple breakouts when they are in progress.

It is possible for organizers to either assign attendees to breakouts randomly or to a specific breakout room via CSV upload. Organizers can allow attendees to choose and join a particular session if they want. Organizers can send announcements to all the breakout participants when the breakout is in progress. They can also choose to end the session if they want early. Check out the video on setting up breakout rooms


  • Increase session engagement by making the session interactive
  • Adding breakouts will be a good way to boost session attendance as attendees won’t want to miss out on the networking opportunity
  • Create an opportunity for attendees to interact with and get to know each other
  • Works great for sessions like workshops where the organizer needs attendees to split into groups to discuss a particular topic
  • Can act as a quick icebreaker when the organizer wants attendees to interact with each other
  • Boost up your session engagement and attendance by keeping it interactive with the breakout rooms. Give your attendees a chance to network from within a live session

Welcome video

Wow your attendees with an immersive welcome video

Organizers can now welcome attendees and speakers with a 3D immersive video that will act as their entry point into Airmeet. Organizers will be able to select any video of their choice or can choose a video from Airmeet’s video library.


  • Wow your attendees with slick graphics and a 3D view of the event space to help them get the look-and-feel of an in-person event 
  • Walk attendees through all elements of your virtual event for easier navigation and higher recall 
  • Showcase session information and highlight important topics with graphics to interest attendees to join more sessions 
  • Include a glimpse of personalized and branded exhibitor spaces to showcase value to exhibitors 
  • Thank and promote sponsors and include a dedicated space in video for them for higher visibility 
  • Add a personalized welcome message for attendees 
  • Promote new product launches or announce offers
  • Hook your attendees to your virtual event with an immersive first touchpoint in the form of a Welcome Video.

iFrame integrations

Boost session engagement with interactive widgets of your choice

The iframe integration on Airmeet will allow you to embed widgets of your choice into the live event RHS. This is in addition to the native integrations such as Donorbox and Kahoot that are already available. Embed plugins of your choice as a part of any live session with the iFrame integration. It opens up the possibilities through which you can add an interactive element to your live sessions. Add a social wall, quizzes, polls, a whiteboard, and more. Attendees can interact with the widget as a part of the ongoing session. Use the plugin that will help drive engagement and interactions during your session. Check out the video for more information.

See how it works

Conditional Registration Forms

Get to know attendees better with conditional registration forms

Give your attendees a tailor-made event experience with conditional registration forms with branching. Use if-else logic in the form to ask specific questions only to relevant attendees. Collect more specific data points from your attendees in the registration form using conditional logic. Use this data to grant or restrict access to sessions, share with sponsors and to know attendees better. Check out the video on how to set up a conditional registration form


  • Host more and better organized hybrid events by understanding attendee preferences like timing, food preferences, event frequency, follow-up resources and more. 
  • Estimate the amount of service/offerings required in real-time based on number of attendees that fill in the conditional field 
  • Increase ROI and engagement for repeat attendees by giving them special invites, discounts, incentives and more. 
  • Meet accessibility requirements for attendees who may require assistance by preparing beforehand. 
  • Curate a rich client inventory based on form conditions, and use it to segment your attendees better for more personalized events in future. 
  • Make your events more personalized by gathering specific requirements from attendees with help of a conditional registration form.

See how it works

Make your webinars 10X better with just 10 simple questions

Make your webinars 10X better with just 10 simple questions

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