Airmeet Dispatch – August 2022

Padma Sankar
• August 11, 2022

(2 min read)

It’s the time of the month again and Airmeet has got a number of exciting product updates since last month. We have consolidated major releases and enhancements that come handy for you to host a successful virtual and hybrid event.

Create an interactive reception using iFrame Integration

Maximize engagement among attendees using our iFrame integration within Airmeet. Customize your reception by embedding iFrames & extend a memorable welcome experience to your attendees, speakers and sponsors.You will be able to embed relevant iFrames within the custom reception area. This includes social wall, gamification, photobooth and much more. This provides flexibility for the event organizers to integrate multiple relevant iFrames within Airmeet and hence, attendees do not lose context by switching to other platforms. 

  • iFrame integrations deliver flexibility to embed any relevant site or widget within Airmeet 
  • Deliver customized welcome experience to your attendees & improve engagement 

Learn more about this feature.

Wow your attendees with a memorable welcome experience

Organizers can welcome attendees to the event with a customized video message of their choice. Welcome your attendees by sharing a brief overview of the event. Highlight key sessions, give sponsor shoutouts, announce new product offers and more. They can use anything ranging from a welcome message to an immersive 3D video of the event.

Learn more about this feature.

Moderate chat messages using our profanity filter ‘Chat moderation’

Automatically block abusive messages or words and hyperlinks posted by attendees using Airmeet’s profanity filter capability called ‘Chat moderation. This eliminates the need to have a member from the event organizing team monitoring the messages and instead, Airmeet does this automatically by checking for abusive/profane words and blocking them. This frees up time for event organizers and they can invest in improving attendee experience & engagement. 

Learn more about this feature.

Host amazing hybrid events with Airmeet

Give your attendees a tailor-made event experience with conditional registration forms with branching. Use if-else logic in the form to ask specific questions only to relevant attendees. Collect more specific data points from your attendees in the registration form using conditional logic. Use this data to grant or restrict access to sessions, share with sponsors and to know attendees better. Check out the video on how to set up a conditional registration form

With hybrid events, organizers can now bring the best of in-person and virtual events together to provide the audience with an immersive event experience. Hybrid events increase the brand reach and provide an integrated experience to the attendees. Organizers get the option to create events that can be activated on request. They can enter the venue information along with session capacity, and segment attendees into virtual, hybrid, and In-person modes. They also have the option to use different on-site capabilities.

  • Conditional forms to gather specific attendee Information up to session-level and mark attendance based upon the type of event they plan to attend.
  • Segmented tickets to offer different ticket types for virtual, on-site, and hybrid events with QR codes
  • On-site capabilities to check in participants in multiple ways. Participants can use the Airmeet app to check in with a QR Code, or manually enter the event.
  • Simplified lead generation for the exhibitors through lead information via QR code or manually on the Airmeet app. They can also message leads in-app with the booth chat. 
  • Advanced on-site capabilities include collaboration with an on-site event agency for multiple check-in options like badge printing, self-check-in kiosks, handheld scanners, RFID scanners, or with help from on-ground staff. 
  • Hybrid event analytics report for real-time check-in and attendance information, Virtual event engagement, and booth leads.

Learn more about this feature.

Stage layouts for better control & visual experience

Active speaker layout on stage shows the active speaker automatically without manual effort of pinning/unpinning someone or bringing someone into dominant view. You can switch between grid layout and active speaker layout through the click of a button to reduce manual effort. Ensure that all eyes are on your active speakers when they are presenting on stage. The stage layout now switches automatically to highlight the active speaker on the screen. You can also switch between grid mode and active speaker mode during live sessions with a single click.

  • The stage automatically spotlights the active speaker. Reduces manual intervention from the host’s end to keep changing the layout.
  • Easy to switch between grid and active speaker with a single click. Makes it easier to control the layout. 

Mobile App updates

iFrame Integration in live session

Attendees can interact with third party sites and content using iFrame integration without having to navigate across multiple platforms. Attendees & speakers have access to an activity tab which includes games under the kahoot section and an option to donate in the donorbox section which can be made session specific. 

Seamless speaker flow

Now, your speakers can join backstage & stage seamlessly to deliver sessions on the go. Attendees can join the stage on the go by accepting the “Invite to stage” option. 


Attendees can choose to attend a specific track and subscribe to the track of their interest seamlessly.  

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