Airmeet vs ON24 [2021]

Nishchal Dua
• February 3, 2021
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ebinars are the talk of the town. From college admissions to the latest technologies, so much can be discussed over a webinar. Attending a webinar is no different from attending a real-time seminar. You can reach a wider audience with your webinar as it knocks down geographic barriers.

In the world of sales & marketing, webinars are a big boon. On the surface, it seems like a webinar is a cost-effective tool with a high reach. But professionals also say that webinars help build greater brand value and provide them with a near-perfect sales lead. 

If you are an event organiser you know that there are a plethora of platforms to choose from. This blog will help you understand and make a choice between two popular digital event platforms Airmeet and ON24.


Airmeet is an online platform that can be used to host diverse events. From webinars, team meetings, conferences, to workshops, an event organiser can host any of these events using Airmeet. Airmeet one can host tens of thousands of participants, and up to 16 speakers live concurrently. 

With networking and engagement features as its pillars, Airmeet brings virtual, live events as close to physical events as possible.


  • No download: Airmeet is available directly from your browser and does not require any download. The platform is compatible with most browsers and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  • Event size: On Airmeet you can host an event of any size, from small meetings to a conference or a seminar with a big audience. The Airmeet platform supports all kinds of events.

  • High Security & Privacy: One of the most secure platforms it ensures safety and privacy with end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance. So, data at all levels is secure on the  Airmeet platform. There are no downloadable components that seek permission to access your data or controls. Airmeet engagement features are moderated by the host to reduce the chances of any notorious breach.

  • High Quality: Airmeet offers HD-quality video and audio with no suspension or delays.

  • Social Lounge: Networking is one of the prime reasons why people attend conferences or seminars. Social Lounge is the signature feature of Airmeet where attendees can interact with each other in a live session. Also, the latest feature addition by Airmeet allows attendees to exchange contact cards as well.


  • Chat: Attendees can interact with each other via public or private chat.

  • Scalable: Airmeet can host a huge number of attendees on the go

  • Screen Sharing: Speakers can share their screen during a live event to engage better.

  • Live Social Stream: Organisers can live stream an Airmeet event on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

  • Backstage: Backstage is an exclusive space for organisers and speakers, where they can interact, prep-up and make last-minute changes.

  • Video Recordings: Airmeet has an in-built system which helps you record and store unlimited session videos, at no additional cost.

  • Easy feedback mechanisms: With features like polls, surveys, Q&A, it is quick and efficient to gather feedback and analyse.

  • Multi-speaker: For larger events, organisers can line up as many as 16 speakers.

  • Pricing: Currently, organisers can use the platform free of cost.


  • Evolving platform: Airmeet is evolving and integrating more features. Stay tuned with Airmeet to learn about new developments

“If you are planning to host an event beyond a webinar, Airmeet is a complete online events platform that fulfills all event hosting needs efficiently.”

If you are planning to host an event beyond a webinar, Airmeet is a complete online events platform that fulfills all event hosting needs efficiently.

Who should consider Airmeet

  • Those who are looking to organise events of different types and sizes.
  • If you are looking for a complete solution for publishing events, managing registrations and going live,  then this is the platform for you.

  • Airmeet is the ideal platform for webinars, conferences, meetings, workshops and networking events.

  • If you are looking for higher returns, Airmeet with its free plan, high engagement and large attendee limit, can be your best friend.  


ON24 is an exclusive webinar platform designed for a mid-sized audience. It is widely used for marketing, networking and webinars. The platform also offers you features like chat, screen sharing, polls, and social sharing.ON24 has been built as an end product for marketers.

Points to consider when evaluating ON24

  • ON24 is a web-based, webinar-only tool.

  • It enables webinars to live or recorded and can be viewed as “on-demand”. 

  • ON24 has engagement features like polls, surveys and Q&A. However, these are available in fixed formats and cannot be customised as per individual needs.

  • A single ON24 webinar room can support only four speakers and a maximum of 5000 participants. 

  • There is no fixed pricing and organisers would have to contact ON24 for rates. However, user feedback has largely reported ON24 as an expensive choice for hosting webinars.
  • It supports multiple languages.

  • Supports integrations like Zapier and Native CRM. It also supports custom branding.

Who should consider ON24

  • ON24 can be considered if you are hosting a webinar.

  • Supports only up to 2500 attendees, so it is best suited for small or medium-sized events.

  • If you are looking at marketing or launching a new product, ON24 can be considered.

Quick Comparison Table

Online, Real-time event
No.of Attendees
A webinar can support 2500 attendees
No. of Speakers
A max of 4 speakers at a webinar room
16 speakers can go live at large events
Attendee Management
Ease of use
Very intuitive interface and design
Type of event
Webinars, conferences, meetings, workshops, networking events
Live Chat
Group and direct
Group and direct
Raise a Hand
Yes. Participants can go on stage and join the speaker.
Yes. Fixed formats cannot be customised or made interactive
Yes. Very interactive and also there is scope to upvote and moderate the answers.
Polls and Surveys
Sharing contact cards
Yes. Share contact cards and make long-lasting connections.
Break-out rooms and networking
Expensive and Plans are not public
Analyze Data
Exceptional 24/7 hands-on support and training team.


It is, thus,  clear that Airmeet and ON24 are platforms made with completely different end-users in mind. While ON24 is an exclusive webinar hosting site, Airmeet offers much more than webinars. Hence, if you are looking to host a range of events for an audience of any size with ease and efficiency, Airmeet would be the right choice for you. 

Visit Airmeet today to know more about us.

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