Engage Global Employees by Virtual Office Space & Town Hall Meetings in 2021

• January 7, 2021
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emote work has been around for a while now. However, many companies in the past have been hesitant to switch to remote working entirely. The environment today has forced a drastic change in this regard. Soon companies in the world are going to embrace this way of work and question the very need for physical office space, particularly in the knowledge-based industries.

We are seeing more and more companies with staff working remotely from varied geographic locations. The idea that very few types of roles can be executed remotely; or that remote work equates to less critical work, is rapidly dissipating. As strong remote teams are emerging, the technology that enables them to communicate and collaborate is taking centre stage. Enter virtual platforms that provide virtual office spaces and company-wide meetings or town halls.

Virtual office space

A virtual office is a complete business solution. It presents the same benefits as a traditional office but without the overheads. There are a multitude of services that can be customised to suit your requirements. Of these, one vital tool for any remote team is a platform that promotes smooth interaction among all stakeholders.

The need today is for much more than just a simple video conference, not just a phone call with video. The platform must mirror a physical workspace as far as possible. The team spirit that is built in a physical office, by sitting side by side, by face to face meetings, or simply by conversations around the water cooler and during breaks, must be replicated in the virtual office space.

Value for employers:

  • Virtual office spaces help minimize the costs that physical offices incur. Administrative, technical, maintenance and infrastructure-related overheads can be done away with. 
  • It helps in onboarding new employees and keeping the team a tight-knit unit by providing a real office feel. Good communication channels lead to better employee engagement and motivation.
  • It offers a vast talent pool to hire from as geographic locations become meaningless.
  • Employers can be easily accessible and extend appropriate support to employees and also give valid feedback, all to develop a cohesive team.

Value for remote employees:

  • The space facilitates in-person like meetings, whether with a team or one on one.  
  • It fosters company culture and boosts collaboration. The virtual space allows much needed social contact making sure employees don’t feel isolated.
  • A platform that provides virtual tables or breakout rooms can facilitate smooth operations. Dedicated tables for client meetings, department consultations, break time etc. can be assigned to simulate a traditional office set-up.

"The idea that very few types of roles can be executed remotely; or that remote work equates to less critical work, is rapidly dissipating."

The idea that very few types of roles can be executed remotely; or that remote work equates to less critical work, is rapidly dissipating.

Virtual town hall meetings

A Town hall meeting is a forum where company policies and roadmaps are communicated by the management to employees to keep them up to date. Employees can align their true north with the company goals once they know what they are. Town halls make sure everyone is heard and go a long way in boosting employee morale.

For a remote company, having the capacity to host a virtual company town hall is priceless. Communicating and engaging with remote employees through virtual town halls goes a long way in shaping the organisational culture.

A key requirement here is a virtual event platform that is capable of scaling up to accommodate a large number of participants. Choose wisely to ensure that the platform provides high-quality, secure connections and smooth, interactive experience to a vast audience.

Value for employers:

  • Virtual Town halls are easy to plan and execute with the right support. An intuitive platform lets you create, moderate, customize and complete your town  hall effortlessly. 
  • You can reach a global audience as participants can engage in the town hall irrespective of their actual location. The right platform will support a huge number of participants without a drop in quality.
  • Virtual town halls are extremely cost-effective. Spending on venue, accommodation, event planning, food and beverages etc. are eliminated.
  • You can create an extremely interactive and engaging virtual event. Use features like chat, social tables, polls, Q&A and raise-hand for a meaningful experience for all participants.
  • You can record sessions for later viewing prolonging the life of the content and making it available for those that were absent.

Value for employees:

  • Virtual Town halls make leadership more accessible and operations more transparent. Company-wide policies are communicated at one event, so you are involved, and everyone is on the same page.
  • It provides an opportunity to make your voice heard and clarify any issues that may be of concern. That can be easily accomplished using features like Raise Hand and the Q&A session.
  • Breakout sessions let you interact with people across different departments in a relaxed environment.


In today’s digitally connected world, you can use virtual office space to provide a safe and convenient setting for employees to collaborate. Leverage virtual town halls to inculcate company culture, inspire confidence in employees and communicate vital company policies. A virtual platform that supports a unique and captivating virtual experience will go a long way in managing and motivating teams.

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