The Future of Events 2021 — Insights From Trevor Hanks

Kabir Uppal
• June 9, 2021
Trevor Hanks
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This article is part of our new Future of Events 2021 Series which will interview a mix of event organizers, consultants, thought leaders, and other event professionals responsible for overseeing events put on by their organization. Our goal with this series is to help event organizers best prepare for the future of events.

The following is an interview we recently had with Trevor Hanks, DMCP, Managing Partner, 360 Destination Group

What are the top trends that will shape the events space in 2021?

TH: 2021 will remain a survival year for our industry as the future is still a bit cloudy and fluid. Companies are deciding their corporate mandates and intentions for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. Top three trends we see are

  1. Hybrid Meetings
  2. Experiences in gifting
  3. Pent up demand

Leisure and corporate travel are on the verge of tremendous demand as we are already seeing in all destinations.

What are the top mistakes you see organizations make with events?

TH: Jumping over dollars to pick up pennies. Furloughs and terminations are crucial for many businesses to survive the collapse of our industry. However, good businesses should anticipate “rainy day” funds and financial depth to withstand situations like we are experiencing now.  As event companies, hotels and clients return to work the personnel is different. These changes will result in crash course training and potential for dramatic experience differences in program operation. Hire back quickly as the talent pool will be depleted quickly of industry veterans.

What are the keys to a successful event?

TH: Listen, Communicate and Execute. Events execution is a talent… Never has it been more important to listen to customers’ needs, communicate what is possible or not and then have the talent to execute flawless operations.

What makes events such an important channel?

TH: Face to Face interaction is the foundation of this industry. Human Sociology is the root of who we all are and this past year has seen major disruption for our peers, collaborative interaction and even our children. The mind craves interaction and events are an integral part of how people communicate and interact in all parts of society (business or personal).

In your own words, what will the future of events look like?

TH: “DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL”.  Hybrid, virtual, in-person, pivot, pirouette are all words that will be used often in near and long term. That is a great thing.  Change scares most people but if you can lean into change and watch top quality businesses and visionaries of any industry you will have the true potential for growth and opportunity. 360DG has never been better positioned for tremendous opportunities related to future business and new business channels. Great companies and entrepreneurs have already looked and adjusted the path for their companies direction and vision. Don’t be left behind and do something bold!  

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