Run webinars that get you closer to your customers

Introducing, Social Webinars. Combine your great content with our interactive spaces. Convert leads into revenue and customers into advocates.

Help your audience discover
not just great content but
also engage and interact with
you and other attendees

Social webinars are best for running webinars,
panels, roundtables, workshops, events with a
networking and conversation focus.

Webinars for revenue generation

Add a virtual sales and marketing floor to
your webinars. Interact and engage with
your audience in real-time before or
after your session.

Webinars for customer engagement

Use webinars to get closer to your customers
and build loyalty and retention. Empower
them to engage during your sessions and
meet and connect with other attendees.

Meet your virtual sales
& marketing floor

Webinars are a great pipeline and revenue generation channel.
But if you’re only using them to offer a one-sided, speaker-to-audience monologue experience, you’re doing it wrong

Meet your virtual sales
& marketing floor

Keep your customers at the center of your webinars, not your slides

Keep your customers at the center of your webinars, not your slides

Social Webinars acknowledge the presence of your audience around and the value they can unlock. It gives them spaces to interact and comment and make learning collective and collaborative

The common webinar tools are not built for engagement and growth


Social Webinars

Dedicated networking lounge

Speed networking

Scheduled meetings between

Backstage to prepare to
give live Polls


Broadcast and answer
question live on stage

Raise hand and invite
to stage

Host announcement feed

In-app and email

On-demand sessions

Dedicated sponsor areas

Event analytics

CRM Integrations

Play pre-recorded videos

Do real work. Automate everything else.

😶 Webinar

Webinars, an online event, popularized as the internet beckoned. In more common words, a seminar that runs online.

🤒 Webinar fatigue

A rush and proliferation of webinars and webinar invites that are dominating mail boxes. A taxing experience that's unidirectional and needs innovation.

😍 Social Webinars

Both a meeting and learning space. A dedicated conversation lounge and a pleasant session experience for learning, thinking, connecting, and growing.