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Remote team? Here are 15 team building activities to get them excited

• August 11, 2020
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emote workers can often feel isolated, uninspired, or uncertain. Team building games and activities go a long way in helping them recognize that they have an amazing and supportive team backing them. These activities can renew excitement and foster trust and confidence in the team. Find below 15 fun and effective team building activities to get your remote team fired up.

1. Pin on the map

Get team members to reveal three unique facts about the region where they live. These could be details that are not generally known about their city, state, or even country. It helps the team in understanding the cultural background of the region the teammate works from.

2. Word poker

Select some phrases or words that are taboo for the duration of the meeting. Every time someone uses one of the banned words they are awarded a point. The goal is to earn the least points by the end of the meeting. This activity ensures all members are vigilant and attentive and make an effort to communicate clearly.

3. Guess who

Before the meeting, have team members answer four personal questions. These could be regarding their dream vacation place, favourite book, favourite food etc. At the meeting present just the answers and have teammates guess which person the answers match with. 

After everyone is done guessing, divulge the correct pairings. Team members can elaborate on fun and intriguing responses. It allows learning more about one another and leads to great bonding!

4. Take centerstage

Open the stage to all those budding artists in your team! Tell your teammates that they will each have a minute at the beginning of the meeting to perform whatever they choose. It could be a song, a poem, playing an instrument whatever they choose. Inject some fun and euphoria into the team as you start with their dazzling performances. 

5. Fitness challenge

Throw a fitness challenge to the entire team. Each member pledges to complete the goal by the agreed-upon date. Knowing that your team is striving to achieve the same fitness goals as you, can be a great motivator. Up the ante by vowing to donate to a predefined charity. The amount should be proportionate to the goals achieved. 

6. Shout-out

Encourage team members to give a shout-out to their teammates. It allows them to point out something another team member did that was invaluable and beneficial to the team. It ups the feel-good factor in the team and enforces positivity and partnership. 

7. Teacher time

Have a team member lead a discussion about a unique topic that interests them. For example, a team member is a hobbyist bee-keeper. She/he can give a short talk on the topic and add some fun interactive elements to the presentation. This activity provides an insight into the teammate’s interests and also promotes a fun way to learn something offbeat.

8. Book club

Float a virtual book club in the team. Typically classic novels promote remote team bonding. Have members suggest titles and vote to pick the book of the month. Allot time for discussions and encourage participation by offering paid time to read the book.

9. Mi casa es su casa

The Spanish phrase literally means “my house is your house”. Have teammates open up their homes to the team-virtually, of course! It is a great way to get to know your team members. Each member can begin a weekly meeting by sharing a short video of their homes and favourite things. You’d be amazed at how much you can learn about their personalities and boost a sense of closeness among the team.

10. Hey Buddy, it’s your birthday!

Host virtual birthday parties for your team members and make them feel great on their special day. Have the rest of the teammates ready for the meeting a few minutes before the birthday person. Have everyone shout “Happy Birthday” when the person arrives. 

Plan a few fun activities and utilize the birthday to express how the teammate is an asset to the team. Highlight their achievements and contributions to the organization.

11. Write a story

Have team members write a story together upon deciding on the theme and characters. Define the deadline and number of words for each participant. Upon completion, publish the story virtually and share it with the team. It is especially fun when members don’t usually get a chance to work together. The thrill of completing a creative project together is bound to promote camaraderie.

"Use these fun and interesting activities to understand team members’ personalities, facilitate open communication, and bring about a sense of cohesion and trust in your remote team. "

Use these fun and interesting activities to understand team members’ personalities, facilitate open communication, and bring about a sense of cohesion and trust in your remote team.

12. Mini-me

Have teammates share their baby picture. Photos of around 3-5 years of age, work best. Post all the pictures without disclosing names and have each member make a list of their guesses to match the baby picture to the team member. Share the lists and enjoy the fun as the team de-stresses.

13. It’s a date!

With remote teams, team members have very few opportunities to have 1-on-1 conversations with their teammates. In this activity, two members are randomly paired up to have a 20-30 minute informal chat. The discussion should ideally be on video and about non-work related topics.

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14. That’s our jam

Mostly everyone appreciates music in the background as they work. Use a music streaming app to create a common playlist for your team. Each member can contribute to the list and build the team’s unique vibe.

15. Ten things about you

Have team members make a list of ten interesting or unusual facts about themselves. These can include details of skills they’d like to learn, things on their bucket list, funny childhood stories etc.


Use these fun and interesting activities to understand team members’ personalities, facilitate open communication and bring about a sense of cohesion and trust in your remote team.

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