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5 mistakes to avoid while choosing virtual events platform for enterprises

Anshika Pattnaik
• April 16, 2024

(5 min read)

While selecting an enterprise-ready virtual events platform, opt for one that comes loaded with advanced features and robust capabilities, to accommodate the growing needs of your company.

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Here are the top five mistakes to avoid while selecting a virtual event platform for enterprises. 

Mistake #1. Overlooking Scalability and Reliability

Whether you are hosting an internal virtual training event for 100 employees or a conference for 100,000 attendees the world over, Airmeet has you covered in terms of both scalability as well as reliability, thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure that scales resources in real-time.

Features to Look For: Dynamic Load Balancing and Auto-scaling. Platforms should dynamically adjust resources based on the number of participants to ensure smooth performance during large-scale events.

Mistake # 2. Ignoring Security and Compliance

Airmeet comes with world-class security measures with end-to-end encryption and MFA, ensuring that your enterprise events remain confidential and secure, no matter what. We are also compliant with international regulations, making our platform suitable for global enterprises.

Features to Look For: End-to-End Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and GDPR Compliance. Ensure the platform provides comprehensive security features to protect data and privacy.

Mistake #3. Neglecting Integration Capabilities

Airmeet offers extensive APIs and integrations with popular tools like Salesforce and Marketo, allowing enterprises to maintain continuity in their workflows, and enhance the event lifecycle management from promotion to post-event analysis.

Features to Look For: API Access and Pre-built Integrations with CRM, Email Marketing Tools, and Workflow Systems. Seamless integration with Salesforce for CRM, Marketo for marketing automation, and Slack for communication can streamline event management and follow-ups.

Mistake #4. Underestimating the Importance of User Experience: 

Airmeet’s virtual event platform is designed to guarantee an engaging attendee experience with features like AI-powered networking, interactive sessions, and 3D virtual booths, making large-scale virtual events more immersive and accessible across devices.

Features to Look For: Intuitive Interface, Real-time Polling, Q&A Sessions, and Mobile Optimization. These features ensure that attendees can easily navigate the event, engage with content, and participate from any device.

Mistake #5. Overlooking Analytics and Reporting:

Airmeet’s analytics gives you granular data on several business critical metrics like  engagement scores, sponsor traction, booth analytics, and lots more. Our detailed reporting capabilities empowers you to measure ROI effectively and refine future event strategies.

Features to Look For: Real-time Analytics Dashboards, Engagement Metrics, and Customizable Reporting. Look for platforms that provide insights into attendee behavior, session attendance, engagement levels, and more, with the ability to customize reports for specific KPIs.

By focusing on these advanced features and understanding how they impact your enterprise event marketing strategies overall, select a virtual event platform that not only meets your current needs but is powerful enough to support your business growth, hassle-free and unrestrained.


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