Airmeet Affiliate Program

You Built a Great Audience,
Now Get Paid for Making
Great Recommendations

As an Airmeet revenue partner, you get to help your audience host interactive virtual events, build their community presence, and amp up their brand value.

Customers hosting events on Airmeet

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When you come on board, you become a part of our community. You’ll get the first look into features and enhancements and a personal tracking dashboard. And an awesome team that does everything to make sure your dashboard buzzes with new payouts because your wins are our wins.
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Use our ready-to-share videos, email templates, and graphics in your unique way to connect with your audience. But we’ll also keep pumping more content and promotion ideas your way -ever so often - to keep your content engine going.
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Earn between $30 to $180 for every paid customer you send our way, not just for the first month but for every month during the referral’s first year as a customer.

Simple and transparent commission structure

We’ve kept the window between your audience signing up through your content and the commissions hitting your bank accounts very short. And extended the cookie life to 30 days – the perfect ratio to help you see and enjoy the success of all the work you’re putting in.

Earn up to


every time someone signs up for an Airmeet free account using your affiliate link.

Earn up to



for every person who signs up and upgrades to an Airmeet
paid account.

Airmeet Affiliate Commission Calculator

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Up to registrations per event

Price: $/Month
Commission: $/Month

It pays to be consistent. Keep sliding to see the growth you can unlock in the long term.

Different Ways Customers Leverage Airmeet

airmeet -platform for business
Platform for business
Platform for engagement
airmeet - Education and training
Education and Training
airmeet - Associations & NGOs
Associations & NGOs

Check out our events

Event Dates

Every Tuesday and Thursday

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Event Dates

Oct 18

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05:30 PM


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Event Dates

Oct 21

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Frequently Asked Questions

Airmeet is an online platform for your events, designed to deliver real engagement and best-in-class interactions. Airmeet is designed keeping in mind the needs of coordinating a large event online with thousands of attendees without compromising on the engagement and connections. 2451 customers all over the world have trusted us to host over 11043 online events so far.

The meetup format allows you to host single-track events to live stream sessions and is ideal for meetups, webinars, workshops, and free-flowing networking events. The audience can tune into the single-track live sessions and interact with others on the virtual social lounge and network through speed networking.

The conference format allows you to host multi-track events with parallel live streaming sessions and is ideal for conferences, summits, tradeshows, and fairs with a large audience. Organizers can give visibility to their sponsors and partners through exhibitor booths. The attendees can choose to skip live sessions and visit booths or the always-on networking lounge and define their own experience.

Once you sign up, our team will review your application. When you’re approved, you’ll get access to our ever-evolving asset folder that contains everything you’ll need – email templates, screen recordings, screenshots, use case decks, and much more.

The cookie life is 30 days. That means if a referral converts any time after the 30th day, the sale will not get attributed to you.

Track clicks, conversions, payouts, and more in your personal dashboard so that you can plan and achieve your goals.

Yes, you can use your affiliate link to promote on any channel of your choice as long as you’re sharing accurate and reliable information about the brand.

Get paid for anticipating
your audience’s needs
and recommending
great solutions