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With all the flashy marketing lingo and jargon, finding the right virtual event platform or a Hopin alternative is like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded. We’ve got you covered

Let’s cut through the noise and get to the real stuff – the user ratings and feature comparisons of the top Hopin alternatives and competitors. We’ll leave the marketing mumbo-jumbo at the door and dive deep into the nitty-gritty. 

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to find the best solution for yourself.

Hopin Review

There’s no doubt that Hopin is competing with the top virtual event platforms out there. With Hopin, you can host events in multiple formats, like conferences, webinars, and live streams.

Plus, you get valuable features to promote in-event engagement, set up your event, handle registration and ticketing, as well as measure your event’s success. 

On top of that, the platform enjoys a good overall rating on reputable review platforms such as G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra.

So, what’s the catch? 

Well, like every tech platform, Hopin is strong in certain areas and struggles to keep up with the competition in some. 

We analyzed hundreds of customer reviews on platforms like G2, and Capterra to see the actual picture and help you find the right Hopin alternative. 

Here’s what you need to know about Hopin:

Bugs and glitches

Many users have reported a buggy and unreliable user experience on Hopin, with frequent outages of video, audio, and some features. One user reported an audio outage for the speaker panel during the main event. 

Unreliable support

Hopin’s customers have experienced subpar support and challenges with their customer service. 

Limited functionality

On paper, Hopin seems to be a decent platform with enough features to satisfy a considerable range of use cases. But customers have said that the platform has limits they didn’t expect and that its features aren’t reliable. The main problems are that it doesn’t work well with HubSpot, features outside of the business plan don’t work well, and it’s hard for attendees to sign up. 

Hopin Pricing

Hopin offers different products, each with a separate price. Here is the pricing breakdown for all of Hopin’s products:

  • Sessions: Sessions is a product suite offered by Hopin to host webinars. You get a free plan with basic functionality and a pro plan that starts at 49 USD and goes all the way up to 199 USD a month depending on the number of attendees. You’d need to request a custom quote if you want to host a webinar with over 1000 attendees.
  • StreamYard: StreamYard by Hopin is built for live streams, and recording purposes. The pricing plan starts from USD 20 per month and goes all the way up to 39 USD per month.
  • Hopin Events: To host virtual events on Hopin, you get a free plan, a starter plan that costs around 67 USD per month, and a Business plan that starts at 6000 USD.

So now that we know that, let’s check out some alternatives to Hopin to host your next event.

6 best Hopin alternatives and competitors that are worth a look

1) Accelevents

Accelevents is a powerful enterprise-grade virtual event platform that lets you plan, manage, and host events in multiple formats, like in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

This platform is good at handling registration and ticketing for events, offering features such as group registrations, waitlists, ticket transfers, and badge printing for hybrid events.

Accelevent is a great Hopin alternative for events with intricate registration and ticketing requirements

2) Airmeet

In a world where deep connections and attendee experiences govern your event ROI, Airmeet is a virtual event platform built from the ground up to foster meaningful connections and an unmissable attendee experience. 

You not only get 38 brilliant ways to engage buyers and accelerate the pipeline but also 64 different intent signals to identify and engage with quality leads and close more deals. 

When compared to Hoppin as a competitor, Airmeet is your blank canvas, jam-packed with everything you need to create the most amazing experiences possible. Experiences that excite your buyers, and bring big results for your business. 

Plus, you can breeze through your complex event hosting workflows from a single dashboard with Airmeet’s AirControl. 

Thus, Airmeet’s one of the best alternatives to Hopin, with networking, branding, and engagement features that can’t be found anywhere else. On top of that, you get 24/7 rain or shine support, with real people ready to hold your hand every step of the way, even after your event is over.

Technically, it’s everything you need for a successful event, wrapped in a single platform.

3) Hubilo

Hubilo is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool to host exciting virtual and hybrid events. Event organizers across the globe love the platform’s deep branding capabilities and a host of customization options that let you communicate your brand vision to your attendees. 

Furthermore, the platform has a strong support team, making Hubilo a strong competitor to Hopin.

4) Vfairs

Vfairs is one of the strongest Hopin alternatives and competitors. It comes with capabilities to host and manage your virtual, hybrid, and in-person events—which means less hassle for event organizers.

At their core, some features are designed to let you bring an in-person experience to your virtual environment—going beyond a flat, website-like platform.   

However, there might be some concerns about the ease of use and functionality of features. For example, there’s a separate chat window – making it difficult to stay engaged in chats and events at the same time.

5) Bizzabo

Hosting virtual events calls for complex management workflows. Bizzabo is the event management software that’s there to simplify it! 

Bizzabo aims to simplify event management and enhance attendee experience. Their product focuses on creating technology that streamlines the entire process, including registration and ticketing, while also providing meaningful engagement and networking opportunities for attendees.

If you’re evaluating Hopin, Bizzabo is worth a look as one of its alternatives.

6) Swapcard

Swapcard is a virtual event platform built with a vision to create more thoughtful opportunities for your partners, exhibitors, and sponsors to find and connect with leads. Their AI-powered networking increases discoverability and helps your partners connect with quality leads faster. 

With unique community-nurturing features that let your event session turn into a year-round accessible educational portal and marketplaces that increase engagement for your partners until your next event, Swapcard makes a great alternative to Hopin.

Let’s see how Hopin stands against competitors

Hopin Vs. Airmeet

Both Airmeet and Hopin have a considerable market share in the virtual events industry. They both hold incredible capabilities to host virtual and hybrid events that engage users, offer insights to make data-driven decisions for your next event and measure event success. 

However, as you delve deeper into the details, you’ll discover the strengths and weaknesses of these virtual event platforms, allowing you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

G2 ratings



G2 review

Ease of Use8.98.8– 
Ease of Admin8.88.7With Airmeet’s AirControl, you can manage complex event workflows from a single dashboard.
Quality of support9.28.9Get 24/7 rain or shine support with Airmeet
Event Creation8.98.8With Airmeet, create fully-branded experiences that stand out and outshine.
Product direction9.38.9
Attendee networking9.78.7Airmeet offers lifelike networking features
Attendee engagement9.58.3Get 38 unique ways to engage event attendees with Airmeet.
Lead generation9.48.2Airmeet lets you collect 64 intent signals to book more meetings and close more deals.
Event website creation9.48.4Host on-brand event websites for better recall with Airmeet.
Email customization9.47.8Send beautifully on-brand emails with Airmeet.
Virtual lobby9.18.4You can brand and customize reception with Airmeet, and even add a 3D welcome video for increased brand recall.  
User registration process8.67.9One-click signup and registration.
On-site ticketing and management8.88.5Both platforms offer ticketing for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.


Event networking and engagement: Which platform packs more punch?

When your attendees make meaningful connections and leave energized, you know you’ve succeeded! You’ll forever stay in their hearts and minds, rent-free! 

And let’s face it: happy attendees mean a bigger pipeline and revenue stream for your business!

Here’s how Hopin stacks up against Airmeet in terms of Networking and Engagement. 

Speed NetworkingFoster meaningful connections with AI and interest based matchmaking.There’s limited information available on the matching criteria. However, it’s likely that the platform has ticket-based matching.
Fluid SpaceLet people move around and bump into each other to engage in exciting interactions.Hopin does not have any such feature. 
Breakout RoomsAdmins can upload a CSV list to assign attendees to breakout rooms or randomly mix attendees with up to 30 people per breakout room. Attendees can be randomly assigned to breakout rooms with a max capacity of 15 people per breakout room. 
Virtual loungeVirtual lounge that can seat up to 125 people per table. Use it as a cafe, networking area, or hold spontaneous roundtable meetings. No information is available.
Session ChatsReact to chats with emojis, and share GIFs to ramp up the fun. Moreover, you can highlight chat messages on stage. With Hopin, you can only like chat messages. The option to share GIFs is available. 
Interactive StageInteractive stage that lets you pick and highlight key ideas from chats and polls, and call attendees to join the discussionHopin’s stage offers Limited avenues to highlight the opinions of attendees. 
Session interactionsMultiple ways for attendees to react, ask questions, and get involved in the discussions. Some users have reported limited avenues for attendees to participate, leading to low engagement. 
GamificationGamify every aspect of your event, from booth interactions to polls, and host fun games with a leaderboard.No native support for gamification, but there are some limited opportunities with 3rd party integrations. 
Polls and Q&AHost polls and Q&A and highlight the results on stage. Hopin offers Q&A and polls.

In short, here’s why you should choose Airmeet over Hopin

Airmeet has consistently received higher user ratings on platforms like G2 in areas that define your event success, like networking, attendee engagement, platform reliability, and support.

Add in its branding capabilities, in-depth analytics, and user-friendly interface, and you have a recipe for events that will leave your attendees impressed and coming back for more.

Hopin vs Accelevents

Platform ratings

Platform Hopin Accelevents
G2 4.5 4.7
Capterra 4.5 4.7


Area Hopin Accelevents
Ease of use 8.6 9.1
Ease of setup 8.7 9.0
Ease of Admin 9.2 8.6
Support 9.6 8.9
Product direction 8.9 9.6
Event Marketing 7.3 7.8
Reporting and analytics 8.0 8.7

Feature comparison

Feature Hopin Accelevents
Ticketing and registration workflows Hopin allows you to build tiers, and handle cancellations. Accelevents offer you to build tiers, assign seating areas, set up waitlists, modify tickets, and accommodate group registrations.
Networking Hopin offers features like 1:1 meetings, and speed networking.  Accevents offer features like AI-driven matchmaking, breakout rooms, and a virtual lounge for organic conversations. 
Lead capture and scoring for exhibitors Hopin allows exhibitors to capture data of the attendees that interact with the exhibitor booth.  Accelevents offers lead capturing and assigns a score to every lead based on the intent signals. 
Gamification Hopin uses 3rd party apps to introduce elements of gamification in the event.  Accelevents offer options to gamify events and host custom challenges for sponsors, natively. 

Hopin vs Hubilo

Hubillo is one of the top Hopin competitors out there, however, they both share similar capabilities when it comes to networking, audience engagement, branding, and customization, as well as analytics. 

Hubilo’s analytics dashboard represents some key insights with graphs, which come in handy for analyzing and reporting event success. 

As a Hopin alternative, Hubilo positions itself as a virtual event software that’s built keeping ease of use, engagement, deep branding options, and robust customer support in mind.

Let’s see what users think about Hubilo as a Hopin’s alternative




Ease of use



Ease of setup



Ease of admin



Quality of support



Product direction



Event registration



Advanced reporting



Event networking and matchmaking



Hopin vs Vfairs

Vfairs is a strong Hopin competitor. With great ratings on G2 and other platforms, Vfairs come with unique features that add to attendee delight. 

On the feature front, one of the highlight features that make Vfairs a compelling choice as Hopin’s alternative is the ability to build 3d buildings to welcome hosts, and guests. This can replicate the look and feel of an in-person event. 

Hopin offers a virtual lobby, but the experience is more or less flat. 

Here’s a short feature comparison of Hopin vs Vfairs. 

NetworkingHopin offers features like 1:1 speed networking and matchmaking based on ticket type, chats, and breakout rooms.   Vfairs support speed networking, with contextual matchmaking, and also sports virtual round tables to have group discussions. There’s also an option to embed chats in a different window and set up breakout rooms. 
GamificationHopin supports gamification via a 3rd party solution. But it allows you to gamify multiple aspects of your event, and host fun activities like a scavenger hunt, and more. Vfairs offer similar gamification opportunities natively. You get to include leaderboards, host challenges, and fun activities like trivia and a scavenger hunt. 
Branding and customizationHopin lets you customize event websites, and reception pages. It also allows you to place logos, tweak colors to your brand, and rename event space to match your theme. As a Hopin alternative Vfairs lets you brand and customize event pages, emails, registration forms, ticketing, and brand virtual environments like lobbies and stadiums. 


Hopin Vs Bizzabo

Bizzabo is another Hopin alternative that comes with a healthy user rating and a great vision for the product. 

Bizzabo positions itself as a platform that’s built for a hassle-free event-organizing experience. The product lays an emphasis on reliability, and ease of use for the organizers. They believe in uncomplicated experiences and more human experiences for in-person and virtual attendees. 

Here’s what users think about Bizzabo as an alternative to Hopin. 

Platform ratings


Let’s see how Bizzabo compares to Hopin.

Ease of use8.88.9
Ease of setup8.78.9
Ease of Admin8.69.0
Quality of Support8.99.1
Product Direction8.99.1
Event registration process8.99,0
Lead generation8.28.3
Event customization7.88.3
Advanced reporting8.08.1


Hopin Vs Swapcard

Both Hopin and Swapcard have features that help you get the most out of your virtual events, but Swapcard is much more focused on helping sponsors and exhibitors get the most leads out of their events. 

As a Hopin alternative, Swapcard positions itself as a virtual events platform that offers multiple ways to capture, score, and qualify opportunities for exhibitors. This Hopin alternative also offers unique features that let exhibitors pre-qualify leads and then connect with and nurture them during the event.  

Here’s what users on G2 think about Swapcard as a Hopin competitor:

Ease of use8.89.0
Ease of Setup8.78.6
Ease of Admin8.68.8
Quality of Support8.99.2
Product direction8.99.2
User registration process8.07.4
Lead generation 8.28.2
Advanced reporting8.08.3


Why Airmeet is the ultimate Hopin alternative?

In a noisy world where 63% of B2B purchases involve 27 touchpoints and 4+ people, you need something that can make you stand out and outshine your competitors. 

Cut through the noise and leave your mark with Airmeet. Get unmatched tools to deliver unforgettable experiences that delight and engage your event attendees—building stronger, more meaningful customer relationships.  

Here’s how: 

  • Event engagement that’s 100% goals!:  Airmeet’s AX360 offers features like gamification, leaderboards, life-like networking, an interactive stage, and polls and Q&A to create engaging virtual events. You can also integrate 3rd party apps like Snapbar for fun virtual photo booth sessions, and Kahoot to hold trivia and quizzes. 
  • Decode buyer intent signals: Get up to 64 intent signals to close more deals. 
  • Deep branding capabilities: Rope in more mindshare and boost brand recall by branding every inch of your online events your way. 
  • Breeze through complex event workflows: As event organizers, managing and executing multiple aspects of an event can get challenging. Take care of everything from one single dashboard with Airmeet’s AirControl. 
  • Rock-solid reliability: No glitches, no mishaps. Count on a smooth virtual event experience from Airmeet, every time. 
  • 24/7 support: Event problems don’t stand a chance against our proactive support. Get support by event experts before, during, and even after your event—rain or shine!

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform