Ep 2: Why Building Community is Critical to Your Brand's Success

by Airmeet

In the second episode of our virtual event series Community-gritty, we have Adrian Speyer sharing how community-building can catapult brand outcomes.

Are Brand and Community two sides of the same coin?

To Adrian Speyer, community and brand-building are synonymous. One influences the other. As the head of community at Higher Logic, he spends his time developing original research on the future of community, creating internal community strategy playbooks, and consulting on best community practices for customers & prospects.

Over the next three months, we are going to be about unpacking lessons from a diverse set of community leaders, stories behind the communities they’ve helped build, and revelations on what keeps tugging their hearts back to community building.

Save your seat to join a choose-your-own-adventure style of picking Adrian’s brains. Yes, you get complete control over the questions Adrian answers. Don’t miss out!

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