Listen to Michael Sacca, General Manager at Dribbble, Joseph Akoni, Product Manager at LinkedIn and Siddharth Arora, Product Manager at Yelp on all things product. 

Some of the questions that were answered during the session include:

  1. How to get into product management?
  2. What are the challenges that product managers at large scale companies face on a daily basis?
  3. What is the best & worst part of being a product manager?
  4. What companies look for in a product manager’s resume?
  5. How to solve complex technical problems related to product?

All-Weather Product Management Skills

by The Remote Valley

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Joseph Akoni
Product Manager, LinkedIn

Joseph Akoni is the Product Manager at LinkedIn. An alumnus of UC Berkeley & Georgia Institute of Technology, Joseph has worked in product with industry leaders like NVIDIA, Lyft & Ford Motor Company. Currently, he is leading the product initiatives for identity profile at LinkedIn.

Michael Sacca
General Manager, Dribbble

Michael Sacca is the General Manager at Dribbble, a social platform for designer & visual artists. A designer at heart, Michael has worked as a VP of Products at Dribbble. In a career spanning over a decade, Michael has spearheaded marketing, sales & business development at Crew Labs and has led his own web development company called Tiny Labs.

Siddharth Arora
Product Manager, Yelp

Siddharth Arora is the Product Manager at Yelp. An alumnus of Purdue University and Indian School of Business, Siddharth has worked with leading Indian companies like Zomato, Snapdeal & Rate Gain, on their product strategy. His love for data analytics, user research, and UX has helped him fuel his passion for creating world-class products.

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