Airmeet, the preferred choice for Non-profits looking to host Virtual Events

Ishani Appaya
• March 30, 2022

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Find out how Airmeet helped many nonprofits host large-scale interactive events, raise awareness, build relationships, and raise funds for their cause.

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Nonprofits need events to raise awareness, garner visibility, build relationships, and raise funds for their cause. However, since COVID-19 brought seismic shifts to the industry, Airmeet has emerged as the recommended choice for hosting virtual events for non-profits, and there’s no looking back.

Events & fundraisers play a pivotal role in the growth of non-profits and Virtual Events even more so, here’s why

  • Virtual events are cost-effective to scale
  • They increase visibility and reach to the potential community, grants, and donations
  • They can be directed to monetary-based participation of visitors and sponsors
  • They are accessible and inclusive
  • They give flexibility and accessibility beyond geographic restrictions
  • They remove the travel barrier
  • Help you maintain great attendee/donor relations

With the trending digital formats, non-profit organizations see the value in virtual events and want the best virtual events platforms to host their galas, award ceremonies, fundraising events, and networking. 

However, as non-profit events pivot to virtual spaces, non-profit and membership groups are facing a new set of challenges. If you’re stuck and want to know how to incorporate and fine-tune a successful virtual fundraising event for a non-profit, read the success stories of four non-profit organizations that hosted their big events on Airmeet. 

iSPIRT hosted a large-scale virtual event on Airmeet 

iSPIRT is the parent organization of Sahamati, a non-profit organization helping in the adoption of digital enablement in India. 

iSPIRT hosted its large-scale event, Account Aggregator Go-Live on Airmeet, with eminent speakers from across the financial industry. iSPIRT was looking for a robust platform to host this event as they didn’t want to take a chance with such a prestigious event. 

With Airmeet, they got what they were looking for. Airmeet’s stable platform allowed them to host their event on a big scale, with numerous participants. There were nearly 2000 registrations and close to a thousand attendees.

Airmeet also offered customization options for creating banners for branding. They could brand their event by adding an event logo and an opening banner on the reception page for attendees to see. The reception page made the event’s first impression on the attendees as they entered the event.

With Airmeet, iSPIRT could easily schedule and host multiple sessions like presentations and live Account Aggregator event application demos. Airmeet records each session automatically. The recording can later be shared with the community or uploaded on social media channels. 

UNA- Canada hosted a cost-effective interactive Symposium event through Airmeet 

United Nations Association in Canada (UNA) educates and engages Canadians to make them global citizens. 

Choosing Airmeet for their nonprofit virtual event, they hosted their Symposium event on Airmeet, with numerous sessions running simultaneously for opening remarks and main stage events. 

During the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) symposium, participants got the opportunity to present the work they had done throughout the year. They attended the event and were honored for their work. They also had a keynote speaker at the event

UNA-Canada had a smooth and quick onboarding experience with Airmeet for their audience. 

Airmeet provided a rich set of features to facilitate an event experience similar to an in-person event. It was a multifaceted event with concurrent sessions, main stages, and interactive sessions. 

Symposium had different groups of participants attending the event at the same time. There was a dedicated time for networking post-session, where participants interacted with local community leaders and told them about their experiences.

Team UNA particularly appreciated Airmeet’s video upload feature to compress and upload videos smoothly. They also had musical and spoken word performances recorded on set, and they were amazed by the ease of playing videos. 

But what makes Airmeet a compelling choice for hosting virtual events for non-profits?

While offering amazing engagement, networking, and scalability, Airmeet also great value for money!

Airmeet’s economical pricing coupled with its versatile and interactive features makes it a great choice for non-profit events. 

Being non-profit organizations, you always want an efficient, yet cost-effective platform for events, isn’t it? 

HACSA hosted an engaging networking event on Airmeet

The Heritage and Cultural Society of Africa (HACSA) works to reunite the African diaspora for the community’s socio-economic development. This civil society and charity organization is working to develop a network of Africanist experts and enthusiasts and reunite Africans across the globe to bridge the cultural, linguistic, and geographic gaps.

What did they like about Airmeet?

They were looking for a platform that could connect people just like in an in-person event and were impressed with the opportunities that Airmeet offered. 

The summit reunited people of African descent who lived in other parts of the world and connected them back to home.

People enjoyed the interactivity of the platform. With the social lounge, the community could easily network and interact with the senior-level leaders and amongst themselves.

They saw record engagement throughout their virtual event with features like Q&A, chatbox, and booths

Using the group and direct chatbox and the Q&A session, the attendees could connect with the representatives and the entire group. The video-conferencing at each booth engaged the audience and helped make real connections. 

With tables, HACSA established effective networking among their attendees and provided value to them. The tables were marked for ease of networking. 

The session’s success was visible in the fact that when the hosts were about to log off at the end of the event, there were still about 150 people networking at the tables.

HACSA team utilized the booths on Airmeet and reserved them for individual sponsors during the event. Sponsors could use booths for promotions or showcase themselves at the event.

HACSA team could queue up high-quality videos ahead of time on the Airmeet platform and then play them to the audience. HACSA could keep the audience engaged, celebrate the reunion, laud the leaders, and make the presence of sponsors known while recognizing the entire team’s efforts. Airmeet checked off all the right boxes and HACSA concluded that it was a very successful event, making a compelling case for choosing Airmeet to host virtual events and hybrid events for nonprofits. 

WCD received excellent support from dedicated Airmeet managers

The Western Canadian District of the Christian Missionary Alliance (WCD) is a church denomination that supports close to 430 churches and their leaders to lead well. 

Due to the continuing onslaught of Covid in Canada, just a week before the event date, the decision was taken to change the event from hybrid to virtual. Two teams had to collaborate and host a successful virtual biennial conference at very short notice. 

WCD greatly appreciated the 24×7 support from Airmeet’s dedicated support manager. The manager ensured no glitches on the event day and offered live support.

WCD wanted to host an online conference-style event with booths, a social lounge, stage, Q&A, and much more. The complete back-end support to create the look and feel of the event was managed by Airmeet. It allowed the WCD team to focus on the other aspects of the program.

The team was given prior training and a thorough walkthrough of the platform. Apart from this, there were available resources for attendees telling them how to navigate through the site. Attendees are generally not comfortable trying a new platform, but the documentation of Airmeet simplified it all for the audience. The material was available in both PDF and video formats so people could choose what they wanted.

One of the most significant advantages of organizing an online event on Airmeet is the access to attendee’s data. Airmeet’s virtual event platform offers a detailed post-event analytics report. The report includes details about session-wise attendees, their participation in the form of emojis, attendance at the sponsor booths. The report also shares the chat feed during sessions and the common chat. This detailed analytics report helped WCD understand the pointers to the success and failure of their event, as they get the details of what worked for them and what didn’t.

Why Airmeet is best for hosting virtual events for nonprofits? Your Takeaways

  • Great value for money
  • Unmatched attendee experience
  • Easy setup and solid support for event organizers.
  • Uploadable & on-demand video content.
  • Superior attendee/donor engagement with advanced features like gamification, Q&A, and more.
  • Real-life-like virtual experience and networking via Fluid Space, network lounges, booths, tables, and more.
  • Robust tech stack for glitch-free attendee/donor communications
  • Superior flexibility and adaptability as per the event type like virtual conferences, summits, online fundraisers, and more.
  • Event ticketing and more event monetizing features.
  • Integrations to setup seamless email communications
  • Ability to gather data at multiple touchpoints to use for retargeting and email-newsletter campaigns

The above-mentioned non-profits have thrived in the new digital sphere of events, thanks to the comprehensive virtual event platform enabled by Airmeet and its support team. 

If you’re planning a virtual fundraising event, or hybrid event, we are here to get you up to speed. Browse Airmeet’s technological solutions to check what types of events work best for you, how you can save on costs, build meaningful connections, and leave a lasting impression on your audience!

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