Host webinars to successful lead generation with Airmeet.

Host Social Webinars That Help with Lead Generation with Airmeet

Aditi Biswas
• November 10, 2021

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This blog talks about how you can use Airmeet to host webinars that will help with lead generation. Hosting impactful webinars will help your customers to connect with your brand. 

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Your target audience will gradually become a community on a marketing platform like webinars. You must, however, understand how to bring the audience together. By doing so, you’ll likely convert your webinars for lead generation into a memorable experience.

So, the best strategy to engage your ideal customer is by offering unique, interactive, and value-driven content. It might be common knowledge, but implementing it is not! Hosting an interactive and immersive webinar needs the help of a professional webinar platform and solid strategy.

Read along to understand how you can leverage Airmeet to host a webinar that engages and converts!

1. Decide on a subject & date

The key to hosting a compelling webinar is choosing the right subject and goal. If your webinar targets a well-researched topic and the right audience, then everything else will fall into place.

Know who your audience is

The first step to hosting an immersive webinar is understanding your webinar registrants and solving the pain points. By doing so, you can create webinar content that offers a solution to your audience.

A webinar is a powerful tool, so it is important to offer valuable content rather than superficially covering a vast topic.

For instance, if your goal is to nurture qualified leads and have a small audience, then plan a single-speaker-led, detailed learning session in your niche and showcase your domain expertise. Avoid a direct sales pitch or generalized topic as it might not turn out to be so fruitful.

Choose the efficient time and date for your event

Finally, choose a date and time that maximizes your webinar signups and webinar registration form. You can use Airmeet, which enables thousands of parallel viewers so that you do not have to worry about scaling. It also has digital calendars that can help you in scheduling your upcoming webinar. 

2. Choose a webinar format

There are different kinds of webinars that you can include in your marketing strategy.
Different kinds of webinars that you can include in your marketing strategy.

There are numerous use cases where webinars fit in perfectly. However, you need to choose the right webinar type for your requirement and leverage it to understand and build a loyal audience. You can also nurture qualified leads, train employees, help convert, and more.

Here are the seven types of popular webinar formats:

  • Webinar masterclass: A webinar format that offers detailed educational webinar on a topic like a technical subject for lead nurturing
  • Panel discussion: A webinar format allowing multiple viewpoints like controversial news
  • Product demo: A webinar format used to demonstrate to potential customers how to use your product or service effectively.
  • Staff training: A webinar format enabling onboarding and training for customers as well as employees
  • Live Q&A session: A webinar format for product education and understanding the audience.
  • Coffee time talk: An webinar format that strips down formality to allow connection between audience and speaker.

Hosting webinars on Airmeet allows you to plan multi-speaker-led, multi-session events. An event can begin and end with networking sessions via Airmeet’s virtual social tables.

3. Create an Airmeet and manage registrations

By increasing your engagement level, you can create any webinar. You can make the single and multi-session, single and multi-speaker, a panel of speakers in a single session, and more.

Next, you would need to decide the Airmeet type, whether it is a Listed (a public event available to anyone visiting the Airmeet website) or Unlisted (available only to your community members) event. Finally, add some basic information like title, description, estimated participants, and date & time to finish creating the Airmeet event.

At this point, you can configure to add more sessions to your event. Airmeet also enables you to view and manage your event registrants. Limit the session length to optimal and include breaks so that attendees don’t lose focus.

4. Invite and prepare speakers

Another critical factor that decides the fate of your webinar is the speaker/s you invite. Based on your webinar topic and audience, you need to look for a credible speaker to increase your engagement level. It will improve your event brand and thus webinar registrations.

A credible speaker can increase audiences’ response rate and interaction. They should also provide high-value content to the attendees. So, once you have zeroed in on your speaker, add them to an event by filling in speaker details like name, email, and designation. And if required, you can even edit these details later.

Airmeet enables you to rehearse, coach, and interact with your speaker through the Backstage feature. It allows you to test audio & video equipment and also talk to other speakers before going live.

5. Prepare a presentation and share a screen.

In preparing a presentation on webinars, don’t simply put up slides with long words for viewers to browse on their own. Your goal is to provide excellent webinar material that engages your audience.

Relevant content

Brainstorm a topic that will pique your audience’s interest. You can also display your marketing messages in engaging formats, such as infographics or interactive maps.


To increase your potential attendees, you must create a relevant topic and search the type of content your prospective customers are interested in. You can use social media platforms and other forms of content marketing to attract a wider audience base.

Webinar mobile app 

To easily increase your user experience, you can use Airmeet. It will make your slides and other forms of content visually engaging.

Airmeet optimizes webinars by enabling you to share not only your webcam live feed but also your screen, questions, polls and even see how participants are reacting to your video with the help of emoji reactions. It is especially beneficial if you want to “show and tell.” And if you are demonstrating a product or software, it can be very helpful in explaining better.

6. Chat

Live chat is a great way to ensure that people participate, feel connected, and thus do not bail out on your webinar. It is also a popular tool to reconnect and interact with your live audience. 

Airmeet offers general and direct chat options to interact with fellow attendees and speakers without disturbing the flow of the webinar.

As a part of your presentation, you can add some interesting facts or questions. Or ask your attendees to answer these in the chatbox to increase content engagement. You can also assign a moderator for your chats with the sole purpose of engaging the audience.

You could also run quick polls and surveys to engage the audience. Indeed the Airmeet chat function is an interesting way to gather their opinions and feedback too.

7. Q&A and Raise Hand

Use interactive features like the q&a and raise hand and invite to stage in Airmeet to engage with audience.
Use interactive features like the q&a and raise hand and invite to stage in Airmeet to engage with audience.

One effective strategy in humanizing the webinar session is by integrating a Q&A session into your webinar. You can break down your event into bite-sized sessions and include a Q&A session as it will improve engagement and learning.

Airmeet offers Q&A and a “Raise Hand” feature which is a great way to boost the audience engagement and hold their interest. The Raise Hand feature allows an attendee to share the stage with the speaker through a live webcam feed and offers an opportunity to interact directly with the speaker.

8. Gamification

A little gamification goes a long way in boosting engagement and having some fun. They are also a great solution to break the ice and attract your ideal customer profiles. 

You can start the webinar by playing some ice-breaker games, team-building games, or adding learning content as a part of the game.

For instance, if you have an employee webinar, you can play games like “two truths and a lie.” Or you could make the session more interactive by asking attendees to share some emojis to express a reaction to the content. It is excellent to raise the excitement of the event.

9. Live social streaming

A true marketing tactic optimizes the benefits of social media promotions. It will allow your webinar to reach its business objectives and also increase your engagement. Social media channels are among the top ways to attract your ideal audience and create loyal customers. So include social streaming as a part of your engagement strategy plan.

Live stream your events to various social media networks

Airmeet events can be live-streamed on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. So, if you are announcing a product launch or interviewing an industry expert, share on your social media channels and interact in real-time with more audiences.

You could also extend the life of your content by sharing the recorded sessions later via Airmeet’s unlimited session recordings of events.

10. Monitor results

Use the analytics available in a webinar hosting platform to measure engagement rate of your webinars.
Use the analytics available in a webinar hosting platform to measure engagement rate of your webinars.

Each webinar can be viewed on-demand; you may continue to reach out to your target audience after the broadcast has ended. It allows you to broaden your message’s reach as well as its effect.

Measure the success of your event by monitoring insights and analyzing ROI. Registration details of attendees can include name, email, organization, designation, and location, which can all be downloaded into a CSV file post-event.

You can gather and analyze the registrant and participant data. Also, you can collect insights like the number of emojis shared and more to understand engagement.

So, book a demo today and understand how you can easily create your next webinars for lead generation on Airmeet!

Still, wondering how hosting social webinars can drive your community-led growth? Here’s a short video explaining it.

How can “Social Webinars” drive community led growth?

You can also sign up for free on Airmeet and try hosting a social webinar today.

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