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Major Education University Events 2024

Aditi Singh
• November 20, 2023

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Education plays a significant role in a person’s life and also in societal growth. Over the years, awareness of higher education has increased; hence, more and more students are going to college for further studies. The change we see going forward is positive, although it is also important to grow with time and enhance skills already possessed.

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Events provide us with an immense opportunity to learn and upgrade our knowledge and skills, especially in higher education. Though not just for students, events have significant importance for teachers, administrators, and staff as well. 

Universities are a safe haven where students prepare and learn strategies and develop skills before entering the real world and beginning their professional careers, and teachers are the people who make that possible by preparing students for their lifelong journey. Hence, the growth of teachers is also very important.

Some of the people in the administration department are decision-makers and leaders of the institute; hence, they also play a vital role in universities, such as the presidents and directors. Changes made in the universities, either in admission or enrollment, advancing the teaching method, better implementation of policies, or making changes in them, come in handy for the betterment of universities.

Benefits of attending University Events

Events take teachers, administrators, staff, and policymakers a step further in expanding their horizons while also providing an opportunity for networking and building relationships with other teachers and others from various universities. It is important for teachers to enhance their knowledge, skills, and advanced teaching methods to teach in a more effective way. 

Administrators of universities also gain a lot of insights from these events  to strengthen their leadership strategies, and with evolving technology, the need for events is increasing significantly. 

Attending these events can be motivating and inspiring for both teachers and administrators. Listening to others success stories and innovating ideas can be rewarding and, hence, a positive force to improve their teaching, leadership, and management practices. 

Events also provide a platform to discuss the issues in existing education policies and advocate for the changes or improvements required. 

Hence, both teachers and administrators learn trends in education and methodologies and implement them in their curriculum and in administration. Thus, both have an interest in attending these events for improving, collaborating, and networking to excel in education sector.

Major Education University Events in 2024

Education University Events provide a platform for speakers to share their expertise on the relevant subject and initiate a conversation with fellow professors, staff, policymakers, and administrators. As leaders of universities are attendees at these events, the importance of such events is immensely increased.

Here, I have put together a list of events organized for the next year for college officials.

Annual Conference on the First Year Conference

Date: February 18–21, 2024

Location: Seattle, Washington

Link: Annual Conference on the First Year Conference

This annual conference is hosted for the student’s development, their learning, and the success of first-year students in higher education. Professors of the first year students share there experiences, concerns, and accomplishments related to the subject.

The University of South Carolina’s National Resource Center is sponsoring the conference for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition. The conference is supposed to provide educators with a vibrant environment to share their ideas, programs, and tools for student development in their learning, and it also welcomes educators from every segment of higher education. 

Undergraduate and graduate students are also welcome at the conference, which encourages them to deepen their academic knowledge.

CIC’s Prsident Institute

Date: January 4–7, 2024

Location: Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, Florida

Link: CIC’s Prsident Institute

The 2024-year event theme is “Under the Big Tent: Independent Higher Education in a Democratic Society”. The mission and values of CIC member colleges and universities are diverse and distinctive. They share the commitment and understand the essential role of higher education in fostering civic values.

The industry experts offer an opportunity to address pressing issues in time with relevant solutions. This year, the panel will offer strategic advice on risk management principles for presidential decision-making and the impact of artificial intelligence in higher education.

The event is also fruitful for finding inspiration and purpose and for building and strengthening relationships with fellow professionals.

2024 AAC&U Annual Meeting

Date: January 17–19, 2024

Location: Washington, D.C.

Link: 2024 AAC&U Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is held to shape and share pressing issues occurring in higher education. The false narrative quickly builds the perception of higher education. The questions that arise and are discussed in the event are such as the importance of breaking through and defending academic freedom and demonstrating education. The fast progress of artificial intelligence and other technology, its role in academics, and also teaching students to bring about change in the world with these technologies 

With insightful leaders and colleagues, not only attendees will get to hear and participate in the discussions on the topics but also get to network, build, and strengthen relationships in the global higher education landscape.

2024 CHEA/CIQG Annual Conference

Date: January 29 to February 1, 2024

Location: Washington, D.C.

Link: 2024 CHEA/CIQG Annual Conference

Last year, the Council of Higher Education Accreditation International Quality Group (CIQG) attracted the largest number of attendees outside of United States and successfully made a difference all around world with relevant issues. 

This year also, the conference aims for the same success with the theme “Quality Assurance Matters”. With different discourses, the four day conference will bring diversified and unique voices to manifest commitment to the theme.

2024 NASFAA Leadership and Legislative Conference and Expo

Date: February 4–7, 2024

Location: Washington, D.C.

Link: 2024 NASFAA Leadership and Legislative Conference and Expo

This conference is great opportunity for financial aid administrators to grow professionally, enrich their network, and also become leaders in their respective associations or grow immensely in their profession. The goal of the conference is to enhance knowledge, perspective, and insight into the management issues that occurred among financial aid leaders, both current and future.

2024 Conference on Diversity, Equity and Student Success

Date: March 21–23, 2024

Location: Philadelphia and Virtual

Link: 2024 Conference on Diversity, Equity and Student Success

The main goal of this conference is to provide the necessary learning for students to succeed in these uncertain times and also prepare them to address important issues that may arise in the global community. The focus should remain on the foundation for student success. The event will also address inequities among students and the importance of diversified staff and educator outcomes for faculty based on the analysis of the data collected.

2024 InsightsEDU Conference 

Date: February 20-22, 2024

Location: Renaissance Phoenix Downtown, Phoenix, Arizona

Link: 2024 InsightsEDU Conference

Unlock the future with many higher education marketing, admission, and enrollment management professionals at this upcoming event in Arizona. A wide range of speakers are invited to share their experience and agenda to help higher education professionals serve today’s students.

Use the opportunity to connect, network, and collaborate with top higher education leaders from accredited colleges and universities around the world.


Date: March 4-7, 2024

Location: Austin, Texas

Link: SXSW EDU 2024

SXSW EDU 2024 will bring a community of learners, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries together to tell inspiring stories and tackle rising issues. Enormous opportunity to network with a wide range of attendees and speakers while also getting to attend sessions and workshops. The local educators will also receive continuing professional education credits by attending accredited sessions.

UPCEA 2024 Annual Conference

Date: March 26-28, 2024

Location: Boston, MA

Link: UPCEA 2024 Annual Conference

With higher education evolving, the event is charged with balancing revenue growth and delivering quality education with a mission to increase access. The theme of this year’s conference is growing our impact through expanded access and innovation (such as AI), policy advocacy, engaging faculty, and organizational transformation.

The goal is to support students in a holistic way and actively build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

AACC Annual

Date: April 5-9, 2024

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Link: AACC Annual

The event offers engaging speakers, networking opportunities, and professional development with access to nation’s community leaders. AACC Annual solves problems that occur in contemporary times as well as creates opportunities to design and identify opportunities to support community colleges.

AACRAO Annual Meeting

Date: April 7-10, 2024

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Link: AACRAO Annual Meeting

The AACRAO Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for higher education professionals to learn, network, and advance. In this event, attendees can explore, engage with, and collaborate with a worldwide higher education network.

Each year, professionals face new and different challenges, and this conference provides solutions to tackle them.

OLC Innovate Education Reimagined 2024

Date: Onsite: April 10-13, 2024; Virtual: April 23-25, 2024

Location: Denver, CO and Virtual

Link: OLC Innovate Education Reimagined 2024

This is a joint conference presented by OLC and MERLOT, and the theme for the event is “Elevating Pathways: Navigating the Terrain of Future Learnings”. Innovators of varied experience levels and backgrounds come forward and share their best strategies, test new ideas, and collaborate on online and digital learning. The theme is supposed to challenge our teaching and learning patterns and reconceptualize our learning experiences. 

ASU + GSU Summit 

Date: April 14-17, 2024


Link: ASU + GSU Summit

Arizona State University (ASU) and Global Silicon Valley (GSV) collaborate to ensure equal access to the future for all people.

Their goal is to create a world where everyone has equal access to resources, and they believe that innovation in education and professional skills are important to achieve in the end.

2024 Summit – Graduate Enrollment Management Summit

Date: April 24-27, 2024

Location: The Galt House, Louisville, KY

Link: 2024 Summit – Graduate Enrollment Management Summit

An event with vast members as experts presenting a discussion on topic that is essential for the development of graduate enrollment management colleagues. Different forms of educational sessions will be available, such as presentations, panels, special interest forums, and vendor presentations. If you are considering presenting in any form at the summit, you will have to send a proposal.

ACUPA Annual Conference

Date: May 6-8, 2024

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Link: ACUPA Annual Conference

The Association of College and University Policy Administrators (ACUPA) is focused on policy administration in higher education. With thought leader in the conference, diverse groups of people get together to network, share, gain knowledge, and also advance the discipline. The main goal is to advance policy administration in higher education.

NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence

Date: May 25-28, 2024

Location: Austin, Texas

Link: NISOD International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence

In this international event, community and technical college educators talk passionately about teaching and leadership qualities and are provided with resources, ideas, and solutions to scale in all aspects of community and technical college campuses. 

NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference and Expo

Date: May 28-31, 2024

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Link: NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference and Expo

Professionals from all fields attend an annual conference and expo held by NaFSA, the largest association for international education and exchange. From all over the world, international educators come forward and find out best practices, innovative ideas, and new strategies. An excellent platform to build relationships and form partnerships led to new heights.

Higher Education and Healthcare Research Compliance Conference

Date: June 10-12, 2024

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Link: Higher Education and Healthcare Research Compliance Conference

Experienced professionals will cover a variety of topics in two different but often related spaces: higher education and healthcare. While being educated on various topics, you also get to form connections and build your own network with different professionals from higher education or research backgrounds. 

2024 CECU Career Education Convention

Date: June 11–13, 2024

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Link: 2024 CECU Career Education Convention 

The majority of professionals from private career education in North America gather at this event to provide recent and useful information needed to serve their respective campuses and students.

ACUE National Higher Education Teaching Conference

Date: June 13–14, 2024

Location: Minneapolis

Link: ACUE National Higher Education Teaching Conference

The conference is supposed to provide opportunities for higher education leaders, professors, policymakers, and researchers to excel in teaching in each and every class. The conference will feature leaders sharing their experiences, strategies, and ideas, as well as practical sessions to demonstrate the learning experience.

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