How Video Ads Can Promote Virtual And Hybrid Events: Expectations vs. Reality

Virgil Wadhwa
• March 31, 2022

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Learn how and why to create videos that bring in more attendees to your virtual and hybrid events. What do you think? Let’s find out!

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Human attention span is very short, and virtual audiences are no exception. So, if you want them to tune in to your virtual or hybrid event, make sure the distractions of daily life do not surround them. If they do, how can you guarantee to hold your audience’s attention?

Using top-notch videos to promote your virtual and hybrid events is one good way to elevate your content and engage audiences. Above everything else, it converts your virtual event into a memorable remote experience.

A total of 61% of marketers use videos as interactive elements to keep audiences engaged. Video marketing offers you the scope of reaching out even to individuals who would not generally make the audience for your virtual or hybrid event.

Here are different ways in which video ads can promote your virtual and hybrid events.

1. Video Ads Will Hype Your Virtual and Hybrid Event on Social Media Platforms

Video advertisements promoting your virtual and hybrid event on social media platforms will help you connect with your prospective clients at a more personal level. Social media platforms put the human side of a brand in front of the audience.

They also invite the audience to engage with a brand through replies, comments, shares and messages. Social media video advertisements work great in building up the needed hype before any event. But they will work only when you keep posting consistently.

Posting regularly will ensure that your video ads stay on top of the minds of audiences and will also drive registrations. Sharing details like the agenda, speaker details, giveaways, and activities as early as a month in advance will entice viewers.

Make it a point to include the link to your event page and exclusive event hashtag in every video to generate more hype. Moreover, since most users access social media through their mobile phones, you need to optimize your video ads for mobile and have a suitable mobile marketing strategy in place. Using a mobile marketing platform could help a lot in this process. 

2. Teaser Videos are Great at Promoting Hybrid Events

Every day, people are consuming more and more videos. And that makes great sense too.

Video advertisements provide a more immersive way of informing viewers. Therefore, it is not surprising that marketers using video ads in their marketing campaigns witness 34% higher conversions.

Share videos of speaker interviews, host opinions, attendee experience from past events, etc. You can even use videos to take the attendees through a virtual tour of the event venue. Or you can show them the virtual podium if you are using one.

3. Video Editing Brings in More Attention

Have a shoot-for-edit mindset when editing your video. This involves remembering that you will be editing the recording later. This will help you make smarter decisions and save the end number of hours in the editing space.

The use of different effects, transitions, colors, and overlays during the video editing procedure gives videos a more professional and polished appearance, you can also use a video ad maker to give your videos the perfect look and feel.

Videos created using superior video-making, and editing tools stand out from those of competitors. Viewers have an eye for creative visual elements. With video, they can form an instant connection with you and thus to attend your virtual or hybrid event for sure.

4. Adding Videos to Landing Pages Offers More Visibility

One of the best ways of making the landing pages appealing is by adding videos and details about the speakers. After all, people will love attending events where reputable speakers deliver keynote speaker sessions!

In the same way, you can leverage the power of influencers as well. Getting social media influencers into promoting your event through videos will add instant appeal to the event. You can market such videos on your landing page.

They encourage prospective attendees to register for the event and get excited for this special opportunity to watch their favorite speakers or experts sharing their insights. Video advertisements are also a good way to let the audiences know that they will be able to network with the experts, get inspired, and ask questions.

5. Live Streaming Helps Reach a Larger Audience Base

Live streaming is a popular way of connecting with virtual audiences. You can harness this latest technology to communicate with distant stakeholders and encourage them to be a part of the hybrid event.

It also helps you share the stunning features of your virtual event with the audience. It is quite the same as creating an event site. You just need to make a live stream link to share the virtual event easily and quickly online.

Using interactive videos to highlight the main happenings and features of your event is excellent. This helps viewing on the live stream consistently and results in highly virtual attendance.

You can stream across different entertainment and social media sites starting from YouTube to Facebook Live. Just know the online environments of your potential audience to ensure your live streaming alternatives perfectly match them.

6. Include Attractive Videos in Emails 

The days of emails containing plain, simple text are gone. Now, visual aids are crucial elements in emails. It is not just enough to create action-oriented emails, but you must even add GIFs, videos, and images to glue the audience.

Adding videos to emails promoting your virtual event can increase the click-through and open rates. According to surveys, emails using videos in their subject line have 53% higher click-through rates than emails devoid of videos. Thus, experts recommend adding videos at the top of an email. Such emails will deliver the message about your virtual event right away and within the shortest period.

The Bottom Line

Hybrid and virtual events have opened new avenues for online content. Marketers are experimenting with new ways of promoting these events instead of relying on how they have always done things.

Using video ads for promoting virtual and hybrid events is one way of expanding the horizons of such events. Videos offer meaningful value to audiences, and thus they come running to your event.

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