7 tips on how webinars can help with brand loyalty.

7 Winnable Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Webinars [+ 1 Secret Sauce]

Aditi Biswas
• November 24, 2021

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Sound’s too good to be true, doesn’t it? Here’s a sure-fire way of building customer loyalty, with webinars. Read here to know the deets. 

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What is the key to making sales? It is brand loyalty. Some customers stay loyal to the same brand for years. 

Let’s look at a simple example, who doesn’t love Coca-Cola? Did you know that customers love this refreshing drink so much that it now holds more than 43.7% of the US market! The trick was to connect Coca-Cola to possibly every holiday season there is and give a dining experience that customers can’t resist. Today, they are industry experts in the non-alcoholic beverage market.

You ask, what are critical factors to build brand loyalty? It is trust and an excellent customer experience. When these two criteria are met, brand loyalty is a sure thing.

More recently, sales and marketing teams are exploring videos & webinars as a medium to provide a memorable customer journey. So, how does one build trust and brand loyalty through this virtual medium?

1. Build trust with a personal touch

Your service is the first interaction your customers will have with you, and it’s important to give them a positive experience. Make sure they get what they’re after by exceeding their expectations. 

Understand how to make your clients happy by:

  • Setting standards for yourself that ensure customer satisfaction
  • Boosting your market loyalty by giving it a personal feel
  • Doing a little homework on the attendees and the webinar content to put out

This way, you provide customers with a good webinar. Build a connection with your customers and find out their interests so that you can create long-term relationships. It’s not about making one sale; it is about creating a lasting partnership.

You know what they say: the personal touch is key. Make sure that everyone at your webinar has a chance to ask questions and get answers by including Q&A sessions, customer segments, or customer stories on your future webinars. Keep track of repeat attendees’ essential team needs so that everyone feels valued going forward.

2. Prove yourself as the expert

Your webinar engagement doesn’t end the first time you meet your webinar attendees and the like. That was just a stepping stone to get them interested in what you have to offer. But once they’ve heard about it, most of them like researching on their own.

A smart business owner should be prepared for this. Provide relevant data that will help customer retention be effective and efficient for both parties

These steps may come in handy for you to consider:

  • Expect an ideal customer to ask more questions on the product or technology being offered
  • Make sure to market digital trust
  • Provide them with a contact email address they may reach
  • Assure them that you can solve all their queries and concerns

By following these simple steps, you can give yourself the status of “expert” in your field. Your customers will trust you, and this makes it easier to convert them into loyal brand followers.

3. Send content regularly

With the advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there has been an increased demand for virtual events. The power to connect with people from all over the world without leaving your home is a great thing. 

However, it still requires work on behalf of both event planners and attendees to make sure that everyone feels included and belonged. You should not stop communicating with your customers after this event is over. It will also provide them valuable content on an ongoing basis. 

Eventually, they will keep coming back for more regular updates from you. Customer retention strategies such as this will help amplify customer relationships. 

Make sure your posts include:

  • High quality and engaging content for your audience
  • Data and facts for support 
  • Helpful videos 

Why videos? Because visuals have more impact than words. Modern consumers are visual learners. They want a story told with images that reveal the solution in progress. Send this content and email campaigns with case studies of your customers’ experiences and feedback at regular intervals for greater effect.

It is all for the benefit of building trust to understand consumer trends and keep your business thriving while having loyal customers.

4. Identify potential customers

As a business owner, you should know who is most likely to convert from the roster of webinar attendees to expand your brand. Lead analysis can tell you which leads are the best for your next webinar event as it could cater to form a brand connection.

Making every attendee feel special allows the webinar to be successful. Follow up your invite with some pre-webinar email marketing or hinting about a special guest to make sure that attendees would come excited for it. 

Sometimes these incentives also work as an opportunity to win brand loyalty early on, so it’s worth considering offering them before you even start running events.

The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is really very simple. Make your customers happy.

Kevin Stirtz

5. Solve problems immediately

Social media is a powerful tool in the hands of consumers. Your persona and your behind-the-scenes brand must be responsive to maintain trust with these audiences.

Good customer relationships require listening skills to succeed; the same goes with clients. You should be transparent about what benefits your product or services offered and how these could help solve problems/interests within the industry.

In that case, people won’t have any trouble trusting in your service or realizing its potential effectiveness once applied to themselves too.

  • If current customers have purchased a product and face any glitches, solve them earliest.
  • Have dedicated tech support personnel and valid email address for customers to message. It lets customers know whom to contact immediately.

One golden marketing strategy rule holds true here. Having a great product with poor customer service is worse than having a mediocre effect with phenomenal customer service. Customers always go back to the brand where they are heard.

6. Do individual follow-ups

To be able to drive growth, businesses need to transform their relationships with customers. They should think about transactions as an outcome of mutual and ongoing value exchange between consumers and brands that fosters loyalty among the customer base.

Feedback is considered to be a vital part of the process. It gives you an understanding of how your customers feel about what they have received from you and allows you to adjust accordingly. 

No matter what the tone of the feedback is, it will help inform where improvements need to take place for better quality products.

Doing these small acts on your part can reap long-term results at every stage of customer engagement. 

  • Make sure to have individual follow-ups with them. 
  • Contact your customers at every step through an email list or dedicated customer service personnel.

You may think of it as a tedious and unglamorous task at first glance. But when customers feel appreciated and special because of one small gesture from a brand, it makes them want more. And businesses can’t be successful without customer retention that also sends referrals back your way.

7. Recognition

Recognizing and thanking customers for their patronage is a great way to show your appreciation for the organic traffic they bring to your brand. It’s important to do this periodically, as it will increase customer loyalty over the long term. 

  • A personal note via email can be an excellent choice of recognition method to express gratitude in detail for all that they’ve done for you.
  • You could also make visual marketing videos to post on your social media handles. 
  • Include snippets of customer interactions with the customer service through the webinars, images of clients using your product, and so on. 
  • Focus on them, and don’t forget to tag these customers! 

Apart from that, rewarding your most valued customers will not only help them feel appreciated for their dedication towards you as a brand. One easy way to set up promotions such as discounts on future purchases is through email campaigns. 

Keep in mind that social recognition always builds better brand loyalty.

8. Be consistent with your branding, your secret sauce to success

As a business owner, you need to always be on the lookout for ways to increase brand loyalty. One way is by delivering everything that was promised and doing so in an exceptional manner. The service and product quality also need to remain high; this will help ensure your clients never question what they’re getting from you.

Understanding how satisfied they are with their experience helps focus energy towards satisfying them even more. Once someone has had enough of being blown away at every turn, it becomes unlikely that anyone else could sway customers over time. Make sure to catch a good eye of different consumer attitudes.

The biggest brands are the ones that work hard to make sure every customer feels like they know what’s going on. You need a consistent message across the board, whether through your service delivery or how you present yourself online and offline. Brand consistency is necessary to make customers feel at ease with their purchases.

Webinar attendees and customers will be able to see every aspect of your brand with frictionless experiences. With your easy-to-follow branding process in place, they’ll know what you’re doing and why they should care about this information.

Brand loyalty is everything

Brands are redefining loyalty with the combination of functional value and emotional connectivity. Products must solve problems and reflect customer views and preferences to create stronger relationships that brand champions can appreciate.

The “More Loyal Customers” author Kevin Stirtz shares, “The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is really very simple. Make your customers happy”. Follow this mantra along with the suggestions mentioned above. It will definitely yield the result you want- to take your industry expertise to the next level. 

Interested to know more about networking and webinars? Talk to an expert of Airmeet today. 

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