Breaking Down the Top 5 Webinars of 2021 to Learn What Makes B2C & B2B Webinars Successful

Aditi Biswas
• September 1, 2021
How to host a webinar on Airmeet
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On 27 March 2020, UNESCO executed its second Covid-19 education response live webinar for the global teaching community. The webinar guided around 159 participants from 33 countries through pressing matters such as offering quality education during the COVID-19 pandemic and digitizing classrooms. It also revealed key updates on their plan for teachers’ financial wellbeing. It proved to be one of the most crucial webinars on Covid-19 Education Response.

Webinars are effective; there’s no questioning that fact.

When done right, they offer potentially limitless scope for branding, selling, and lead generation for almost every industry domain. However, the success of an online event is driven by various factors that can differ from industry to industry.

Here, we won’t bore you with generic questions like ‘what is a webinar?’ or ‘what are the best webinar platforms?’.

Instead, we will derive actionable conclusions by studying some of the popular webinars since 2020 and try to offer a solution for the real question troubling all of us today ‘how does a webinar work? And what drives its success?’

Dissecting five popular webinars to understand how does a webinar work

1. The World Has Changed Webinar Series By TEDxGateway

Each TEDxGateway live webinar dives into a unique aspect of life and offers interesting insights

While the pandemic changed the sheer functioning of our society and how everything could work henceforth, the TEDx team ventured into the webinar game and started its weekly webinar series ‘The World Has Changed.’

This series dives into every specific aspect of business, lifestyle, art, and other nuances of life affected by the pandemic. That is the most informative webinar series on the internet today, with over six million views.

The structure that made it a success

Hiring industry experts – All their webinars follow a similar structure of panel discussions or performances with 2 or 3 speakers from a specific industry domain. It includes experts, thought leaders, and visionaries. 

Format of the webinar – Every webinar starts with a warm welcome from one of the speakers and an introduction to the topic. While some speakers used pre-recorded video content to explain their opinions, others presented live and offered deep-diving insights.

Key learnings 

  • The TEDx content is articulated to never disappoint. The webinars offer visually appealing, rich content, which helps reinforce the purpose of the webinar.
  • Since they have a massive following, social media promotions help attract a significant audience, driving reach.
  • The events are live-streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms, allowing more attendees to join in the event, increasing the overall engagement across the webinar.

2. Weekly Deep-dive Learning Workshop Webinars By Recro

With Airmeet you can create a webinar from scratch and promote it on social media.

Recro platform helps trained and qualified developers find job opportunities at top startups, helping the startups with seamless talent acquisition. 

To boost knowledge sharing in the tech community, they started hosting weekly learning sessions with industry experts. 

They had hundreds of attendees joining in from different parts of the world. They promoted the event for several weeks with an attractive webinar landing page.

The structure that made it a success

A panel of thought leaders – Recro used a panel discussion format to explore specific startup industry topics while involving attendees in the conversations.
Ice-breakers to increase engagementEvery webinar was a knowledge-sharing online event with seamless interactions between the speakers and the attendees.
Loads of downloadable resources – The speakers used pre-recorded videos and multi-screen stage layouts to present and discuss during the live webinars.

Key learnings

Create an appealing landing page – Their webinar landing page played a crucial role in intriguing a person to sign up for an event. The webinar sessions were promoted with an appealing landing page design and thus could easily scale to 400+ registrations in just two months.
Increase engagement by choosing the right tech stack – Webinars rarely offer one-on-one attendee and speaker interaction. But Recro chose Airmeet, the best webinar platform, and boosted communication among attendees and speakers. Before and after the event, attendees enjoyed immersive interaction through virtual tables, Q&As, and polling.

3. How to Develop a Video Interview Strategy By SHRM

Participate in a webinar and learn from experts such as in SHRM hosted webinars

This was an interesting event that elaborated on a crucial factor of the hiring process post-Covid-19: video interviews. The webcast was presented by Josh Tolan, founder and CEO of Spark Hire. It helped HR professionals with a recently emerging problem that wasn’t discussed as broadly before.

The structure that made it a success

Use of engaging content across the session – Josh presented using engaging slides and videos that explained different aspects of video interviews in detail. 

Use of the automated webinar format – He preferred presenting a pre-designed video to avoid any risks of spontaneous glitches that occur in live webinars.

Key learnings

  • What made this virtual event stand out was its choice of topic, which was a niche, relevant, and less discussed subject within the HR community.
  • Since the webcast was pre-recorded, it offered a flawless video experience for the attendees. This is the key differentiating factor between a webcast vs. webinar.

4. Thought Leadership Webinars By AllThingsConnected

IoTSG, an initiative by AllThingsConnected, helps businesses transform their workflow with modern digital technologies, such as IoT, 5G, robotics, etc. They launched their virtual leadership webinar series that included B2B webinars and networking webinars to nurture their community, bring various industry experts together and encourage collaboration. 

The structure that made it a success

Use of industry thought leaders as speakers – The company invited leaders from different tech industry subsets to share applied data and regional insights. The panel of speakers involved a diverse set of experts collaborating to present a topic from different perspectives.
Building a close-knit private community – They are not a public community, so the events only allowed sign-in-based registrations to maintain privacy.

Key learnings

  • The choice of speakers was spot on. The speakers were able to offer highly detailed information that the audience would find relevant.
  • The private event allowed better attendee retention, and the sign-in-based registrations validated their exclusiveness, nurturing a value-driven community.
  • They continuously analyzed event data and measured metrics to understand attendee engagement better.

5. Webinar on Preparing for Open Finance By Envestnet | Yodlee

Open finance allows banks to safely share account data with third party companies

Envestnet | Yodlee is a data analytics platform based in the US that offers account aggregation solutions. They partnered with FinTech Futures and three other FinTech companies to conduct a one-of-a-kind discussion on open finance. The webinar provided deep insight into the role of open finance in the UK’s financial market, its challenges and possibilities, and how other firms could grow with innovative financing solutions.

The structure that made it a success

Getting thought leaders from three sponsor companies – The webinar included top executives from various FinTech firms and a panel of industry leaders from the three sponsor companies. The hour-long discussion explored various avenues of open finance and open banking. 

Key learnings

  • Hosting a niche and private event allowed better networking and engagement as all the attendees belonged to the same business domain.
  • As the sponsor companies offered future-ready open finance-based solutions, such informative events worked as the perfect B2B webinars for cultivating clients.

You can find several other webinars for specific industries conducted on some of the best webinar platforms and study them. This way, you can derive the key aspects from considering when hosting your workshops and networking webinars and turn your online events into lead magnets.

If you want to know how webinar works as the most powerful marketing tool, check out this Airmeet event where four industry experts dissect the importance of an excellent webinar.

Frequently asked questions

The most effective aspect of a webinar is its potentially limitless reach. Unlike a seminar which can only cater to a limited number of attendees, you can reach a much larger audience through an online webinar, ultimately increasing your lead generation scope and other ROI factors.

Two essential factors will drive the success of your webinar: the content quality and your choice of the webinar platform. While it is crucial to have rich, engaging, and relevant content,  it is equally important to choose the best webinar platform that offers seamless attendee experience and deep engagement.

Educators conduct webinars to educate a targeted audience about a specific topic. At the same time, marketers may host a webinar to promote a product or service by discussing a specific industry-related topic. So the point of a webinar is to reach a larger audience through elaborate and engaging presentations that offer information or a solution.

The major disadvantage of conducting a Zoom webinar has been the lack of interaction between the speaker and the participants. Webinars that are powered by Airmeet help create meaningful connections and amplify event ROIs. 

With Airmeet, you can easily power up your webinar and do beyond boring broadcasts. The cool engagement features that allow deeper interaction and networking opportunities via social lounge can help boost outcomes of your events. 

The best way to attract attendees is to offer a value-packed webinar. Invite industry experts, provide networking opportunities, and provide additional resources or giveaways. You can also increase your sales but adding pricing tiers and adding different values to each tier.

You can drive more participants to your webinar by focusing on how you promote your webinar. Having a dedicated webinar landing page is essential. Draft emails that are short, crisp, and would intrigue the reader to take action. Create social media posts that would target only your niche audience and offer a clear picture of what they would gain from your webinar.

There are many new interactive tools and platforms that allow you to host a webinar. A good webinar platform like Airmeet offers ample features to present seamlessly to your expected audience size within your budget. It enables you to record your sessions, provides robust security, is easy to use, and offers engagement features like Invite-to-stage, Q&A, Polls, and Raise-Hand.

B2B webinars and networking webinars are considered to be the most effective lead generation sources available today. Due to the increased reach and targeted nature of webinars, they attract a crowd of high-quality leads for your business. In fact, 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say that webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads.

Webinars can be conducted by an individual or an organization for varied purposes. Some of the most popular webinar goals include eLearning, employee training, thought leadership, product demo, lead generation, corporate networking, onboarding, etc.

The essential difference between a webcast and a webinar is how they are broadcasted. A webcast is a pre-recorded meeting or a presentation that can be broadcasted over the internet at any time. A webinar is a live web seminar or presentation broadcasted in real-time. The viewers can interact with the presenter through the webinar platform or other online communication modes during the webinar.

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