Deliver Memorable Virtual Event Experiences by Designing Powerful Virtual Presentations

Aditi Biswas
• November 4, 2021

(10 min read)

Are you delivering presentations that make your audience snooze? Read this blog to know how to amp up your PPTs and deliver engaging content with Airmeet.

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Virtual events are becoming more popular for companies to reach out to people, especially when in-person events are postponed or canceled.

Generally, you may find yourself conducting meetings with people who are not physically present—in which case mastering virtual presentations will be essential. 

But the question is, are you ready to deliver memorable experiences at your next event by only using PowerPoint?

PPT’s are more than just slides. It is used to illustrate information to the audience, making it highly recommended for speakers who may find speaking alone stressful.

More so, this powerful tool enhances your creative content and helps your brand become more relatable. 

Nonetheless, despite being an effective tool for virtual events, many speakers find it hard to create a presentation that is as impressive as those who mastered the program.

So to assist you in creating your presentations and ensuring their success, we’ve compiled 10 tips to deliver memorable online experiences via PPTs.

How do you make virtual events fun?
One of the major concerns for any event host is how to make virtual events fun and engaging throughout. While most use ice-breakers, you can also use interactive speed networking sessions, always accessible breakout rooms, and polls to ensure engagement.

Pro-tip: Airmeet provides real-time analytics giving you an in-depth insight into audience engagement.

Why opt for a presentation?

As with everything, there are several advantages to giving a virtual presentation. The first advantage is that virtual presentations are easier to access.  It is available to individuals worldwide, so you may address employees from various offices or bring in a broad audience for a webinar.

Second, it is less intimidating to give a virtual presentation. People who are nervous about presenting face to face may be less uncomfortable about doing it online.  And also, event attendees may leave their cameras at home and can still participate.

More importantly, a virtual presentation allows you to connect with the audience more. During a virtual presentation, features such as polls and surveys are simple to include, allowing for real-time input.

Goals of a virtual presentations in any event

Do you know what should be your goals or objectives when delivering your presentation?
Do you know what should be your goals or objectives when delivering your presentation?

When giving a presentation, you always have a purpose in mind. Thus, you’re attempting to convey a message, educate your audience or sell something.

There are five different sorts of goals when conducting a presentation. You should get familiar with these objectives and learn how these are executed differently. 

To persuade

You can use your PPTs to convince or persuade your audience to accept a point of view on a subject. A persuasive presentation happens just like when a seller presents information that aims to convince a customer to buy a product in a trade show. 

If you plan to have a successful persuasive presentation at your next virtual event, make sure to be geared toward finding a solution. So, you first demonstrate the issue then present your product or service as the solution. 

To instruct

You can also use your PPTs in instructing a wide audience. To instruct is to educate your audience and guide them to move based on the information provided in your presentation

If your goal is to instruct in your virtual event, your presentation should be brief and straight to the point. Participants will not recall much if there is too much information. They should be simple enough for everyone in the audience to understand.

To take decisions

Closely related to persuasion is the ability to persuade people to make a decision. This kind of presentation provides the audience with information that encourages them to make choices.

More so, if your goal is to make your participants decide, your presentation should entail facts, options, and alternatives necessary for the audience to decide.

To show progress 

One of the most common objectives of corporate presentations is progress reporting or presentation. These presentations are prompted by typical tracking questions such as: 

  • Where are we in the project?
  • Where do we need to go/what do we need to do next?
  • When will it be completed?

With this aim in mind, in delivering your PPTs, you should focus on handling existing challenges and managing the risks outlined in your progress presentation.

To motivate

In essence, every speaker wants to inspire. That is why one of the most common emotions triggered by speakers is to motivate the audience. 

These sorts of presentations are common at TED Conferences. They are more often seen in events geared towards personal development. 

In your presentation, you could talk about the future of you and your audience as a team. This kind of presentation often leads to better productivity and a strong engagement between participants.

10 tips that you should definitely know

Design your virtual presentation with these hacks before your next online event.
Design your virtual presentation with these hacks before your next online event.

A virtual event demands the same care and attention as a physical one. In both circumstances, you must develop an event strategy that will result in memorable moments for both you and your guests. So, how do we make that work?

Here are the top ten tips for designing a PPT before your next virtual event:

1. Assign time for preparation

Just like any other personal event, you must prepare in advance for a virtual presentation. Ideally, you prepare your material first and start practicing as soon as you have some free time. But in reality, there are many more things to prepare. 

Technology difficulties are often addressed during the planning stage. Fortunately, there are virtual event planning companies available to make the preparation process quick and easy.

Pro-tip: At Airmeet, we can help you plan your event in a matter of minutes. Also, Airmeet is equipped with a backstage to help remove your speaker anxiety and run demos with your PPTs.

2. Research your audience

It is important to know who your audience is and what their expectations are towards the presentation. 

Using this information, you may modify your presentation to be more relevant to your audience. This will also help you keep your audience interested since they will realize that you have taken the effort to care about them particularly. 

One way to know your audience is to use the sign-up, registration form, and attendee card so that you’ll have an idea of who will be attending ahead of time. 

3. Identify your goals

Virtual events normally need a bit more effort to keep people’s interest. People’s thoughts will wonder if you’re unorganized or overly vague in your discussion, making it more challenging to re-engage with them.

Because virtual presentation fatigue exists, it is very important to concentrate on the aim of the presentation first. 

What is the ‘why’ or the purpose of your presentation? 

Emphasizing the goal and benefit of you and your audience makes it easier to keep them engaged with the presentation.

Pro-tip: You can always upload pre-recorded videos and other downloadables for your audience to refer to later on Airmeet for that added advantage. This makes the virtual event engaging and establishes your perspective better.

4. Set a time limit

Virtual conferences, fortunately, are not constrained by geography or transportation. However, it is essential to consider time in hosting a virtual event and when it will end. 

Fortunately, platforms like Airmeet have a feature of pre-recorded videos of your presentation, which gives you an idea of the time limit scheduled for your presentation. Features like this will guide you not going over your permitted time. 

Also, encourage your audience to view your call or webinar ahead of time so that you can work out any technical concerns and finish things on time. 

5. Get there early

You should test everything before a presentation to ensure a seamless presentation free of distractions and technological errors. That is why, as a presenter, you should get in the virtual room as early as possible.

However, this could be a challenging task for those with no special sound and lighting inspections skills.

At Airmeet, technical experts could help you test all of the equipment utilized for the virtual event before it begins. During your dry-runs, experts will also check the functionality of the engagement tools, like using the chat, how to conduct Q&A sessions and polling features. 

It is a very beneficial practice before delivering a presentation, just to make sure that if a technological issue develops during an event, Airmeet can help you get back on seamless presentation. 

6. Create visual aids

The fact is that a wall of words will distract the event attendees from what you’re saying. To keep sponsors and exhibitors engaged with the content, you must provide relevant and engaging visual aids.

Here, don’t be afraid to be creative and try new things. For example, you may connect with your audience and visually explain your points by using relevant Virtual Photos such as GIFs, memes, and other photographs.

7. Memorize and practice

The record narration tool in PowerPoint is a straightforward but shockingly underutilized feature. It enables you to record your presentation and then play it back.

Hearing oneself narrate your presentation from pre-recorded slides may help you recall your topic more effectively. 

Using this strategy in practice will fully grasp the essence and flow of the whole presentation, boosting your confidence during the event.

8. Show passion and energy

When presenting virtually, you may need to be a little more energetic than usual. It could mean you stand instead of sitting to keep yourself interested, wearing a fun, bright color to cheer yourself up. 

During the discussion, some of your audience might get bored and start to disengage. Again, a successful presentation should be filled with strong engagement, so leading an energetic discussion is very important. 

9. Be interactive

A virtual presentation starts to be a failure when the audience loses the interest to engage. Thus, it is important to make your presentation interactive, making every moment memorable for them. 

Polls and Q&A are already being integrated for an interactive presentation, but how can you go even further? What if the first person to speak out in a debate was given a free cup of coffee?

It is a fantastic method to be engaged and thrill your audience while also keeping them interested in what will happen next. 

You could also integrate your presentation into the live stream and other social media applications to impact an online event. Since most of the audiences are into media, this could be a way to gain more attention from the participants. 

10. Share material

Powerpoint is an effective persuasion tool for organizations, but you must use it wisely. It’s easy for a business meeting to become monotonous and fact-filled rapidly. You have to keep this in mind when sharing materials during the program. 

You should avoid just reading the slides and sharing them with the audience. Make sure to maximize your on-screen space. 

Pro-tip: Using the best virtual event platform like Airmeet, you can share a screen or share your downloadable materials, allowing many people to access them using mobile apps or browsers in real-time


How Airmeet helps deliver memorable PPTs?

See Airmeet in action here.

Choosing your platform is very important to host a seamless virtual experience for you and your participants.  

It is important to select a virtual event platform that offers great event planning and interactive features to make your presentation seamless and engaging. 

Here at Airmeet, we can help you plan your event in a matter of minutes. Airmeet offers a customized theme and a branded event layout for your presentation. 

You also don’t have to put extra effort into researching your participants, for Airmeet offers a customized registration form to collect attendee details relevant to your event.

Moreover, platforms like Airmeet allow breakout rooms to be a useful method to divide participants into smaller groups and stimulate engagement. You may also have a personalized reception in video conferencing to give your audience an experience similar to attending a physical event. 

And on top of that, this event management platform allows event preview mode, wherein you can conduct dry runs and prepare your presentation well in advance.

Still, need help? Talk to our product experts today and get a free demo of how the platform will help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airmeet

Airmeet’s new pricing plan does include a free Basic plan that can be used for up to 100 registrations. The next plan is a ‘Social Webinar’ plan that includes 10 hosts, unlimited session duration, advanced engagement analytics, integrations like Zapier, Hubspot, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, and priority customer support.

Airmeet comes with always accessible breakout rooms or social lounges. These lounges can support up to 50 people. Airmeet also has speed networking, if you are looking to host networking events.

You can book a demo here with us and a product expert will help answer all your questions regarding Airmeet. Alternatively, you can also access our knowledge base and search for your queries. Airmeet also has a 24/7 customer support lounge.

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform