Airmeet integration with Hubspot

How to Combine Airmeet Events and HubSpot Automation to Convert More Leads

Katherine Boyarsky
• December 6, 2021

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Simplify workflows, improve the customer and prospect experience, and overall reduce manual tasks with Hubspot integration.

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Airmeet and HubSpot are dedicated to helping customers simplify workflows, improve the customer and prospect experience, and overall reduce manual tasks. The average person has 200 emails in their inbox, so targeting people in the right way at the right time is a delicate art. Or, more accurately — it’s a science.

By integrating platforms like Airmeet and HubSpot, event marketing teams can learn more about their audiences and strategically segment contact databases, then communicate with individuals at just the right time. Automated nurturing and event reminders can also improve engagement and conversions before, during, and after the event.

Airmeet, a fully customizable virtual & hybrid events platform designed for exceptional engagement & ROI. 

The Airmeet platform supports social webinars and large-scale events upto 10k+ attendees, which generate valuable insights for sales, marketing, and event management teams to learn from. Airmeet is used by 2500+ customers across the globe to conduct social webinars, conferences, town halls, product launches, career fairs, workshops, trade shows and much more. Every opportunity to gather customers or communities is a chance to gain new lifetime customers and ambassadors for brands.

Why connect your hybrid events platform with your CRM and marketing tools?

Event management is a challenge no matter what, and the busiest times are before and after events. This is when event teams are more likely to forget to send reminder emails, or make manual errors, which are missed opportunities. Integrated tools like the Airmeet integration with HubSpot reduce manual tasks and improve the attendee experience.

Benefits of the Airmeet integration with HubSpot

The Airmeet integration with HubSpot automatically syncs HubSpot contacts to Airmeet and transfers Airmeet registrants over to HubSpot. And by setting up automated reminders based on activities or logic in HubSpot, teams are far less likely to miss an opportunity to connect with attendees while they’re already engaged.

Another benefit of integrating Airmeet with the HubSpot CRM is the ability to enrich HubSpot profiles based on event activities. This feature gives marketing and sales teams a chance to flag prospects or current customers when they interact with company events.

Here’s how to use the Airmeet interactive virtual event and webinar platform with the HubSpot CRM to engage with more contacts and prove the ROI of events. 

3 Ways to use Airmeet and HubSpot to boost event ROI

Using Airmeet with HubSpot, teams can find immediate value in the cross-platform data sharing. Start by targeting highly engaged HubSpot lists with niche virtual and hybrid events, and follow up with them using automated workflows. 

On the opposite side, automatically transfer Airmeet data into HubSpot, and incorporate event data into lead scoring, sales and marketing workflows, and optimization efforts. 

The Airmeet Integration with HubSpot allows for more comprehensive event analytics which help to both improve ROI and prove the value of events. 

Engage HubSpot Contacts in Airmeet Events and increase event attendance

Invite HubSpot contacts collected through landing pages or sales teams to register for Airmeet events and improve overall process automation for internal teams. Set up automated workflows to send reminder emails to HubSpot contacts leading up to the event, during the event, and after for the best engagement opportunities. 

Did you know that every day after the event you don’t follow up means 20% less engagement?

Look for engaged segments of your HubSpot database, certain lists that align with a webinar or event topic, or those who have recently interacted with similar content. And send follow-up emails or “thank you for attending” emails right after the event is over that include targeted CTAs based on the user’s profile.

Engage HubSpot Contacts in Airmeet Events and Increase Event Attendance

Automatically sync Airmeet Attendee data to the HubSpot CRM to improve conversions and event ROI

Add event attendees as contacts in HubSpot through an automatic sync, saving time and eliminating manual work. The integration allows users to tag event details to the relevant marketing event object and customize properties as they appear in HubSpot.

Create segmented lists for those who attended, didn’t attend, and engaged during the event and optimize CTAs for each audience. With HubSpot and Airmeet data, teams see better lead conversion rates and overall event ROI. 

In HubSpot, map event properties from Airmeet to the buyer’s journey and use this data to prompt sales conversations.

Automatically Sync Airmeet Attendee Data to the HubSpot CRM to Improve Conversions and Event ROI

Enrich Contact Profiles with Airmeet event data and send targeted campaigns

Airmeet data enriches HubSpot contact profiles with detailed event activities and interests based on which events they attended and engaged with. This data can be used in marketing, sales, and customer support workflows to convert prospects or upsell existing customers. 

Enriched contact profiles enable targeted marketing outreach and better segmentation. Create campaigns specific to audiences who participated in networking activities, or who are new to events and may be interested in hearing about more. For organizations who work with teams, identify a team member who attended a certain event, then target the entire organization for the next event.

Event and marketing teams can use Airmeet data with HubSpot campaigns, templates, workflows, and more marketing and sales platform features.

“We started to use [Airmeet] as our ‘go-to’ working online platform. It has enabled our team to grow, to work remotely more effectively and in turn, that positively impacts our business.”

Jaki K., Airmeet user

To improve your holistic event marketing strategy, use these resources from Airmeet and HubSpot:

Ready to connect your event platforms and improve your event program ROI? Add the Airmeet Integration with HubSpot to your account today.

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