10 best inspiring audiobooks for event planners

Claudia Anceschi
• March 18, 2021
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o you want to ace your event planning and management skill? Planning events is quite a task. You need to constantly juggle between one task to the other. You would never want to ruin someone’s special day or an important corporate function, would you? Polish your time management and mental efficiency skills with these ten amazing audiobooks.

10 Best Inspiring Event Planning Audiobooks With Review:

Are you more scared of deadlines than ghosts? If your anxiety kicks in those last minutes when you still have a few tasks to complete, you need to manage your time better. Well, easier said than done! Time management is the most crucial skill in any event planning job or business. But what if procrastination is your best buddy? Arnold Bennett is here to give you a quick lesson on how you can still make the most of the twenty-four hours in a day. Believe it or not, the author is too sure that twenty-four hours is a lot of time. And it might sound unrealistic, but you can actually tick off a lot of tasks from your event planning list just in a day! But only if you make the best use of it. This business audiobook has all the secrets behind ruling the productivity race like a boss. 

No wonder planning events give you a mad rush of serotonin! But, guess what is the tough part? The event planning industry is highly competitive and fast-paced, and it can be quite overwhelming to be the best among all. Do you want to be a pro at marketing your events? This interesting audiobook can give you a lot of insight. Author, Rory Sutherland believes it is the customer perception that matters the most in marketing any event. More than the event itself! Are you giving enough “value” to your target audience as an event planner? Are your events exclusive and attractive enough to be attended by a lot of people? These are some of the important questions that you need to ask yourself before jumping into actually planning your events. And this audiobook can give you the best perspective on all of this.

If you want to be a pro at event planning, management is the first skill you need to pick. Once your event planning business grows enough, you will not be the only one doing every task at hand. There will be a lot of people working under you. But if you want all the assorted tasks to be done smoothly by your team, you have to master the art of managing people. This audiobook is an interesting talk by Daniel Pink at a popular TED conference. He speaks about how different people can be motivated by different factors to do various tasks. Do you suffer from a creative block when you have to come up with solutions to the plethora of problems that pop up while planning an event? Fuel your creative skills with this excellent audiobook to prepare yourself for killer success in this field.

Do you know what part of your body you need to use the most in any event planning task? Your brain. Event planning is all about multi-tasking without losing your focus or compromising the quality of any single task. Multi-tasking is a skill you can easily pick up by exercising your brain to become more efficient. Running between your suppliers and clients and chasing your deadlines at the same time, can really take a toll on you. Arnold Bennett in this audiobook gives you a lot of tips to improve your mental capability. This will help you handle every event planning task without freaking out. The event industry is really huge and, to get noticed by your potential clients, it takes a lot. Grasping these mental skills will always come handy in every event you plan.

To be a successful event planner, your social skills have to be over the top. Do you even realise how important it is you as an event planner to network and interact in social circles? Your introvertedness has to be thrown out of the window. And if you are already an extrovert, you need that quality in you to shine even better. A lot of event planning is about influencing people with your ideas and bringing them round to your way of thinking. Befriending your clients can lead you in future to even bigger projects. Do you feel like there is still a lot of work to be done on your social skills? This audiobook is highly people-focused and will teach you certain soft skills that will be useful in your event planning profession for a lifetime. Get ready to be the Queen Bee or the Social Butterfly among your fellow competitors.

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the term, “event planning”. Creativity, we guess! Whether you have any other skill or not, to be good at your event planning job, this skill is a must. For organizing a premium quality event, creativity has to be the topmost priority. Do you struggle to innovate during crucial moments of crisis or can’t think of enough creative ideas to make your event stand out? Well, creativity is a skill you are not born with. You need to learn it. The best part about being creative is that you will enjoy the process of planning events and feel more passionate about your craft. This audiobook by Amy Wallace and Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar animation can help you with all your mental blocks to improve your event planning talent and skill set.

You aren’t burnt out you are bored out! Do you feel your passion and enthusiasm for planning events have hit the rock bottom and you don’t find your event planning job so interesting anymore? The truth is that even if event planning is your ikigai, you can feel like you are running out of fresh ideas after planning quite a number of events. Want to re-ignite that old passion and drive in you when you started out on this business of planning events? Daniel Pink in this audiobook pushes you to uncover some genuine motivations for you to start enjoying your work again. Research shows that only when you are truly happy with the work you are doing, you give it your best shot. So why not re-discover that old you who loved planning events and felt excited even at the thought of it?

Want to really put yourself out there and bag the most exclusive event planning projects. All you need to do is show off your confidence like a pro and persuade people like no one else. As an event planner, you need to interact and negotiate with your clients and suppliers almost every single day. And what do you think will help you the most? Your skill of persuasion. If you master this one skill, you and your ideas will be taken much more seriously and you can easily get things done. Once you are a pro at persuading people, marketing your events and selling your event planning services on social media will be at your fingertips. Noah Goldstein in this audiobook exactly wants to help you out with this social skill so that you can channelise your inner “influencer”. 

“Event planning isn’t about being a one-man army, it’s more about being a gold team player.” Once you are a part of this industry, you have to get associated with big brands and companies. We are sure this is your dream as well. But to realise this dream, you have to ace the skill of working in big groups. Pat Riley, a famous American motivational speaker in the ’90s was a professional basketball coach. No wonder he has a lot of depth and experience in teamwork. In this audiobook, he tries to explain the concepts of team dynamics, complacency, balancing roles and the kind of people in a team. All these skills can go a long way in helping you build a strong event management team and get equipped for big events in the future. You have to listen to this audiobook to achieve a better flow of teamwork in the future.

This audiobook is actually a bit different as compared to the previous ones. It doesn’t speak specifically about event management, but makes for an interesting case of being highly proactive. There is a collection of quirky and hilarious yet inspirational stories that will make you feel much better about your own life. If you envision yourself as a big name in the event planning industry, you need to be very confident. And this uplifting yet funny and light audiobook talks about ditching self-sabotaging behaviour and changing your attitude so that you can be more self-confident and come back to work stronger than ever.


Being an event planner isn’t child’s play. It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to succeed in a field like event planning. But guess what? Your love and passion for this field along with your skills has helped you get through every challenge on the field. But if you have even bigger goals and plans in this career, you have to extend your existing skill set. These ten mind-expanding audiobooks can be of great help when it comes to strengthening your skills. These audiobooks will make you feel more positive and motivated about your event planning job so that you can give it your best.

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