Five Best Practices on How to Leverage Event Storytelling in 2022

Aditi Biswas
• July 28, 2022

(4 min read)

Set your event apart with the right event storytelling tactics. Get people to engage and network more. Drive event ROI and more. Read here to know more about event storytelling.

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Events remain a powerful marketing tool that all businesses should exploit. They act as channels to communicate your brand objectives. The event planner can tell a compelling story about the product, services or even inspire people about a movement through an event. 

In short, an entire event can help build a human connection if done right. 

But any event organizer would agree that one of the most challenging parts of any event experience is getting people to the event and ensuring that they engage. This is where immersive experiences help, especially if it is a virtual or a hybrid event. 

So, how do you provide an immersive experience with emotional connection?

With event storytelling. 

What is event storytelling?

Event storytelling is exploiting amazing stories and embedding the storyline to build lasting virtual experiences. The event content strategy is built to connect event professionals, speakers, and attendees and provide an individualized experience.

A relatable story told via an event serves three main purposes: 

  • Clarifies the business’ message
  • Creates a lasting impression on the speakers and audience alike 
  • And finally, it compels people to take action – whether buying a product or joining a community. 

Now that you are convinced how event storytelling can help, here is what the power of story can do:

Connect emotionally

Not all events are created equal, and when it comes to B2B events, event storytelling helps to put a face to your brand and make it a memorable experience for your attendees. It allows audiences, speakers, and hosts to connect at an emotional level. Such customer experience makes businesses more ‘human’ and lets prospects trust the brand easily. 

Keep your audience’s attention

Everyone loves a good story – because it’s memorable and exciting! Using a compelling story in the event content strategy keeps the audience attentive – minus the fatigues. With the right story, event professionals can captivate the audience – while also making it educational. The entire experience will also give opportunities to network more. 

A great opportunity to network

Whether it is an in person event or hybrid, events are a great place to network, build connections and offer genuine experiences. It acts as an opportunity for brands to provide information, offer services/products and ultimately feed their sales pipeline. 

A great lead generation tool

45.7% of marketers say the primary goal of virtual events is to generate pipeline.


Numerous studies have shown that the right virtual experience in events can help feed the sales pipeline. Having the right story ensures your event also offers a personalized experience. 

Five best practices of a storytelling event

Here are some of the best practices that you can follow for a storytelling event.
Here are some of the best practices that you can follow for a storytelling event.

Before you start looking for a virtual event platform or offering hybrid experiences, here are some best practices that you should keep in mind:

Know and understand your audience

Once you have finished figuring out the event details, it is time to market the virtual or hybrid event, and stories are a powerful way to capture all kinds of events, even regional events. Begin by crafting a marketing strategy that captures your event’s essence and provides an omnichannel experience to your audience.

To cite an instance, if you are planning a storytelling event in the retail industry, you need to find out the struggles and challenges of your audience. Understand what drives your audience, and what personal experiences they crave, especially if they visit a physical store. Then design the story around retail brands and beauty brands and plan your virtual program that gives a memorable experience

Without understanding your audience, you cannot add a theme to your virtual event.
Without understanding your audience, you cannot add a theme to your virtual event.

Airmeet experts speak: Understand that giving onsite experiences can be challenging during Covid-19 but using the right virtual event platform can help deliver genuine experiences. At Airmeet, you can set up stores as sponsored booths and give the shopping experience that your customers want. You can also set up speed networking that adds to your story-telling. 

If you are still looking for ideas for your virtual storytelling event, get in touch with experts here.

Outline ideas first

Don’t go blank! Stories have the power to ignite emotional connections. But to do so, they must have a unified message. Nothing can scare people off faster than a story that doesn’t make sense.

So to help create a clear narrative, event managers should outline the story’s message first. The goal should be to have one linear and integrated story at the end of the day instead of a collection of disconnected bits and communicated in the right way to the audience.

Add a personal touch

The last thing a company or organization wants to do at a branded event is to end up sounding robotic or mechanical. Instead, brands should focus on adding a personal touch to the event. One way to do that is to tell stories that bring an emotional element to the event, such as impact stories or inspirational testimonials. Events can also be a place to highlight people and communities that have been impacted by a brand’s products, services, or solutions. A great example would be to showcase an inspirational story of a client whose life your company could impact.

Use visuals

Visuals are a game-changer during events. This realization means that all publicity materials and in-event graphics and visual experiences must leave a wow factor. And the central part of all learning events is the keynote presentation. 

So, the presentation slides must be eye-catching and connect well with your brand’s visual identities. Leave imprints of your brand here and there and direct people to your company’s website and social media channels.

Airmeet experts speak: You can use Airmeet’s upload video and share screen features to share visuals. Or, you can also customize sponsored booths and the reception area to give a better sense of the industry.

Maximize technology

Use Airmeet to maximize engagement and drive ROI to your virtual events.
Use Airmeet to maximize engagement and drive ROI to your virtual events.

When people engage with you at an event, it gets a conversation going and strengthens the story. Find ways to build live interactions at the event using tools that make it easy for people to react, comment, or engage. For instance, use polls, ice-breaker questions and open up the floor for Q&A sessions.

Getting people to talk to each other in an event is also an important part of storytelling. That’s because these exchanges are ways for other people to draw attendees to their personal stories and add to the overall narrative of the event.

Airmeet experts speak: This objective might be more challenging in virtual events. But organizers can set up breakout rooms and sessions to exchange learnings, ideas, contact details. Airmeet’s always accessible social lounges support up to 50 people per table and can be used to share screens, host a chat session, and more.

Events link people to a journey

An event ultimately connects people to a shared journey with each other and with your company. Hosting an event can be a grueling challenge, but creating that shared path for a group of people can develop much value for you and your future event attendees. So keep putting together those events and tell great stories in the process.

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