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Guide on Choosing the Best Webinar Software Platform in 2022

Aditi Biswas
• October 21, 2021

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(20 min read)

It is important to have a guide on choosing the best webinar software platform for your event to make it a success. So to learn more, just keep on reading!

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Webinars are a great way to increase your brand awareness and generate leads. But how do you choose the right platform?

There are many webinar platforms out there, but not all of them will suit your needs. Some have features that can help you boost traffic, improve customer experience, and community building. In contrast, others may be more suitable for training or Q&A sessions.

So, suppose you are comparatively new to the virtual event world. In that case, this article will give you valuable insight into some essentials to help you choose the right platform, enhance the attendee’s experience, and achieve your virtual event goals.

What is a webinar, and how to get started?

Webinars are live, interactive presentations that anyone with an internet connection can watch. They’re perfect for businesses looking to reach more people and grow their customer base. Nevertheless, finding the best webinar platform is a daunting task. 

So to know what the right platform is for you, then keep on reading! 

Objective of webinars

If you are looking to build a community, your webinar platform should allow the broadcasting and enable networking. Similarly, if you plan to host virtual meetings with a panel of speakers, the webinar platform should help multi-speaker sessions with a live webcam feed. It should be able to deliver your business objectives to your target audience.

So, the first thing you should do is list your goals and match them against the available features of your chosen webinar platform.

Airmeet, for one, offers in-session interactions, speed networking, and expandable tables and lounges that enhance customer engagement. You can also run pre-recorded webinars and host evergreen webinars on the platform.

Setting up goals and objectives

Objectives are specific and measurable results you want to achieve to reach the goal of your webinar. So, you need to set clear goals and objectives for your webinars. Without them, you’ll be lost and won’t be able to track the progress of your event. 

Specifically, setting up goals and objectives for your webinars should:

  • Give your business a sense of direction
  • Provide measurable success
  • Motivate the team
  • Make event management easier
  • Work towards another goal

Importance of setting a goal or an objective

One of the best ways to plan a webinar event is to define the goals and objectives. If you are not clear on your overarching points, it will be hard for others in attendance to make sense of what you’re trying to say or do.

For this reason, making these things explicit at the start can help both presenters and webinar participants alike paint an accurate picture as they go along their way through your virtual event. It means that everyone has more clarity about where you are going from. 


How webinars can help monetize the event and earn returns.

When trying to find the right webinar platform, it’s important to get a feel for the price and what key features are offered. While there are many options available in different plans (basic plan, enterprise plan, premium plan) with differing interactive feature sets, don’t forget that cost is relative.

So, try your best not to compromise on the quality of the platform just because you’re working within a tight budget. There are a lot of webinar platforms that offer a range of subscription plans.

Airmeet, on the other hand, offers some of its services at no cost: it means that everyone can take advantage of their impressive features without paying any fees. (Airmeet’s Free Plan)

Remember that; It’s rare to find a webinar platform that offers free trials these days. If you’re shopping for one, make sure it provides additional features like trial periods where you can try things out without any commitment before signing up.

It is also a great way to get familiarized with certain features and decide which type of platform suits your needs best.


Webinars are a great way to share knowledge with a large audience. Nevertheless, they can be tricky to host and manage. A lot of video conferencing tools often pose as a platform for webinars.  They usually offer poor audio/video quality, lack support for mobile apps and browsers, or have pricing plans that don’t fit your needs.

And as a webinar host, you want to provide an interactive and engaging live streaming experience to keep the online audience engaged with you. Still, due to low-quality audio or video, this is not possible. It leads to a bad user experience that negatively affects your brand image. These tools also do not provide real-time analytics or come integrated with marketing automation tools. 

Video and audio quality

The best way to avoid quality problems is by choosing a webinar platform that offers high-quality video streaming without any lag, even on mobile devices. You need something reliable like Airmeet because it allows you to host live events from anywhere in the world and stream them on desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones – all at once.

With Airmeet’s easy-to-use interface, you can set up a hybrid event in minutes with no extra hardware required. It has everything you need so that you can focus more on what matters – delivering great content and engaging with your webinar attendees.

Audience engagement is a huge issue for most companies. They spend thousands of dollars on webinars, but they don’t get the results they want because their chosen webinar platform isn’t engaging enough.

With broadcast-style webinars, participants feel like passive observers instead of active participants engaged in the learning process. So only a handful of attendees participate and engage during your session, while others sit back and do nothing. It leads to low engagement rates, which means you’re not getting results from your investment.

Airmeet’s immersive features will help you turn your boring old presentation into an interactive experience. This webinar software can be a platform where attendees can interact with each other using private chat, ask questions directly to the speaker, and even come up on stage to share their experiences! 

You’ll see a big jump in attendance as well as interactions among audience members during your sessions, all at no extra cost! 

More importantly, you can increase engagement and attendance rates by using these marketing strategies:

Email marketing

It’s no secret that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to grow your business. When you use a webinar, it can be even more powerful for driving leads and sales. 

You can follow these steps below in creating promotional emails:

  • Identify your market to specify your email list.
  • Make an invitation with a brief explanation of what your event is (This will also include email reminders about the webinar registration and reminder emails about the event).
  • Email the sign-up process from a robust email marketing platform.
  • Send out an email with key information about the event (you can use different email marketing platforms for this one).
  • After the event, you can also send follow-up emails to ensure that your attendees will be informed of your upcoming webinars.

Social media marketing

Social media platforms are a powerful tool that can help you reach out and connect with your audience. With the right understanding of social media, marketers can extend their webinar promotions by creating engaging posts and increasing digital audience experiences

With Airmeet, you can utilize social media marketing by live streaming your event through various social media platforms! You can also use it for speed networking or as an event landing page.


Virtual Connections
Whenever hosting a virtual event, it’s important to use a platform with an easy user interface.

When hosting an online event, it’s important to ensure your audience can easily access the information and interact with one another. 

The success of a webinar depends on how smoothly everything runs – from setting up to scheduling and more convenient features like sharing or recording presentations. Attendees should never be frustrated by the difficulty accessing any data they need for their day at work.

Good thing that Airmeet has convenient features like scheduling, recording attendance from any device connection, or the chat window on-site, so no one gets left out of anything important. Plus, there are some more great perks:

  • Webinar recordings: The ease in sharing recordings with attendees both during as well as after an event.
  • Webinar tools: Easy access to helpful documents such as presentations throughout your session.
  • Ability to send reminders about when events start (and stop) via email notifications and broadcast messaging.

Airmeet features also allow file sharing, app sharing options, and social media integration, perfect for webinar marketing.


Webinars are an excellent way to establish your authority on a topic, but they can be risky. But if you’re concerned about security and privacy in the digital age, Airmeet is here for you! It offers end-to-end encryption so that only those you have the authorized access to will see what’s shared during meetings.

It has GDPR compliance, which means all data collected by Airmeet’s platform complies with Europe’s strictest regulations around user rights. Guest authentication ensures no one without permission enters into private conversations or sees sensitive information like passwords.

Airmeet’s support team does everything it takes to make sure webinar hosts feel safe using their product – including chat moderation services at every level of the registration process (i.e., before attendees enter live sessions). 

You can also limit the access of attendees to your webinar by setting up magic links for registration within Airmeet.


Webinars are a great way to reach out and connect with people who might not know about your company. They’re also a great way to get feedback on new products or services, answer customer questions, and more. But if you don’t have the right webinar platform, it can be difficult for people to watch them live or view the training videos later.

That’s why it’s important to check the prospective audience size that you would require to address. Is it a small number or a larger audience? 

Look for a webinar platform that enables you to scale up with ease, just like Airmeet! This webinar tool can cater to up to 100k participants’ capacity and host up to 100 participants for free!

More so, it has networking features that can help your company grow.

Session recording

An excellent way to increase the life and reach of your webinar is to record your sessions and make them like an on-demand video. Share your sessions on your social media handles to reach people who might have missed your live session. Or, share snippets of the recordings as a teaser before future events. 

Therefore, go for a webinar platform that allows you to present a pre-recorded video for later sharing and viewing by creating an easy-to-access content library. It is a virtual repository of all the webinars hosted. The cherry on the cake will be the feature, where you can edit or update your pre-recorded webinars.

Airmeet allows unlimited session recording for all events along with excellent analytics to gauge audience engagement. Talk to an expert today to schedule a demo.


Speed Networking
You can network in webinars and remove zoom fatigue by using interactive tools such as social lounges available on Airmeet.

Whether the goal of your webinar is to allow networking or not, it is always a good idea to choose a webinar platform that supports networking. Similar to a physical event, people like to join in early and stay behind post-event to get a chance to interact with the speakers and co-attendees.

Networking is one of the founding pillars of Airmeet. A social lounge with virtual tables is a great way to meet and greet and make genuine connections. It also offers virtual contact cards feature to exchange contact details and network better.

Tracking analytics

Tracking advanced analytics related to meeting goals, engagement, and attendee satisfaction is important to gauge the webinar’s success. Get important attendee information through the registration process, attendee behavior, and their likes/dislikes, going beyond demographics.

Airmeet, for one, offers these features. From live support to event reactions and live polls, you can surely keep track of your audience! 

You can also note the timestamp and content where the most engagement happened during your webinar to understand your audience better.

Customization and branding

Getting the right level of customization and branding to set your business apart is important for a successful webinar. Advanced features such as displaying company logos, images, or colors in creative ways can be an excellent way to enhance your brand reputation. It will keep audiences from forgetting who you are when the webinar ends.

So, if you want a successful initiative that will help build customer loyalty and increase revenue while increasing positive feedback for greater SEO rankings, this is an excellent way of doing so! 

Webinar platforms such as Airmeet offer event customization on a whole new level! From custom reception, landing page, and even unique event themes, Airmeet got it all for you! 

What are the benefits of using webinars to create brand awareness?

A webinar is a cost-effective and efficient way for small businesses to connect with potential leads. It also provides a great platform for presenting your content, products, or services in an informative manner.

When people attend these sessions, they’re more likely than not to look around at what you have presented, which can also help increase their social media networks.

Additionally, there’s no better time when it comes down to building business relationships because everyone who attends will get on board with the idea of taking advantage of all those amazing features. And once someone has attended one session, chances are high they’ll want another, which keeps them coming back. 

Virtual event platform options

Many software review sites and online resources will provide you with all the information you need to evaluate your options. It is the stage where you compare the features of various on-demand webinar platforms, looking for those that have exactly what it takes to meet your needs.

If simplicity or an online meeting app without any extra bulkiness suits your needs best, then take some time out from examining other areas in-depth. 

The best way to find the perfect webinar platform for your needs is by testing them out. Give yourself time to try all of the options you are considering and look at what each one can do to help further your business objectives.

Use free trials (7-day free trial or a 14-day free trial) as an opportunity so that you get a full sense of how well they work with other aspects like branding or marketing. Depending on where it falls into place alongside those elements we talked about earlier, choosing which features matter most!


To build and maintain a healthy relationship with your potential customer base, you need to ensure that they have an engaging experience. One way of doing so is by focusing on quality content rather than giving them multiple topics at once.

By narrowing their attention span into one webinar theme before branching out for more related sub-topics in future virtual events, attendees will feel like new things are happening all the time. 

How to make your content stand out?

You can make your webinars stand out by using the latest in personalized content. By implementing a registration platform for live-streaming events, you can target specific audiences and provide them with relevant information before they even join your webinar– all of which creates an unforgettable experience that results in more conversations during and after their visit.

You can also engage attendees in a wide variety of interactive webinar-related activities. By knowing your audience and personalizing their experience, you can direct them to additional content of interest after they leave this session or as an extension activity for later on!


Webinars are more than just one-way broadcasting. A multi-layer experience is necessary to keep attendees engaged and invested throughout the session, especially for those who can’t be there physically.

Consider adding breakout sessions or pre-, during-, and post-webinar Q&As throughout the webinar presentation so that you can continue your conversation with them without having to rely solely on social media posts after they leave their computer.

It’s also important to focus on what the speaker has to say and how it affects the target audience. You can do this by utilizing a roundtable-style format, allowing multiple speakers (and experts) to engage in live conversations while still being available for questions from our virtual audience at any time via public chat.

Types of the webinar format

Don’t just use one style to make your webinars engaging and memorable for the viewers. Explore different formats using short videos or TED Talks-style presentations that will keep your audience tuned in. Mixing up styles is great if you’re looking to engage a new audience too!

Make sure not to forget about which platform would be best suited for what type of event, though – it impacts every single webinar as well as other tasks like marketing and branding, so take time when choosing between platforms. 

You can use this type of webinar format to make your event more interesting:

  • Masterclass format: this format is a perfect way to educate your audience, which can be helpful for scripted presentations and any workshops.
  • Panel discussion: opinionated experts can keep audiences hooked with their insights on topics of interest.
  • Chat show: it’s time for an engaging chat show and offers in-depth insights from industry experts. 
  • The Interview: interviewing an influential guest who has been successful and well known in their field will get people talking about the podcast as more than just entertainment!
  • The Product demo: case study webinars are an excellent opportunity to show prospective clients how your product or service can benefit them. 
  • Live Q&A session: let the audience ask any questions they may have with a live Q&A session, and you’ll be able to reach more potential customers while also saving time for in-person meetings.

If you’re wondering where you can do all of these webinar formats, then think no more! 

Airmeet can utilize all of these with ease, giving audiences a whole new webinar experience! 


To keep your audience’s attention, consider how modern audiences consume media and cater to their short attention spans. You can do this by using various screen dynamics in your webinar production and webinar performance session engaging for today’s viewers.

Rotating from the speaker with voiceover into content is one option, or you could use side-by-side views where both things happen at once. You can also choose a webinar type that will interest your audience and create a perfect webinar script to keep the webinar environment interesting.

Take advantage of the webinar platform

As the speaker of this webinar, you should use your entire presentation screen to maximize its impact. Include fun facts and important statistics in addition to other details at a lower third on your slide deck so that viewers can scan across the screen during breaks from their intense attention.

Otherwise, they may find themselves in “webinar-zombie mode,” staring directly forwards as though transfixed by some unseen force (or simply bored). You can also use a virtual whiteboard or interactive whiteboard when presenting online courses or presenting in an educational institution. 

Airmeet offers these features thru screen share or background streaming! You can present engaging and interactive content while sharing your insights at the same time.


By tracking engagement and how viewers participated during the live-interaction segments of your webinar (e.g., in polls, Q&A, and chat), you can determine whether or not the attendee was adequately engaged by viewing their responses to these questions. Airmeet offers these live interaction segments with ease. 

It will help you indicate what content they might enjoy if given another opportunity for interaction with your company’s brand via future events like this one again. 

Importance of tracking feedbacks

After the webinar, use this post-webinar survey to be as personalized and customized as possible. It can include asking questions about topics of interest, audience interactions, or if they think anything should change for future speakers on a similar issue.

Many entrepreneurs are focused on how many people show up to their event without realizing that by themselves, these metrics do not provide you with the information needed for success. You can use surveys to get direct feedback from your attendees, which can be sent as emails to attendees with a link, which will make it easier to improve content quality and identify potential leads.


A good webinar platform should give you the best chance for a compliant delivery. Compliance can be measured in many ways, but it’s important to keep track of each attendee’s engagement within your presentation. 

Security compliance, especially in a cloud-based platform, helps the target audience trust and believe in the power of webinars delivered from such platforms.

Ease of use

When choosing a webinar software, it is important to consider how easy the platform will be for you and your audience. The best platforms make scheduling events, hosting them, and presenting information all equally convenient.

It can get frustrating if you have an audience who won’t enjoy what they see because of technical difficulties with selecting or accessing content on a website- so when in doubt, always go for something simple.

Also, your chosen webinar platform should be intuitive, just like Airmeet. Its user onboarding experience will make you feel like it’s a seamless process, and this webinar platform works with any mobile device!

In a world where people spend most of their time on their phones, your platform must be greatly accessible as well.

Customer support

There is a good chance that you may have some questions when using webinar platforms. For this reason, make sure to find a solution with technical support over the telephone and by email. So that for any problems or queries that arise during your event, you can easily contact them.

On top of checking if there’s an FAQ section on their website (which should be comprehensive), it might also help to contact them before the start of your next meeting in case anything comes up beforehand too!

Airmeet, as a webinar platform, has live technical support. So you can get in touch with them anytime! 

More so, you can get in touch with them for media, marketing, and partnership for inquiries! 

The right webinar platform will vary on your event needs

Choosing the right platform for webinars can be an overwhelming decision. The market is full of different options, and it’s hard to know which one will work best for you. But, the right webinar platform will always vary depending on your event needs.

Nonetheless, It’s important to remember that your choice will impact every single webinar you run this year. So look for a webinar platform with essential features and functionality that will empower your strategy and help you achieve your goals, just like Airmeet.

A variety of webinar platforms have great tools but also have limitations in what they offer. But you can use the guide above to help you make an informed decision about which platform will work best for your business goals

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