Airmeet Dispatch- October 2023

Bhaavika Joshi
• October 18, 2023

(2 min read)

Welcome to our monthly product update roundup! October has been super busy with many features and improvements we’ve rolled out! We can’t wait to spill the beans on all the cool stuff we’ve been brewing to help take your event experiences a notch higher.

1. Experience Premium Branding Upgrades on Airmeet

Airmeet is committed to driving event-led growth and the latest branding upgrades provide the organizers with the flexibility of customization to seamlessly infuse their brand identity into events and create a more engaging experience for their audience. With features like Auto Branding, top navigation bar styles, RHS panel, and stage enhancements, you can transform your virtual events into immersive brand experiences.

a) Auto Branding

An automated mechanism in Airmeet will suggest and apply the event color theme based on the organizer’s event logo uploaded in the events dashboard.

b) New style options for the Top Navigation bar and Session RHS

Airmeet introduces more customization options with 3 new style options: transparent, glassmorphic, and solid styles. 

  • Transparent style: the top navigation bar will not have a border — it’ll show only the background.

  • Glassmorphic style: The top navigation bar will be translucent, making the background visible. 

  • Solid style: only a solid color will show in the top navigation bar. 

The default style for both will be glassmorphic style which you can change anytime.

2. Ability to adjust stage backdrop

Now you can also re-size the stage backdrops for better brand visibility and provide optimum space to the video grid. 

3. Events Dashboard revamp

  • Global search bar in the events dashboard

  • A more intuitive UX and better grouping of features across the top tabs

4. Layout enhancements to give your attendees the best in-event stage experience

Pick the right layouts to highlight speakers and the content to provide attendees with an immersive experience. With options to show only content or give equal space to speaker and content, you can choose from a variety of stage layout options. 

5. Updates to the event format names in Airmeet

We are introducing a few changes to the names of the event formats in Airmeet starting September 19th. This does not affect your current plan and is just a nomenclature change. 

The name changes are as follows:

  • ‘Virtual Event’ -> ‘Webinar’

  • ‘Virtual Conference’ -> ‘Virtual Event’

  • ‘Hybrid Conference’ -> ‘Hybrid Event’

  • ‘In-person Conference’ -> ‘In-person Event’

The changes will in no way affect any of your events, you will just see the format name labels updated with the new names on Airmeet. We hope this will help us build a better product for all your use cases.

6. Easily save email drafts in Airmeet

You can click the “save draft” button in the email editor and edit this draft before you schedule the email to be sent. Airmeet will also autosave your draft every two minutes if your system shuts down or your browser shuts down due to some issue.

A banner on the top will indicate that you are viewing a draft version. You can continue editing the draft or switch to the version that will be sent.

For custom emails, if you have saved the draft but not scheduled the email, click on the edit icon to edit the draft and schedule it for delivery.

7. Action Triggers

Action Triggers allow organizers to set up multiple custom triggers that track attendee engagement activity during the event and send instant email or Slack notifications about high-intent leads. For instance, if John joins the table ‘Sales Demo’ multiple times, the alert will be sent only once. To get an alert each time John joins that table, enable the below option.

8. Share an instant on-demand replay of your events and enable users to interact even in the replay mode

Airmeet’s instant on-demand replay of sessions is a great way to engage with attendees who couldn’t attend the live event. Now you can make replays more engaging by allowing the chats, Q&A, and poll interactions and generating new leads. The most convenient thing is that you can also set up action triggers and get notified when someone engages with the content after the event. 

9. Deliver more value and create better engagement with the banners feature in Airmeet

Use the banner feature to give more detailed information about sessions and events and to foster better engagement. Customize event banners by choosing solid colors, gradients, or patterns as a template. For longer text in banners, you can convert it to a floating banner so attendees can see all the information during the live session. Bonus: This helps reduce post-production work as well!

You can access the feature behind the feature flag. To enable this feature, reach out to [email protected]

10. Session Level Stage in ‘Premium Webinar’ product

Every session in the Premium Webinar format would have a separate backstage. So, during an ongoing session, speakers/hosts of another session can go to that session’s backstage. 

11. Increased the limit of attendees to 1000 in a Video-Call Session

Previously 300 pax was the limit for a video call session. Now you can add up to 1000 pax per session. 

12. Ability to access all session recordings at a community level

Want a detailed walkthrough of the features? Book a demo or Sign up for free to take the product for a spin.

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