Airmeet: The Best Platform for Virtual Career Fairs

Akshay Birje
• November 16, 2023

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Airmeet’s virtual event platform is specifically designed to host large-scale online events such as trade shows, virtual conferences, and even job fair events. Its scalability and various engagement features make it a top choice for your career fair gatherings. Airmeet effectively brings employers and job seekers together digitally.

What is a Virtual Job Fair?What is a Virtual Job Fair

A virtual job fair, also known as a career fair, is a recruitment event where job seekers and employers connect digitally. Many organizations hold virtual hiring fairs to find prospects that they can hire and spread the word about the multiple job openings within their company. A virtual career fair platform allows employers to hire the best candidates from the comfort of their homes, and job seekers to interact with different companies that are hiring, at their convenience.

Why Host a Virtual Job Fair?

Finding a qualified and skilled candidate can be an elaborate and time-consuming process. But, virtual job fair platforms have made this process quick and effective. They assist employers in finding candidates who align with your organizational vision, company culture, and goals. 

Virtual job fairs break down geographical barriers, allowing employers to reach a wider pool of candidates from anywhere in the world. Virtual job fairs make your work cost-effective and efficient. They reduce expenses related to venue rental, travel, and accommodation.

Additionally, the virtual job fair makes the recruitment process easy. They provide effective tools for screening, interviewing, and hiring candidates remotely. Employers and candidates can both take part in job fairs from the comfort of their homes or offices, providing flexibility and convenience.

Overall, hosting a virtual recruitment fair provides employers with an innovative solution for recruiting top talent in a competitive job market.

How Does a Virtual Job Fair Work?

A virtual career fair works by replicating the experience of an in-person career fair in a digital environment. Employers set up virtual booths via their career fair platforms and promote their company’s culture and job openings to connect with potential job applicants. 

Interested job seekers join these career fairs virtually using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. They explore these booths and interact with recruiters through live chats, video conferencing, and interactive sessions. This way, employers connect with potential candidates from all over the world and hire the right individual.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Job Fair with Airmeet

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Job Fair with Airmeet

Virtual job fairs are becoming increasingly popular and the demand for them only seems to grow with time. Airmeet is a great platform that helps employers organize such online events seamlessly and impactfully. 

Explore the benefits employers and job seekers can get by leveraging Airmeet for Virtual Job Fairs.

Benefits for Employers

  • Global Reach: Airmeet enables businesses to reach a larger number of job applicants. They eliminate geographical barriers. Recruiters can connect with job seekers from all around the world.

    Additionally, Airmeet’s targeted ads and social sharing options help organizers increase the visibility of job fair events to a wider audience.

  • Branding and Customization: Airmeet allows businesses to personalize their virtual job fair through a range of customizable features.

    Organizers can customize a variety of branding elements such as the company logo, colors, background, registration form, virtual lobbies, booths, stages, and meeting rooms. 

  • Scalability: Airmeet is a highly robust platform that can accommodate a large number of participants, from 100 to 100,000. This level of scalability empowers organizers to host large-scale events in a virtual setting. With Airmeet, companies can easily scale their job fair events and include more candidates from various backgrounds.

    Airmeet offers all the necessary functionalities and support to ensure a seamless virtual experience for all stakeholders, whether you’re organizing a small job fair or a large-scale event with thousands of virtual attendees.

  • Advanced Engagement Options: Airmeet provides advanced engagement features that are crucial for companies organizing online job fairs. With features like one-on-one video interviews, live chat, and live polling, employers can engage with job applicants in real-time.

    Plus, Airmeet offers interactive features like polls and Q&A sessions to gather feedback and opinions from attendees, about various topics related to the job fair.

  • Job Applicants’ Data & Lists: Airmeet allows companies to collect data on job seekers including their profiles, resumes, and skills. Having a list of job applicants allows employers to efficiently screen and evaluate candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and skills.

    A list of job applicants provides employers with a solid database to review and reach out to a broader talent pool. Employers can speed up the hiring process and quickly identify potential candidates who best fit the organization’s culture, values, and specific requirements.

  • Amazing Support: Airmeet’s 24/7 live customer support ensures that employers have assistance and guidance throughout their virtual job fair events.

    With this assistance, businesses can rest assured that any concerns, inquiries, or technological problems will be addressed immediately.

  • Data Analytics: Airmeet has a robust analytics tool that accurately generates reports on attendee engagement, booth traffic, event performance, and other relevant details.

    Using an analytics tool, employers can effectively measure the success of their recruitment efforts. and these data-driven insights can also help them adjust their future virtual career fair events accordingly, to maximize the impact and value provided. 

Benefits for Job Seekers

  • Time and Cost-saving: One of the major benefits of joining a virtual career fair on Airmeet is that candidates can save a lot of money and time. Other inconveniences that one might incur are also minimized like travel costs, printing out dozens of resumes to distribute, taking the day off work to attend the event, etc.

    Job searchers join from any corner of the world and search for jobs from the comfort of their devices! You can connect with, talk to, share resumes, and engage in real-time conversations with any employer that you’re interested in checking out.

  • Convenient and Flexible Participation: Job seekers can participate in virtual career fairs from the comfort of their own homes. They can easily join virtual job fairs on Airmeet by using the link provided by the employers, signing up or logging in, and registering for the event. Compared to traditional in-person job fairs, virtual job fair events are so much more accessible and convenient. 

  • Access to More Organizations: Candidates who are looking to connect with recruiters can explore a diverse range of organizations from different industries, sectors, and fields. Having access to a wider range of companies will permit users to discover various career opportunities. Candidates can also learn about new positions and roles that are in demand in the market and progress in their careers.

  • Networking Opportunities: Virtual career fair platforms have networking features that allow job seekers to connect with other job seekers, companies, and recruiters. By engaging with company representatives one-on-one, candidates can showcase their skills beyond what’s on their resume.

    Thanks to the networking feature, candidates have the opportunity to grow their professional network, opening doors to valuable connections and potential referrals for future job opportunities.

    Job seekers can stand out from the crowd and make a good impact on recruiters and hiring managers by being proactive and open during networking events. This will increase their chances of getting through interviews and receiving job offers.

  • Opportunity for Remote Positions: A virtual career fair is very beneficial for job applicants looking for a remote job. Anyone who wants to work from home can attend a virtual career fair event and grab the opportunity. Remote work offers a flexible schedule and allows them to manage their work and personal lives effectively. 

Airmeet’s Features that will Transform Your Virtual Career Fair

Discover these world-class features of Airmeet for your Virtual Career Fair:

  • Virtual Booths: 
Virtual Booths

Airmeet allows employers to set up virtual booths to showcase their business profiles, company culture, job openings, and recruitment processes. Job seekers can quickly learn about the company at the booths. Employers can customize booths with 3D effects, by adding background images, welcome videos, and more. Job seekers can browse,  visit booths, and interact with exhibitors via live chat or video calls.

  • Resume and Profile Upload: 
Resume and Profile Upload

Once the attendee joins the Airmeet virtual career fair platform with the link provided by the prospective employer, they can submit their resumes and update profiles with details like introductions, interests, website/social media links, and more. Uploading resumes and editing profiles increase job seekers’ visibility to potential employers and recruiters.

  • Networking Opportunities:
Networking Opportunities

One of the unique features of Airmeet is the networking lounge where attendees can connect with recruiters, industry professionals, and fellow job seekers to build professional relationships and explore possibilities for career growth. Typically, Networking sessions take place through structured icebreaker activities, speed networking, and themed discussions.

  • Data Analysis Tool: 
Data Analysis Tool

Airmeet has a comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides insights into attendee engagement, booth visits, session attendance, and networking interactions. Organizers can effortlessly monitor important metrics such as booth traffic, attendance rates, and more. Based on this data, employers understand the success of their career fairs and also make data-driven decisions for future events.

How to Host a Virtual Job Fair with Airmeet

How to Host a Virtual Job Fair with Airmeet

Airmeet is an all-in-one event platform for hosting a virtual job expo. To make the most of your virtual career fair experience on Airmeet, consider the following steps:

  • Register an Account: Sign up on Airmeet and create your account to get started with hosting your job fair event. Once the account creation is done, you can go to the next tab and fill up the basic information about the job fair event – date, time, and other text elements.

  • Customize Your Event: Airmeet allows you to create a customizable landing page. After creating an account, go to the ‘Event Dashboard’, select ‘Branding’, and then click on ‘Landing Page’.
    Customize your event landing page as per your needs and preferences. You are allowed to set color, background, and multiple carousel images to make the event page attractive.
    Check the full guide here

  • Set Up Virtual Stage: Once the landing page customization is done, return to the dashboard, click on event spaces, and select ‘Add Booths’. Fill in some details like the booth name, booth logo, booth tags, and booth exhibitor. You can also add your company’s website link. This booth will give you a dedicated space to engage with job applicants.
    Check the full guide here

  • Promote Your Event: Do advertise your job fair event through an email marketing campaign. Place your online job fair in front of millions of applicants worldwide. Advertising via email will help you to send event reminders, job fair invitations, and follow-up with candidates.
    Check the full guide here

  • Host the Job Fair: On the scheduled date and time, host the virtual job fair and connect with participants. Engage with worldwide job applicants. Interview of potential candidates through video chats, and one-on-one meetings.

  • Get Detail Insights of the Job Fair: Get detailed information about the job applicant’s engagement like the booths they visited, video views, CTA clicks, and more. Also, check the top session and top booths attended by participants.
    Check the full guide here

How Job Fair Platforms Have Evolved

Career fair platforms have evolved significantly over the years. Since the pandemic, the use of virtual career fair platforms has increased. They used to be a simple system but now they have become a more advanced platform. These platforms now integrate various software, online tools, and digital technologies to streamline and enhance the entire recruitment process. 

From basic to advanced chat features, and static booths to customizable virtual booths, everything is included for hosting successful virtual job fairs. Companies can make branded, interesting online spaces similar to physical booths at career fairs. By adding video, engaging content, and gaming elements, organizations can grab job applicants’ attention and give unique experiences.

Today, career fair platforms have in-depth data analytics tools so gaining insights into attendee engagement has made it easy to gauge the success of job fairs and optimize future fairs for better outcomes. Online recruitment platforms also have links to HR software to make the hiring process easier and provide recruiters with valuable tools for managing candidate information and applications. This integration saves a lot of time, reduces administrative tasks, and ensures a smooth transition from finding candidates to onboarding.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Using a Virtual Career Fair Platform

There are several pitfalls you need to avoid when using a virtual career fair platform including

  • Inadequate Platform Selection – If you do not pick the right recruitment platform then it can significantly limit your talent acquisition efforts.

  • Neglecting Employer Branding – If you fail to show the organization’s value and culture, it will make it less attractive to potential candidates.

  • Overlooking Candidate Experience – Neglecting to prioritize candidates’ comfort and well-being can lead to dissatisfaction and disengagement.

  • Ignoring Data Privacy and Security – Candidate information can be leaked due to poor data storage. They won’t apply anymore if they feel their data is not secure.

  • Insufficient Recruiter Preparation – A lack of training or guidance for recruiters on how to effectively connect with candidates can result in missed opportunities to attract top talent.

  • Lack of Engagement: Avoid platforms that don’t offer interactive features or opportunities for meaningful connections between candidates and recruiters.

  • Poor Event Promotion – If you don’t market your job fair event well, you may see low attendance rates.

  • Inadequate Communication Tools: Avoid platforms that lack effective communication tools, such as chat features and video conferencing.

  • Lack of Post-Event Engagement – Failing to follow up with candidates after the event can cause a loss of connection with potential job applicants and missed opportunities for further recruitment.

The Future of Virtual Job Fairs

The Future of Virtual Job Fairs

In the future, virtual career fairs will become even better and more exciting. In the coming years, more and more people will use virtual career fairs because they save time and money. They make it easier for both job seekers and companies to find the right match. Job applicants can have video chats, visit virtual job booths, and attend events where they find their ideal jobs. 

Let’s see some of the trends that we can expect to see in the future of virtual career fairs:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): In the future, AI will make virtual career fairs easier for both job seekers and companies by recommending jobs to job seekers based on their skills and experience. Also, it will help companies find job seekers that can match their hiring needs.

  • More Immersive Event Experience: We can use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create more immersive online career fair experiences. Similarly, companies might use technology to create fun and interactive displays at their virtual booths.

  • Multi-Language: Virtual career fairs will place more focus on reaching out to global job seekers & talent. This can be made possible by conducting virtual career fairs in multiple languages to connect with the right candidates, regardless of where they come from. 

The future of virtual career fairs is very exciting. Job searching and hiring will become easier and more inclusive. Of course, traditional career fairs will still take place, but virtual fairs are likely to make them effective and enjoyable. We might see a rise in hybrid fairs that combine the physical and virtual aspects.


Airmeet is a great choice for hosting virtual career fairs. It offers a comprehensive set of features that are crucial to make your virtual recruitment fair successful. The features are easy to use for both employers and job seekers. Employers can hire new talent, and job seekers can find the best organization through virtual career fairs by using Airmeet. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Airmeet stands out as the best platform for hosting virtual job fairs. 


Airmeet is a virtual event platform that provides a range of key features for hosting online events. It provides a virtual space for employers and job seekers to connect and interact with each other. Airmeet is a great career fair solution for your entire talent acquisition process.

A career fair is a hiring fair where employers connect with job seekers to provide them with various job opportunities. It enables job applicants to interact with company representatives, giving opportunities to explore different job openings and career paths.  

Virtual career fairs are quite useful for companies looking to hire best-in-class talent, from anywhere in the world. It allows employers to connect with a larger pool of highly qualified applicants. Companies get an opportunity to show their brand, and current job openings to potential candidates in a virtual environment. Along with this, job seekers can look for new job opportunities, interact with hiring managers or recruiters, and explore career paths in a digital setting.

No, the Airmeet platform is not only for large firms. Companies of all sizes can use the platform to host interactive and highly engaging virtual events. It is designed to serve small, and medium-sized businesses as well as big companies to run their virtual and hybrid job fairs, events, meetings, conferences, webinars, and more.

Airmeet makes your recruiting process easier and faster. It provides a virtual environment for you to organize a job fair event and meet with worldwide applicants. Airmeet’s scalability feature supports a large number of participants, making it simpler to hold virtual hiring events with numerous attendees.

Yes, Airmeet has a technical support team that provides 24/7 support to event organizers and attendees during the virtual career fair.

When demoing with virtual career fair providers, you need to ask about the ease of use of the platform, customization options, features for attendee engagement, comprehensive analytics dashboard, and technical support available during the event. These aspects will help determine whether the platform suits your event goals and needs.

Airmeet offers personalized pricing plans. It has free plans with limited features and paid plans with more advanced features. You can choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

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