Airmeet vs Remo – The Better Virtual Networking Platform

• January 20, 2021
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eaders of the Airmeet blog would have read a few blogs on product comparisons. Presented here is the next one in the series. Airmeet vs Remo.

Here are two virtual events hosting & networking platforms developed with the same purpose in mind. To do more than just hosting an online event. Both platforms aim at giving a real/live event like feel to all their hosts and attendees.

Let us delve and learn more about both the products to understand them better.


Airmeet is compatible with most browsers and can be accessed via any device. From team meetings to personal discussions, networking, conferences, webinars to virtual summits. Any type of event can be hosted using the Airmeet platform. 

As mentioned earlier, Airmeet focuses on making any event a memorable experience. For this, they have enhanced networking and engagement features. 


Scalable: On Airmeet hosts can scale an event up to 1M users without compromising on quality or security.

Live social stream: Airmeet events can be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook to maximize your reach.

High-quality AV: Airmeet offers superior quality audio and HD quality video at all events. Also, they ensure that there is no delay in the relay of events.

Social Lounge: The heart of any Airmeet event. The social lounge is an exclusive space available to attendees where they can network with fellow-attendees, speakers, and hosts.  The social lounge can be customised as per the needs of an event with no limit on the number of tables.

Hosts can create tables in the lounge and attendees can interact with one another. Also, they can move between virtual tables and join relevant conversations. In an Airmeet event, you can network before, after or even in between an event.

Contact cards: Attendees can share their virtual contact cards with one another in the social lounge and build meaningful connections.

Chat: Attendees of an Airmeet event can choose between a private and group chat. The chat is secure as all other features of Airmeet which makes it even better.

Multiple speakers: In bigger Airmeet events, hosts can line up to 16 speakers. So, your audience is going to have a truly enriching experience

Raise Hand: When an attendee uses the raise hand feature, he/she can actually share the stage with the host and share insights.

Q&A: Keep the interaction after your session alive by using Q&A. Attendees can ask questions to the speaker in real-time and also get answers for the same. What’s more? The Q&A session can be moderated and users can upvote answers as well.

Polls: Get audience feedback, insights and opinions quickly by using the poll feature. One can also conduct surveys to get in-depth feedback.

Video recording: On Airmeet your event can be recorded and stored for up to a year at no extra cost

Backstage: A private space for the host to connect with the speakers, test the presentations, help them mic up and offer some pep talks before going live.

Guest authentication: All guests registered to attend Airmeet events can enter only after their identity is authenticated by the host. This protects your events from spammers or gate-crashers.

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of human imagination”

— Daniel Bell

Technology like art is a soaring exercise of human imagination


Remo has been created in Hong Kong by a team of remote workers. The creators of Remo experienced that platforms for remote workers did not give a real feel and offered very little scope for networking. Thus was born Remo. 

Remo is also an online platform and can be accessed through compatible browsers on any device. The Remo platform has two components. One is a virtual office and the second a virtual conference. For the purpose of this blog, we will only be focussing on the virtual conference.

In the virtual conference platform, one can conduct virtual summits, webinars and workshops. 


Quality: Remo offers HD video and audio with faultless delivery.

No.of Attendees: The number of attendees in any Remo event is dependent on the plan that you opt for.

Networking: Remo has a dedicated space for networking where attendees can network before or after an event. This space can be customised as per the need. Attendees can hop from one table to another and network. Again the number of tables that a host can create here is dependent on the plan that they opt for.

Screen Sharing: up to 8 people can share their screen at the same time which increases engagement and conversations.

Chat: Remo also offers both 1:1 and group chats. Also, the event host can delete the chat at the end of the event.

Speed Networking: If an attendee wants to meet more people, he or she can have a timer. This countdown timer beeps and indicates to the attendee that it’s time to move on. Rest assured that this is visible to only the attendee who chooses it.

Linkedin profile sharing: On Remo, attendees can share each other’s Linkedin profiles. By doing this you can connect instantly with people you network with, in an event.

Live Streaming: Remo events can be streamed live on YouTube.

Multiple speakers: In a Remo event, a host can line up to 6 speakers only.

Announcements and broadcasts: Hosts of Remo events can post announcements and broadcasts for their attendees. This time-saving feature helps the host to send key information to all at the push of a button

Customisable event space: The event space on Remo can be customised completely. From colour, logos and giving sponsors a banner space, one can do it all on Remo.

Q&A and Polls: On Remo, the host can organise a Q&A session at the end of a presentation. The host can also conduct quick polls for feedback. In Remo, an added feature is that an attendee can ask questions anonymously.

Recording of events: The host of a Remo event can record the same at the click of a button.


With the exceptions of a few features, Airmeet and Remo are at par with each other. So, how does one make a choice between the two? This can be decided by comparing a few features on both the platforms.

  1. The number of attendees – The number of attendees in the highest-paid plan of Remo is just 500 per event.

    Whereas Airmeet allows tens of thousands of members in any event. Even the free plan with Airmeet allows you to host 100 attendees per event with unlimited access to other features.

  2. Duration per event – The highest plan of Remo limits the duration per event to 5 hours, which is not always enough for large-scale, day-long events.

    Airmeet does not have limitations for the number of hours on the event. Your event can be a multiple-day event, with breaks between sessions, and Airmeet will support it seamlessly.

  3. HD recording storage – The maximum storage space allowed for session recording for a Remo event is 40GB whereas Airmeet allows unlimited storage for every event.
  4. Social Media Streaming – Remo events can be broadcasted live on Youtube only, while Airmeet enables you to live-stream your event on Facebook as well as Youtube.

Given these factors, we can infer that Airmeet events are meant for events of any size and goals as there are no restrictions of pricing, recording, number of attendees and social media channels.

Quick Comparison Table

Online, Real-time event
No.of Attendees
The highest attendees with the highest paid plan are 500. No.of attendees for lower-priced plans is much lesser.
The free plan allows you to host 100 attendees per event with complete access to all the features.
No. of Speakers
A max of 6 speakers can go live in large Remo events
Max of 16 speakers can go live at large Airmeet events
Screen Sharing
Type of event
Webinars, virtual summits and workshops
Webinars, conferences, meetings, workshops, networking events
Duration of event
This is determined by the plan you opt for. The highest-paid plan offers a max of 5 hours for large events
No time limitations on any event.
Recording and storage
The max storage is 400GB for even large events
Unlimited storage space for all kind of events
Live Chat
Group and direct
Group and direct
Raise hands
Yes. Participants can go on stage and join the speaker.
Yes. Attendees can also ask questions anonymously Yes
Yes. Interactions can be moderated and attendees can also upvote questions and answers
Polls and Surveys
Sharing contact
On Remo, Attendees can share each other’s Linkedin profiles
On Airmeet attendees can share their virtual contact cards
Break-out rooms and networking
Yes. Customisable networking space where attendees can meet before or after an event.
Yes. customisable space and networking can also be done in-between an event
No.Of tables for networking
The no.of tables a host can have is dependent on the plan they choose
Live stream
On YouTube
On YouTube and Facebook
Remo has three plans
Remo Host- USD 100/month
Remo Director- USD 360/month
Remo Producer- USD 680/month
Free for upto 100 attendees/event, lifelong.

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Note: All data is updated as of June 2021, and the above content is based on the data collected from review sites. Further, prices, features and product specifications of the various service providers may be varied at any time without notice. Therefore, Airmeet does not guarantee that the information provided is complete and up-to-date. Further, the data shown here is for guidance only, and does not constitute any contractual representation or warranty. All copyrights and trademarks of the named service providers are duly acknowledged. Any liability for errors or omissions is expressly disclaimed.

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

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