Airmeet Dispatch – December Updates + 2022 Recap

• December 28, 2022

(2 min read)

Welcome to the last Airmeet Dispatch of 2022! This edition brings you all the latest updates to the Event Experience Cloud plus a quick recap of all the major features that were added to Airmeet this year. Grab some popcorn and get ready to dive in!

Dec 2022

Use the resource hub to give easy access to attendees for all the key resources shared during the event. Add documents, slides, videos, etc. for attendees to view and download at any time. Convert the resource hub into your learning center, video library, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Our new editor gives you more control over branding emails. Edit banners, colors, and fonts or customize HTML to send out eye-catching and on-brand emails that convert. P.S. You can edit sender names and add magic links too. 

Get an exclusive mobile app for your event

Your event can now get its own branded app! Whitelabeled mobile apps without any Airmeet branding is now available for standalone events. The home screen of the app will showcase only the specific event’s details. Organizers can even list this on App Store under their name and logo for attendees to find and download. Heads up, a two week advance notice is required to enable this.

Running an event with multiple stakeholders on Airmeet just got a whole lot easier! The new user roles and permissions allow the admin of the Airmeet account to add multiple team members and clients with specific access levels. Modify levels of permissions to make sure the account remains secure and data sharing is done right. This is currently under closed beta, if you want this enabled please get in touch with your account manager or our support team.

Recap of 2022

This was a big year for both virtual events and Airmeet. We launched Event Experience Cloud to help our customers champion Event-led Growth and deliver event experiences that are unique, different, and ROI-driven. We added a whole lot of capabilities to it that will help organizers design events that will wow their attendees. Here are some of the key highlights from what we launched this year.

Greet attendees entering your virtual event with an immersive video. Use it to walk your attendees through your virtual event space, highlight important sessions and key topics, introduce key speakers and sponsors, and much more. Create welcome video by adding a new video or picking one from the existing video library.

We have seen our users do some amazing things with welcome video ranging from a video welcome by the host to event teaser videos. 

We are brought videos to the announcements with this one! Announce important messages about the event, upcoming sessions, and sponsors to the audience with a quick live video announcement. The attendees will see the video pop up on their screen wherever they are within the event. Attendees can choose to mute it, expand it or close the screen

Did you know, we used the video announcements to add some live foot tapping music to our events this year?

Give your visitors a great experience right from the moment they land on your event page. Jazz up the page with themes, banners, colour accent controls, background cutomization and event stats. Capture the visitor’s attention with new speaker and session tiles that pop-up. Get ready to ramp up your registrations.

Introduce a free flowing, unstructured networking to your events that will allow attendees to experience conversations just like in-person events. Attendees can move through the virtual space, bump into each other and join conversations that they want to. 

Convert fluid spaces into your exclusive speakers lounge, hub for virtual after party, office cafe, etc. to create a memorable experience for your participants.

Add breakout sessions as a part of your live sessions to make the sessions exceptionally interactive and appealing to your attendees. Use the breakouts to split attendees into small random groups or curated groups to promote networking, foster group conversations, brainstorm ideas and keep the session lively. 

You can create breakouts from ongoing live sessions and large group meetings.

Large Group Meetings works perfect for those sessions where you need everyone a speaker. Be it for a quick brainstorm with your team before you start your event or an exclusive panel discussion with your elite members. These sessions come equipped with most of the features that is a part of Airmeet’s live stage, starting from integrations to attendee engagement features.

Throw open your event before the official event day. Your audience will be able to check session line-up, set up meetings, view other attendees, visit booths and update their profile well ahead of the event day. It gives attendees enough time to get more context and plan their schedule for the day of the event.

Organizers can turn on and off the early event access any time leading up to the event. Attendees will be notified via email when early access is available.

Make it easy for your attendees to watch all the sessions created for them from a single live stage. Attendees can drop in any time they want into the same live stage or stay on the same track to catch multiple sessions without having to navigate around.

Generate promo codes for your events now directly on Airmeet. You can customize the promo codes as much as you want right from the name to the ticketing tier it is applicable. Make your returning registrants, customers, and brand ambassadors feel special by creating an exclusive coupon code just for them.

You can also set up multiple ticketing tiers and customize coupons for each of them.

If you are planning to host a hybrid event next year, we have got you covered! Hybrid has it’s own event flow now to make it easier for organizers to setup and make sure all their checklist items are ticked off.

We also introduced quite a few onsite capabilities that organizers can tap into while hosting hybrid events. In addition to the organizer’s ability to scan and upload participants, now we offer the same capability to exhibitors too.

We kept busy on the integrations front. We launched a native eloqua integration, custom iframe integrations that can be added to the live session RHS, and session engagement integrations such as typeform integration. We also sent out updates and enhancements to make our existing CRM integrations lot more effective. 

Stream your pre-recorded sessions automatically by scheduling them in advance. Select the video, mark the time, define the session duration and you are good to go. The session will start automatically and the host need not be present to start or end the session. Enjoy a hassle-free experience on the event day.

Our analytics dashboard got some major updates this year. Audience segments got more powerful, account level master dashboard allows you to segment attendees across different events, and a central report center to view and download reports.

That’s a wrap from our end. We wish you a great 2023 🎉

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