Amazing Ways Webinars Add Value to Your Business

8 Amazing Ways Webinars Add Value to Your Business

Akshay Birje
• April 5, 2024

(10 min read)

Did you know that 95% of businesses consider webinars as a critical part of their marketing strategy?

Today, ‘online’ is the preferred way to do anything – from payments, to medical consultations, to fitness coaching, to anything else you can think of – if there is a way to do it virtually, we will leverage that option.

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Needless to say, the business world too has transformed significantly over the last few years, when we were forced to move operations online to stay afloat. Webinars rose in popularity and continue to be one of the most critical marketing tools for businesses to target their global audiences. 

According to a survey, 57% of marketers run 50 webinars per year. This shows how much the use of webinars has increased in the digital world. Webinars are excellent assets for companies of all sizes because they establish your subject matter expertise in your industry and help with brand building. 

1. Increases Global Reach:

When you host a physical show, you can only reach people in a specific area, not beyond that. But, webinars allow you to connect with audiences all over the world, eliminating geographical barriers and enabling real-time interaction regardless of location.

Webinar easily connects you with your target audience through an internet connection. It enables companies of all sizes to increase their global reach and expand their audience base, exponentially.

2. Strengthens Customer Relationships: 

Strengthens Customer Relationships

Retaining current customers and maintaining good relationships with them is the key to long-term success. Webinar plays an important role in strengthening your relationship with your existing as well as prospective customers. It helps you to inform them about your products and services, and also address their queries in real-time.

With the use of reliable webinar software, you can educate your audience online and share structured knowledge effectively. As you inform and engage with your customers by holding regular webinars, the bond between you and your customers gets stronger, paving the way for prolonged customer loyalty.

3. Build Brand Awareness: 

Build Brand Awareness

One of the top priorities of every business is brand awareness.  But, in this competitive business landscape, connecting with your target audience is more challenging than ever. Leveraging webinars can create a closer attachment with potential customers, enhance brand visibility, and set your business apart from the competition.

Webinars allow you to incorporate your personal brand elements like logos, color, and fonts into the registration page, presentation slides, and even the webinar room.

4. Boosts Lead Generation: 

Boosts Lead Generation

According to a survey, 73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders believe that webinars are the most effective method for generating high-quality leads. Webinars effectively increase conversion rates by attracting and converting clients into new leads. 

The biggest advantage of organizing a webinar is that it attracts audiences who are genuinely interested in your products and services. It captures qualified leads that are more likely to convert into loyal customers.

Additionally, webinars provide important data and insights into attendees’ behavior and interests. Analyzing attendee data can help you better understand the needs and preferences of your target audience, enabling you to enhance your lead-generation strategies effectively.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing: 

Cost-Effective Marketing

80% of marketers say webinars are cost-effective. Compared to organizing physical events, webinars require fewer resources. You can save on venue rentals, catering, travel expenses, vendor fees, and other logistics associated with in-person events.

Webinars typically incorporate various marketing tools, such as email campaigns, social media ads, and more, which are often more budget-friendly compared to traditional marketing channels like print advertising, banners, and direct mail. This allows businesses to reduce costs and increase ROI.

6. Repurposing Webinar Content:

Repurposing Webinar Content

Webinars offer lasting advantages that extend well beyond the live session. One great feature of webinar platforms like Airmeet is the ability to record live sessions. The event recording becomes your raw material to generate other formats of content.  It remains relevant and valuable over time.

You can promote the recorded event content in various formats such as blog posts, articles, videos, social media posts, and email newsletters. This repurposing strategy will save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on creating new content from scratch.

7. Establishes Industry Expertise:

Establishes Industry Expertise

With high-quality webinars, you can establish yourself as a thought leader by sharing valuable information, knowledge, and tips with thousands of people. Hosting webinars allows you to provide valuable content and interact directly with your audience. This not only helps people trust you more but also adds credibility to your brand.

When people witness your expertise firsthand, they trust you more and come to you for advice. You become their main source of information. This is how you gain a strong influence among your ideal customers.

8. Drive Sales: 

Drive Sales

76% of marketers say webinars help them generate additional sales. Webinars have amazing potential to propel your business. It pushes prospects into taking action when they see your offerings can address the issues they are experiencing. 

Whether it is through live examples, case studies, or testimonials, a webinar is a great place for you to highlight the unique features and benefits of your offering, which builds loyalty, increases credibility, and ultimately leads to increased sales.

How to Host a Webinar with Airmeet?

Hosting a webinar on Airmeet is simple, efficient, and hassle-free. More than 4000 global enterprises use Airmeet to power their webinars, events, and other virtual events. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or a large corporation, our product can cater to your every need so you can host high-quality webinars that convert. 

Here’s how to maximize the impact of your webinars with Airmeet:

  • Choose a Webinar Topic: The first step is to select a trendy niche in your industry. See what your target audiences are searching online so you understand their interests and pain points. Before finalizing the topic, ensure that the chosen topic is related to your brand and one that allows you to prove your expertise.

  • Craft Compelling Content: Developing visually appealing content for a webinar is essential to hook your audience. Focus on making an engaging webinar presentation that will deliver a memorable experience to your attendees.

    Use stories to create an emotional connection with your audience. Plus, incorporate eye-catching slides, images, videos, and infographics to keep audiences interested in the webinar.

  • Sign Up for Airmeet Account: 
Sign Up for Airmeet Account

Visit and click on the “Host Login” button to sign up with Airmeet. You will get multiple options to create your account using LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Twitter, an Apple ID, or your email address. Following that, click on “Create and host events”

  • Fill in The Basic Information: 
Fill in The Basic Information

After logging in, fill in the basic details like first name, last name, company name, and phone number. Following that, create a password and continue to create a new event.

  • Register for the Event: 
Register for the Event

Once your account is fully set up, come to the event creation page and click on “Create from Scratch” or select event templates. Choose the event format (webinar) and proceed to create your event. During event creation, add specific details including

    1. Event name
    2. Date and time
    3. Timezone
    4. Attendee entry type (virtual, hybrid, or in-person)
    5. Event description with text formatting and visuals

  • Customize Your Webinar Details:
Customize Your Webinar Details

Use Airmeet’s tools to customize your webinar according to your needs and goals. You can personalize the event landing page with text, background colors, font styles, and images. This will help create a branded and immersive experience for your attendees. 

  • Send Webinar Invitations: 
Send Webinar Invitations

After setting up the webinar, invite your attendees to an event. Airmeet allows you to generate a registration link which you can share with audiences through email, social media, or your website.

  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse: Airmeet allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform. This is a great way to get comfortable with the platform’s functionalities. Rehearse and practice with a variety of presenter tools, including screen sharing, whiteboarding, and polling features, beforehand to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • Host your Webinar & Engage Your Audience: On the day of the webinar, join the event well in advance to be prepared. Welcome your attendees and provide a brief overview of the agenda.

    Use Airmeet’s interactive elements such as social lounges, speed networking, breakout rooms, chats, leaderboards, Kahoot quizzes, and more to keep attendees engaged throughout the live event.

  • Get Attendee Feedback: This feedback will immediately show you the satisfaction level of your webinar attendees. With Airmeet’s polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions, you can collect valuable feedback from attendees post the event. 

  • Analyze Webinar Results: 
Analyze Webinar Results

Analytics of online events is vital to know where you can improve to maximize your returns from the webinar. Leverage Airmeet’s robust analytics tool to measure the success of your webinars, such as participant registration, attendee rates, and attendee engagement. This data to improve future webinars. 


Webinars have emerged as effective business tools that add significant value to the company’s operations. They not only connect people but also provide a stage for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and relationship-building. 

By using the interactive features of webinars, businesses can effectively educate, and inform their audience about their products and services. It increases brand awareness, as well as customer loyalty.

The versatility and accessibility of webinars make them an invaluable asset to businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you want to attract your clients or generate leads, webinars provide a cost-effective and scalable solution that brings exceptional results for your business.


A webinar is an interactive online knowledge-sharing session where a speaker addresses their audience on a topic that they specialize in. This can either be live or by hosting a pre-recorded presentation. A solid webinar platform will also allow the speaker to engage with their audience through various tools such as live chat, polls, Q&A, and other communicative features.

The purpose of a webinar platform is to help businesses interact and engage with their target audiences in real time. It provides a way to connect with a large audience virtually for multiple goals such as marketing, education, and training.

Businesses across various industries can benefit from hosting webinars, especially those that focus on education, training, and products/services. This includes industries like education, technology, healthcare, finance, consulting, real estate, and professional services.

Webinars can be hosted in various formats, including live, pre-recorded, hybrid, and evergreen (on-demand webinars). They can take on many different styles like interviews, panel discussions, live Q&A sessions, case studies, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. The specific format depends on your goal and the preferences of your target audience.

Airmeet is a great fit for your webinar marketing strategy because it significantly enhances engagement and interaction among the host and attendees. Airmeet offers numerous features to run a successful webinar including customizable event branding, integrated registration and ticketing, seamless screen sharing, real-time audience engagement analytics, instant lead generation, and more.

Yes, Airmeet allows you to have multiple hosts or presenters during live webinars. Each co-host can use all host functions to provide a dynamic webinar experience, including starting or pausing sessions, customizing stage controls, presenting content, managing Q&A sessions, and engaging with attendees with ease.

Yes, you can host a free webinar with Airmeet. Our free plans allow you to host unlimited webinars with up to 50 attendees and 90 minutes per session. Along with that, some engagement features and analytics have also been included. This is a great opportunity to test their platform before subscribing to a paid plan.

Yes, Airmeet integrates with many third-party applications and systems to simplify webinar execution and management. Airmeet integrates with with software such as marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Mailchimp for attendee outreach, CRM systems like Salesforce and Hubspot for managing leads, Eventbrite and JotForm for managing registrations, and even Zapier for connecting Airmeet with thousands of other apps.

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