Powerful event analytics
to measure engagement & ROI

Get the complete picture of your event performance through our in-depth analytics dashboard.

Track attendee engagement
in real time

Engage with warm leads

Identify & reach out to your most engaged
attendees post the event.

Identify your top sessions

Track engagement across multiple sessions and days.

Personalize communication

Monitor attendee behavior to identify patterns and send
targeted communication to specific segments.

Capture 360 degree
event details

Understand registration demographics

Get a comprehensive view of attendee profile including
registration source, device, location, ticket distribution

Create custom segments

Leverage segmentation to create custom categories
& personalized follow ups.

Monitor the pulse of the event

Gather data on the questions, polls and chat from the
event to identify patterns and trends.

Measure ROI from
sponsor engagement

Check on sponsors traction

Evaluate the number of views gathered by the sponsor
tabs at an individual level.

Deep dive into the booth analytics

Measure individual booth performance in terms of
booth activity, unique visits and leads collected.

Profile booth visitors

Collect booth visitor data such as visitor profile,
engagement activity etc. to share with exhibitors.

Leverage the power of data to get the most out of your events

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform