Interview with Falon Veit Scott, Founder & CEO of Evolution Event Solutions.

Kabir Uppal
• July 8, 2021
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his article is part of our new Future of Events 2021 Series which will interview a mix of event organizers, consultants, thought leaders, and other event professionals responsible for overseeing events put on by their organization. Our goal with this series is to help event organizers best prepare for the future of events

The following is an interview we recently had with Falon Veit Scott, founder and CEO of Evolution Event Solutions.

What are the top trends that will shape the events space in 2021?

FS : In 2021 and 2022, possibly even longer, hybrid event components will shape the industry.  While vaccines are distributed globally, the preference to meet in person lies within the individual or corporation. Most of the events that we are planning for the fall of 2021 are hybrid events. Meaning that there will be a smaller number of people onsite/in-person and then the remainder of the attendees will be virtual. This means you have two events built into one, and proper budgeting and planning must be even more detailed and happen even quicker.

What are the top mistakes you see organizations make with events?

FS: I honestly believe that most mistakes come down to budgeting. Whether it’s not having enough money to produce a quality event or not spending it on the most valuable components, both understanding and executing an event budget is critical to success. For example: Cutting corners and not following through with insurance and risk management, or not hiring a professional team to manage your event if you do not have the skillset internally are two major mistakes that are often made when cutting costs. In addition, not spending enough money on audio visual production (especially with the hybrid needs) or not paying enough attention to the overall customer experience almost always result in an event not being well received.

What are the keys to a successful event?

FS: The most critical key to event success is fully understanding the goal(s) behind your event. Whether you work internally or externally, making sure that you are clear on the objectives set forth by leadership and decision makers will set the stage for your planning, funding and expectations. In addition, communicating as you progress to ensure alignment and alerting stakeholders to any issues that may arise will help to ensure a successful event.

What makes events such an important channel?

FS: Connection.  Even in today’s virtual world, face-to-face connection and the tangible value it creates cannot be replicated. Whether it’s a sales kick-off meeting to motivate growth, an awards dinner to recognize achievement or a trade show to sell products, in-person connection is still the most efficient way to do business.

In your own words, what will the future of events look like?

FS : I believe the future of events will look very different from our pre-COVID world.  Hybrid events, as I have mentioned, will be an integral part of any in-person event moving forward.  You have to “meet people where they are” in regards to their COVID fears. However, even more so, I believe that events will be held to higher standards of squeezing every last valuable cent from every dollar spent. Not that events were frivolous before, but now, both clients and event companies are working hard to get the most from technology and innovation. Thinking differently is the only way!

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