Nothing Puts You on The Map
Quite Like a Really Good
Product Launch

Improving, innovating, and expanding existing and new product lines are key to growth. Product
launches are a great way to drum up some excitement, gather thought leaders, prospects, and
customers in the same space, and let the world know that you’ve arrived.

Event Spotlight

Experience Different by Airmeet

Experience Different was Airmeet’s biggest event to launch and position the platform as the Event Experience Cloud that helps organizers create magical and differentiated experiences. It also turned out to be the offer that single-handedly produced the highest sourced and influenced pipeline that year.

Templates and Checklists

Get your wheels turning with a sample agenda and an event
planning checklist to bring a virtual product launch to life.

Sample Agenda

Experience Different by Airmeet

Event Agenda

20 Minutes

Vibe Check 123

DJ Will


10 Minutes

Different Begins Here

Lalit Mangal, CEO Airmeet

Welcome Keynote

30 Minutes

Making the Customer of the Future, Your Customer for Life

Blake Michelle Morgan

Opening Keynote

35 Minutes

Maximizing the Moments Together

Mark Kilens, CMO Airmeet

Product Keynote

15 Minutes

Virtually Magic

Kat Hudson


25 Minutes

The Path to 600% More Sales
and 2X Event Attendance

Darryl Praill, CMO, Agorapulse

Customer Spotlight

25 Minutes

What’s Love Got to Do With it

Closing Keynote

10 Minutes

Audience Q & A

10 Minutes

Leaderboard Announcement


20 Minutes

Meet the Airmeet Team


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