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Partnerships are zero-sum games and come in different shapes and sizes. Hosting an event with a
partner that complements your content, distribution, and target ICP can open up new avenues and
get you closer to your goals faster.

Event Spotlight

Ecosystem week
by PartnerHacker
& PartnerStack

“I came across you guys at Ecosystem Week” became the new sales conversation starter at PartnerHacker after Ecosystem Week—a four-day virtual summit that served as the watering hole for the partnership marketing community. PartnerStack booked $270k in pipeline and noticed 60 references to “Ecosystem Week” on gong calls.

Templates and Checklists

Get your wheels turning with a sample agenda and an event planning
checklist to bring your next partner event to life.

Sample Agenda

Day 1 of Ecosystem Week by PartnerHacker x PartnerStack

Event Agenda

30 Minutes

LIVE pre-event VIP coffee session


30 Minutes

Introduction to Ecosystem Week

Bryn Jones, CEO, PartnerStack

Welcome Keynote

5 Minutes


30 Minutes

30,000-ft View of the Decade of Ecosystems

Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot


30 Minutes

What Ecosystem Means for the Future of Sales

Tiffani Bova, Growth Evangelist, Salesforce


5 Minutes

Preview of Day 2

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