Really Good Event Series
that Keeps Your Audience Coming Back for More

An event series is like producing and hosting your own TV show, but with live audience interaction and the ability to grow a community. It’s a preprogrammed schedule of events created around a coherent theme or topic, with a fun host, packaged in an interactive format.

Event Spotlight

The Perfect Play
by Pepper Content

The Perfect Play is a monthly event series to educate marketers about interweaving the dynamic duo of events and content into their marketing strategy. Each episode has new industry experts along with sections that discuss strategic advice followed by tactical ideas.

Templates and Checklists

Get your wheels turning with a sample agenda and an event
planning checklist to bring a live event series to life.

Sample Agenda

The Perfect Play Ep 1 by Pepper Content

Event Agenda

5 Minutes

Speaker introductions

Colleen Koslosky, Moderator

30 Minutes

Events and Content: The Ideal Match

Devin Reed, Director, Content and Thought leadership, Clari Sarah Frazier, Head of Content, Podium

Panel Discussion

5 minutes

Post-event content templates

10 minutes

Live Q&A


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