Nothing Expands your
Audience List like a Really Good
Co-marketing Webinar

Imagine joining forces with a brand to go through the beats of creating, promoting, and hosting an
event with you. Imagine not having to be the only person responsible for hitting the target numbers.
Co-marketing webinars help you double the impact at half the effort.

Event Spotlight

Events Amplified by Casted

Casted is a podcast and video marketing platform for B2B brands. Their co-marketing webinar with Airmeet combined the brands’ narratives—Event-led Growth and Amplified Marketing.

Templates and Checklists

Get your wheels turning with a sample agenda and an event planning
checklist to bring a co-marketing webinar to life.

Sample Agenda

Events Amplified by Casted

Event Agenda

5 Minutes

Icebreaker activity

23 Minutes

Events Amplified

Mark Kilens, CMO, Airmeet
Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO, Casted


2 Minutes

Interactive Polls


10 Minutes

Amplified marketing booth

Personalized networking

10 Minutes

Event-led Growth booth

Personalized networking

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