Nothing Engages your
Future Customers Better than a
Really Good Brand Conference

Stellar speakers, intimate workshops, and networking opportunities for your attendees—a really
good brand conference can do it all. We’ve seen brands host flagship conferences to position
themselves as category leaders, gain brand affinity among their audience, or just bring
communities together.

Event Spotlights

Templates and Checklists

Get your wheels turning with a sample agenda and an event
planning checklist to bring avirtual brand conference to life.

Sample Agenda

StrategyFest by Cascade

Event Agenda

15 Minutes

Open Doors

20 Minutes

Strategy is as Strategy does

Tomas Thiré, Head of Technology Strategy at Mastercard


20 Minutes

Time to Flaunt your Trivia Knowledge

Sana Mohammed, Director of Global Loyalty Strategy, McDonald's


20 Minutes

Tango Show

Live Entertainment

15 Minutes

Sparking your Strategy Journey

Ryan Saundry, Group General Manager, Asahi


15 Minutes

The Core Ingredients to Creating Strategy

Jen Beirne


35 Minutes

Virtual Magician |or| Strategy Workshop

Magic Show |or| Live workshop

15 Minutes

ABC of Strategy

Ankur Gupta


15 Minutes

The Art of Execution

Alison Revine


15 Minutes

Brass Band

Live Music

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