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Schindler India Partners with Airmeet for their Annual Awards shows

Mukesh Kumar
October 19, 2023

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19-Oct,2023 – Airmeet, a leading webinar and virtual events platform, is excited to announce a notable addition to its customer portfolio. We’re thrilled to welcome Schindler India, the world’s leading industrial machinery manufacturing company.

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Founded in 1874 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Schindler is at the forefront of industry innovation, pushing the boundaries of technological engineering with a strong focus on safety, comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Established in 1998, Schindler India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schindler Holding Co. It can be found in the world’s most recognisable buildings, busiest transportation hubs, and retail centres.

Schindler has chosen Airmeet to conduct their internal events and award shows and plans to do their annual R&R event.

An Employee Rewards and Recognition (R&R) Programme is a structured initiative implemented by organisations to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts, achievements, and contributions of their employees. With Airmeet, Schindler India is seeking to have a good R&R event with live interaction capabilities and quiz integrations.

Internal events aim to enhance communication and collaboration among employees and stakeholders. With Airmeet, Schindler India looks to facilitate good events with live interaction capabilities like chats, questions, and emojis, encourage networking using social and fluid lounges, and use Kahoot quiz integration to keep employees engaged, making these events interactive, inclusive, and valuable, thereby promoting a culture of openness and teamwork.

Why Schindler India chose Airmeet:

  • Real-life Networking: superlative platform features like networking, fluid lounge, etc. that give attendees a chance to network with other like-minded professionals,
  • Deep Integrations for higher engagement that helps in keeping the audience engaged in a fun manner,
  • Exciting Live interactions like chats, emojis, questions, etc. to keep the attendees engaged,
  • End to End white glove Services manages their entire event, which includes quick and easy onboarding, a dedicated point of contact, and comprehensive platform training.

Through leveraging Airmeets interaction and networking features, Schindler India intends to enhance internal communication and enrich the overall experience for their attendees.

With this, Airmeet is stepping up to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry, diving deeper into their needs and behaviors to craft unique solutions for the future.

About Airmeet

Airmeet is a virtual event and networking platform designed for hosting a variety of online events, including workshops, conferences, webinars, and meetups. It crafts a dynamic and interactive realm for organisers, mirroring the ambiance of in-person events in a virtual environment.

Attendees can engage in live sessions, panel discussions, Q&A rounds, and networking lounges. With features like customizable stages, breakout rooms, and exhibitor booths, Airmeet enhances event engagement. Its user-friendly interface and global accessibility make it a preferred choice for virtual gatherings, enabling participants from across the globe to forge meaningful connections.

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Elevate Your Engagement Levels, Make Every Event Memorable

Elevate Your Engagement Levels, Make Every Event Memorable

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