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Defiant Solutions LLC Choosing To Sustain Its Success with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
January 24, 2024

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Bangalore, Karnataka

January 23, 2024 – Airmeet, a leading webinar and virtual events platform, is excited to announce a notable renewal of its customer portfolio, Defiant Solutions LLC, an innovative consulting and services firm dedicated to transformation and the future of work.

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With 20+ years of experience and a global network of over 17,000 professionals and industry experts, Defiant Solutions works with both HR technology platform providers and enterprise clients to generate institutional value and competitive differentiation. 

Defiant Solutions has been leveraging Airmeet since 2022 to host their virtual conferences, workshops, networking events, and webinars, and has conveyed their complete satisfaction with the platform and all its functionalities. 

The decision by Defiant Solutions to renew their partnership with Airmeet is a testament to the virtual events platform’s capabilities, like robust networking features and flexibility to customize the event experience. Their goal is to sustain and strengthen this partnership with Airmeet to continue hosting engaging and impactful events.

With this, Airmeet marches ahead to meet the demands of the Business Consulting industry, diving deeper into their needs and behaviors to assist them in hosting impactful events with more effective and best-in-class features.

“In the realm of event experience platforms, Airmeet stands as a beacon of customer-centricity, tirelessly dedicated to providing an end-to-end solution. It is with immense pride that we acknowledge the unwavering support and trust bestowed upon us by esteemed clients like Defiant Solutions. Their phenomenal experience with Airmeet over the last few years has been nothing short of remarkable, hosting over 50 events with a cumulative attendance of 1200+ attendees. Defiant Solutions has not only been a valued client but a true advocate for the capabilities and effectiveness of Airmeet in the business consulting industry. As we celebrate this successful journey together, we eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration with Defiant Solutions and the broader business consulting community, recognizing the expanding need for a versatile solution like Airmeet”, said Rashil Mehta, Sr. Customer Success Manager at Airmeet.


About Airmeet

Airmeet is a virtual event and networking platform designed for hosting a variety of online events, including workshops, conferences, webinars, and meetups. It crafts a dynamic and interactive realm for organizers, mirroring the ambiance of in-person events in a virtual environment.

Attendees can engage in live sessions, panel discussions, Q&A rounds, and networking lounges. With features like customizable stages, breakout rooms, and exhibitor booths, Airmeet enhances event engagement. Its user-friendly interface and global accessibility make it a favored choice for virtual gatherings, enabling participants from across the globe to forge meaningful connections.

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Elevate Your Engagement Levels, Make Every Event Memorable

Elevate Your Engagement Levels, Make Every Event Memorable

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