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Airmeet is built to cover your end-to-end event needs

Why should you pick Airmeet for your events?

Deliver memorable interactions

Facilitate meaningful conversations via Social lounge tables and speed networking. Replicate real-life interactions for your audience.

Drive sponsorships & ROI

Increase your event ROI by creating attractive branding options for sponsors within the event. Empower sponsors with booths and branded lounge tables.

Manage event workflows with ease

Integrate with multiple tools like Hubspot, Eventbrite, etc. to set up and manage events with ease. Use our robust public APIs for communication between different applications.

Put the spotlight on your brand

Customize the look and feel of your event space to reflect your brand. Airmeet has multiple options to brand the landing page, event, and live sessions.

Boost attendance with reminders

Send event reminders before the start of the event to push up your attendee count. Attendees can also opt-in to get session-specific reminders.

Best-in-class Experience

Customers love Airmeet

Invite to the stage feature is such a game-changer. If it really implemented well, it makes the event so dynamic

Pablo Sulzer
Communications Lead
Impact Hub Bern

Our sponsors replied that it was the best online event they ever did as a sponsor! It was great!

Glenn Vandamme

Airmeet is a life-like virtual platform to meet people in a virtual space.

KayLee Simmons
Director of Career Events
University of Arkansas

A robust platform for all your event needs



Microsoft Teams

Speed Networking

Virtual Reception


Social Lounge

(Social lounge with tables)

(Breakout rooms)

Branding and event theme


Bring Attendee on stage



Push Notifications

Integrations with third party applications

Customizable registration forms

Event reminders

Session level and event level

DMs and private inbox

Multilingual support

(9 languages)


Microsoft Teams is free for the first 60 minutes, wherein you can schedule unlimited meetings within 24 hours. Airmeet comes with a freemium model for up to 100 registrations. This includes customer support, live polls, single-track events, Zapier integrations, speed networking, and social lounge among other features. The free Microsoft Teams does not include free third party app integrations.

Microsoft Teams is easy to use and free for the first 60 minutes. Airmeet is fairly intuitive whether you are logging in as a speaker or host or an audience. There is customer support available 24/7 and a customer support lounge for all your queries for each event. 

While the free version of Microsoft Teams covers most features, it’s only in the paid version in which you can record meetings, and host online and video conferences for up to 250 participants. Airmeet comes with plans that let you host online events for 100 registrants for free. You can scale up to 100k registrants in the Business and the Enterprise plans. Microsoft Teams is also not security compliant. 

The free version of Microsoft Teams does not come with any third-party integrations whereas Airmeet offers Zapier integration for hosting an event for up to 100 attendees. Airmeet also integrates with Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Eventbrite, Interprefy. Besides this Airmeet, also provides raise hand, live polls, custom reporting, customizable registration forms, DMs, a private inbox, chat, and Q&A, push notifications, social lounges, and more. 

Microsoft Teams is designed for team collaboration. Airmeet is a virtual and hybrid event platform. You can host, plan, schedule, market, and manage events.  Airmeet also supports up to nine languages and has ticketing and raise hand and invite to the stage feature. 

Microsoft teams is better suited for team collaboration. Airmeet, on the other hand, comes with an intuitive interface for both speakers and attendees. The application is fast and also offers SSO options in higher plans. Airmeet also has a freemium plan and comes with integrations with Eventbrite, Hubspot, Zapier, Salesforce, and Mailchimp, making event management easy. 

Airmeet has an iPad and a mobile application for both android and iOS speakers and attendees. Events can also be easily accessed on a mobile browser in the non-interactive mode where a few features may not be available. 

You can share screens in social lounges and backstage. You can share your entire window, a particular tab, pdfs, or just the application window from Airmeet. You can also pre-record videos and share them during your presentations.

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform