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Organize highly interactive and engaging job fairs on Airmeet

Why should you pick Airmeet for your events?

Facilitate peer learning

Run workshops and mock interview sessions on the lounge tables for participants to interact and learn from each other.

Host highly-engaging sessions

Conduct webinars and keynote sessions on the live stage interactive by using multiple live stage elements such as chats, emojis, polls and Q&A.

Deliver memorable interactions

Allow employers and candidates to catch up casually in the lounge to exchange contacts and resumes.

Offer an immersive booth experience

Brand the booth with employer details, brochures, and downloadable job descriptions and use the in-booth lounge for conducting interviews.

One platform for multiple events

Use the multiple capabilities offered by Airmeet to host all your events on one platform. Host everything from alumni meets to town halls with absolute ease.

Best-in-class Experience

Customers love Airmeet

Through virtual events, we can further engage with our alumni community who can’t visit us for an in-person event because of the distance.

Eliza Wilson
Associate Director of Alumni Relations & Development

Our College of Engineering used the Social Lounge feature for first-year engineering student mock interviews. We had 20/30 simultaneous 1:1 mock interview tables running. It all worked out so well.

KayLee Simmons
Director of Career Events
University of Arkansas

The chat feature was very engaging. Being able to get the chats in excel format later along with the attendee’s details was extremely helpful to understand engagement levels.

Srikar Goud Nagelli
VP chapter relations team

A platform built to cover all your event needs




Booths with multiple tables

Lounge tables for group discussions

upto 50 people per table

up to 16 people per table

Speed networking

Customization of event entry rules


Mobile App Support

Multilingual support

Customizable reception


Separate live stage for keynotes, workshops etc.

Session reminders


Brazen is an event management platform for virtual hiring events, virtual career fairs, video interviews, live webinars, and interactive networking events. The platform is perfect for all kinds of recruitment-related events. 

To host a virtual career fair, you can sign up with Brazen and schedule a demo. Once you have set up the event, the prospective attendee can click the link and attend the event. Alternatively, you can also host career fairs on Airmeet with its support of 100 to 100k registrations. 

Brazen can be accessed over mobile devices but only on the supported browsers. On the other hand, Airmeet is device and browser-agnostic. You can access all events across the mobile and iPad app, and even across browsers. 

Brazen doesn’t have a freemium plan. For a demo of the product, you’ll have to raise a request from the website. Airmeet includes a freemium plan for 100 registrations per organizer, which means that you can set up events in minutes. If you want to scale up, Airmeet also has a Basic and a Custom plan. 

Airmeet has a feature called tables where you can set up tables for up to 50 people for group discussions. Airmeet also provides 24/7 customer support and comes with a mobile and iPad app. 

All data is updated as of June 2021, and the above content is based on the data collected from review sites. Further, prices, features and product specifications of the various service providers may be varied at any time without notice. Therefore, Airmeet does not guarantee that the information provided is complete and up-to-date. Further, the data shown here is for guidance only, and does not constitute any contractual representation or warranty. All copyrights and trademarks of the named service providers are duly acknowledged. Any liability for errors or omissions is expressly disclaimed.

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform