[Workshop] Real-time Connections and Engagement at Webinars

by Airmeet

Webinars are a great pipeline generation, lead nurture, and customer engagement channel. But for too long they have been used to offer a one-sided, speaker dominated experience creating little to no engagement opportunities for the attendees. 

A Social Webinar by Nicholas Rhodes of OutSnapped 

Imagine if you could meet your prospects and customers in real-time right at your webinar for feedback, introductions, and demos? And imagine if your attendees can meet other people in the audience to build connections and learn collectively?

In this Social Webinar we’ll cover,

  1. Why webinars are not dead but need an upgrade
  2. How to make your webinars engaging and increase retention rate 
  3. The role networking and real-time conversations can play to drive sales and engagement at webinars: A hands on workshop

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