The event leaders from across the world gathered to discuss the potential of Virtual Events in Business.

Here’s what they discussed:

  1. Planning & executing a perfect event
  2. Driving the right kind of audiences
  3. Influencing brand advocates through virtual events


What will you learn from this video?

  1. The fundamentals of event planning
  2. Converting sign-ups to attendees
  3. Proven techniques to engage attendees with delightful experiences

The Event Summit: Using Virtual Events to Drive More Business

by The Remote Valley

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Lindsay Selvitelle
Director of Events, Y Combinator

Lindsay Selvitelle is the Director of Events at YC — primarily focusing on running Demo Day, the iconic three-day event where YC startups present to select investors. Prior to YC, she led the Marketing Events team at Mixpanel for 4.5 years. Before Mixpanel, she planned events for eight years in different industries including tech, hospitality, and wedding planning.

Lorne Armstrong
Founding Partner, The Event Academy

Lorne is the founding partner at The Event Academy which provides experiential training in event management for marketing and communications professionals. He has helped organisations define not only what they stand for but more importantly how they can deliver this to their customers and employees. He has worked with leadership and Communications teams of organisations such as GSK, AXA, Sainsbury’s, Argos in the past.

Megan Piedal
Director of Event Marketing, VentureBeat

Megan is an experienced marketing and events professional, having led large scale conferences, executive marketing programs, and now digital event experiences. Megan and the VentureBeat team are fresh off running their first-ever digital GamesBeat Summit, which featured over 120 speakers across 2 stages, 50 sessions, plus online networking and breakouts for gaming leaders.

Lizzie Brough
Leadership, HeySummit

As Lizzie says “When I was 8, I wanted to be the first woman on Mars – in truth, I kinda still do! From that early age, I loved being part of something with a purpose – a sports team, a brass band, a march. One of 8 kids, nothing makes me happier than bringing people together in an environment where we can learn from each other. That’s led me through community management, sports development, being a tech start-up founder, to becoming a coach and facilitator”

William Thomson
Founder, Virtual Event Campus

William is the founder of Virtual Event Campus & Gallus Events. He has organised over 700 events in the UK and abroad. After setting up an exhibition department for a commercial conferences company in 2003, William successfully re-engineered the events departments at two of the UK’s largest financial services trade associations and Europe’s largest professional membership organisation. 

Katie Ray
Community Events, Sales Hacker

Katie is a Community Events & Engagement Manager at Saleshacker where she takes care of 10,000 member insider community of Saleshacker. She is Responsible for Growth of Community, New Member Onboarding Program-built and facilitated training, Community, Leader Program- manage a team of 12 CL’s, Community Live Events-plan and facilitate webinars, etc. Katie is also a GirlsClub Certified Protege and BombBomb Bravery Award Winner.

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