How to build a game-changing e-mail marketing system

by Airmeet

April 7th – 11 AM SGT | 1 PM AEST | 8:30 AM IST

A deep dive into how top brands set up email automation systems that onboard and nurture prospects, sell and upsell products, build community and make money.

This interactive workshop is designed to show founders, marketing professionals and enthusiasts the power of a good e-mail marketing ecosystem and how to take steps towards it.

The workshops will comprise of a presentation, a few application/practice pieces for the attendees to work on in real-time, and Q&A.

About the speakers

Shobith and Yohan are the co-founders of FishHook––a strategic marketing agency for startups. They come alongside startup teams across the world to help them scale and grow.

They also started The Startup Growth Hour, a marketing mentorship program that reaches 50+ startups each year.

Matthew Harland is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Hubspot and has been helping clients of all sizes from startups, scaleups and enterprises across a variety of industries to grow better using inbound methodologies.

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