Events, Empowered

Virtual events are becoming a big part of every marketing team’s playbook. Airmeet & Prezi brought together Event Marketing Leaders to show how you can make your events stand out.

by Airmeet & Prezi

86% of marketers already use video as part of their content strategy.

Video’s experiential cousin, virtual events, is also becoming a big part of every marketing team’s playbook.
Be it for brand initiatives that make a splash or pipeline generation that keeps your revenue wheels turning, they’re the most effective way to engage and accelerate prospects at all stages of the funnel.

The challenge lies in creating videos and virtual experiences that are memorable and stand out from the rest.
Airmeet and Prezi joined hands for the Events, Empowered Summit featuring Event Marketing Leaders to help you completely reimagine how you design and produce content at virtual events.

Outcomes our attendees got from the event:
  • Hosting more interactive social webinars and events that captivate the audience.
  • Creating visual experiences that break the visual monotony of presentations and video conferencing tools.
  • Giving your event’s videos a second life and design post-event campaigns around them.

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