Ep 1: Breaking the Monotony with Energizing Virtual Events

by Airmeet

In this month’s episode, we’re talking about including perfectly-positioned energizing elements that break the lows.

In Motorsports, athletes take a pause at the pitstop; refuel, make repairs, get new shiny tyres before they hit the track again. In the last two years, we’ve been running the virtual and hybrid events race but we need more than a new set of tyres and some mechanical readjustments, we need a new car. Or in business jargon – a new strategy.

Over the next six months, we’re bringing together Event leaders who tinker endlessly to elevate Events to Experiences; to create extraordinary moments visually and otherwise.

Virtual events can turn a tad monotonous, and you just can’t fix that by introducing virtual happy hours. In the first episode of the series, we have Melissa, Director of National Accounts and Brand Experience at Meeting Tomorrow. Tune in to pick up different methods you can use to energize your audience at your next event.

This event will show you:

  1. How to upgrade your sessions with well-produced content and diverse speakers.
  2. The different tactics you can use to create energizing moments in between long, recurring sessions.
  3. The truth about energizer breaks – what you need to factor in before designing your agenda.

P.S: By registering for this event, you get access to all our recurring events in this series 🙂

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