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Top reasons to choose Airmeet

Easy setup

Airmeet modern UI is intuitive enough to make the implementation process faster and easier

Powerful networking

Airmeet social lounge is a one stop solution to engage with fellow attendees.

Better decision making

Customize reports to understand event attendance, engagement and more

Drive better ROI

Fully customizable booths with branding options to attract relevant sponsors

Best-in-class Experience

Customers love Airmeet

I loved Airmeet’s 24/7 support lounge. It was so great to be able to just hop into the lounge and get help. It was so quick, easy and efficient.

Chloe Lewis
Community Team
NEAR foundation

We love the sponsor booths and mini-lounges that you have at every booth. I am looking forward to using it extensively.

Ernst Baarte
The Hockey Site

We got very positive feedback from all the departments about how wonderful the Social Lounge experience was. It blew everyone’s mind away.

Hazel Hooker
Program Director


Airmeet can be used for various virtual and hybrid events, including hackathons, webinars, networking events, conferences, trade fairs, job fairs, and more. Designed intuitively, it comes with features such as speed networking, reception area, virtual booths, social lounges with tables (breakout rooms), live polls and Q&A, chat, personal inboxes, scheduling feature, and more.

Zapier, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, Eventbrite and Interprefy – all these integrations are available on Airmeet. There are also some public APIs that are available from the Business Plan. Zapier integrations are free across the plans.

Branding plays an important role in virtual and hybrid events. In Airmeet, you can customize the reception area, virtual booths, social lounges, sponsored booths, etc. Airmeet also offers custom URLs for your marketing efforts. 

Airmeet offers custom reports that will give you insights on the engagement on the number of attendees, the time spent in the event and their overall interactiveness across the event – in the form of raise hands, asking questions, responding to polls, conversing at a table, responding with emojis.)

Airmeet is compliant with GDPR and SOC2. It also adheres to data privacy regulations and ensures customer data is encrypted across the platform. 

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform