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Guide on choosing the best webinar software platform in 2021

Sourav Aggarwal
• February 8, 2021
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ebinars are gaining a lot of popularity for their ability to boost traffic, improve brand awareness, lead generation, knowledge sharing, community building and many such benefits. If you are comparatively new to the virtual event world, this article will give you valuable insight into some essentials to help you choose the right platform, enhance the attendee experience, retain them and achieve your goals. 

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Choosing the best webinar platform is a crucial step towards planning a successful webinar. This blog will help you judge the right fit for you by listing down the essential features to look for in any webinar platform.

1. Goal of webinar

What’s your goal for conducting the webinar? For instance, if the goal of your webinar is to build a community to learn together, meet, grow and connect, then your webinar platform should support not just broadcasting your learning session but also enable networking. 

Similarly, if you are planning to host sessions with a panel of speakers, then the webinar platform should enable multi-speaker sessions with live webcam feed and screen-sharing available for all speakers.

So the first thing you should do is to list your webinar goal and match it against the available feature. 

2. Budget

Compare your budget against the webinar pricing before you move ahead. It’s even more important to understand the webinar expected ROI? There are several webinar platforms available in the market in a variety of price ranges, based on the features and usability offered. Narrow down your search based on the budget, but try not to compromise on features. 

To maximise the ROI, select an option that’s available at lower or no cost. Airmeet offers all its features at no cost. That means that everyone is a premium user, at absolutely no cost. 

3. Quality

Imagine a scenario where you have invited industry experts to share their knowledge and thoughts on a topic. Now, due to poor video quality offered by your webinar platform, the users experience a significant lag between the real time event and the live streaming. It can rupture the viewing experience for the attendees and stain your image as a host. 

Hence, look for a webinar platform that offers HD quality audio and video. It should stream video without any lag and support all modern browsers or devices. 

4. Engagement

One of the key parameters that make your webinar memorable is the level of engagement. Broadcast style webinars are a thing of the past and serve no value in retaining attendee attention. Hence one of the most critical features that you should look for is “engagement”

Enable participants to ask questions, interact with fellow attendees, chat among themselves, cheer for the speaker and come up on the live stage. Airmeet supports immersive and interactive sessions via features like “Raise Hand”, “Chat Box”, “Emojis”, “Q&A”, to name a few. 

5. Usability

It may be specific to your organizational requirement, but we all prefer the ease of operations, like setting-up, scheduling, sharing, recording and many more convenient features. Make sure your attendees can easily access information, watch and listen to your webinar. The audience shouldn’t get frustrated with difficulty in accessing or sharing information. The success of your webinar depends on how smoothly the platform functions.

Airmeet event can be viewed from any modern browser and does not require any plug-in or downloads on your divide to attend. 

One of the essential features that you should look for in your webinar platform is “engagement”. Airmeet supports immersive and interactive sessions via features like “Raise Hand”, “Chat Box”, “Emojis”, “Q&A”

One of the essential features that you should look for in your webinar platform is “engagement”. Airmeet supports immersive and interactive sessions via features like “Raise Hand”, “Chat Box”, “Emojis”, “Q&A”

6. Security

If you are looking to build yourself as an authority on a certain subject, then you should host webinars very professionally. User data security, meeting security and privacy are important criteria in that direction. Webinar platforms like Zoom have been under fire a lot of times because of several security concerns like ZoomBombing and data leaks.

Airmeet is a highly secure platform that offers end-to-end encryption, GDPR compliance for data security, guest authentication for private meetings and chat-moderation to avoid offensive posts.

7. Scalability

Check the prospective audience size that you would require to address, is it a small number or a larger audience? Have a futuristic view of the company’s growth if you aim to develop your webinars, your audience and your organization to bigger altitudes. 

Look for a webinar platform that enables you to scale up with ease. Select the largest viewer plan in your budget. 

8. Session recording

An excellent way to increase the life and reach of your webinar is to record your sessions. Share your sessions on your social media handles to reach people who might have missed your live session. Or share snippets of the recordings as a teaser before future events. Or you could also share recordings to win sponsors. 

Therefore, go for a webinar platform that allows you to record your live presentation for later sharing and viewing by creating an easy-to-access content library. It is a virtual repository of all the webinars hosted. The cherry on the cake will be the feature, where you can edit or update your pre-recorded webinars. Airmeet allows unlimited session recording for all events. 

9. Networking

Whether the goal of your webinar is to allow networking or not, it is always a good idea to choose a webinar platform that supports networking. Similar to a physical event, people like to join-in early and stay behind post-webinar to get a chance to interact with the speakers and co-attendees. 

Networking is one of the founding pillars of Airmeet. Social lounge with virtual tables is a great way to meet and make some genuine connections. It also offers virtual contact cards feature to exchange contact details and network better. 

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10. Tracking analytics

It is important to track analytics related to meeting goals, engagement and attendee satisfaction to gauge the success of the webinar and improve future presentations. Get important attendee information through the registration process, attendee behaviour and their likes/dislikes, going beyond demographics. 

Note the timestamp and content where the most engagement happened during your webinar to understand your audience better. Conduct polls to get honest feedback directly from your audience right during the webinar. 

Follow these ten pointers to discover and choose the best webinar platform that provides you with the most features and optimises ROI. 

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