Run visually stunning and revenue
driven conferences

Our Customers

Design & host your next event with absolute ease

Event Planning

Set up your perfect event in a matter of minutes

Highly branded events

Customize your events with a theme, personalized reception area and a branded event layout.

Ticketing and entry rules

Set up custom registration, ticketing rules,
and single sign-on(SSO).

Event preview mode

Conduct dry runs and prepare your event well
in advance.

Event Management

Hasslefree event management experience

Pre-recorded sessions and live presentations

Allow speakers to showcase presentations or
pre-recorded videos without navigating off the
live stage.

Private backstage

Session green room for the hosts and
speakers to prepare before they go live.

Host and co-host management

Collaborate like a pro and delegate hosting responsibilities to your team.

“Backstage controls are awesome, mainly the present option and outlook on streaming.”

Dhananjay L, Digital Media Strategist

Deliver an experience that your
attendees will remember

Engage and Explore

Engage and add value to your audience

Chat, polls, and Q&A

Empower your audience to share their curiosity by engaging them through in-session interactions and by bringing them on stage.

Downloadable collaterals

Attendees can download resources and
watch videos for insights and information

In-app and email notifications

Remind attendees about sessions and bring them
on the stage to share their views with everyone


Prime your event for meaningful connections

Speed networking

Think speed-dating but for business —
Encourage ice breaker interactions among
your event participants.

Scheduled meetings

Give participants the flexibility to DM and
schedule 1:1 meetings for deep conversations.

Expandable tables and lounge

Host breakout sessions, huddles, and round
tables with up to 50 participants on any table.

“The speed networking function is really helpful and takes no time or effort to set up.”

Majorie B, Consultant and Pitch Trainer – Script 2 Film Workshops Small-Business

Bring in sponsors and exhibitors
to increase
event ROI


Feature exhibitors in front of your audience

Live booth workshops

Grab audience attention and increase footfall
to your booth with live sessions.

Booth tables for meetings

Use tables for sales pitches and
consultations to engage visitors.

Lead magnets

Add downloadable resources to capture leads
and get notified on every attendee action.

“Our sponsors replied that it was the best online event they ever did as a sponsor! It was great.”

Glenn Vandamme, Co-founder


Put a spotlight on your sponsors

Dedicated sponsor areas

Focus the attention on your sponsors by
showcasing their brand prominently.

Branded social lounge

Set up lounge tables marked for your
sponsors and exhibitors.

Sponsorship opportunities

Get traction by sponsoring sessions
and networking rounds.

Tailor an Immersive Hybrid Event Experience

Connect your offline events with the world

Go mobile

Bridge the gap between your in-person and
online attendees to connect and network.

Broadcast your event live

Stream your physical events to the virtual audience
via Airmeet and on your favorite social platforms.

On-demand session

Empower event attendees to replay completed
sessions any time during your event.

A robust platform that’s
got your back, always

Ease of scale

Host events with up to
100K attendees

Seamless Integrations

Connect and create event
workflows with your favorite tools

Privacy & Security

Compliance with ISO and GDPR
to ensure data protection

Multilingual Support

Communicate value in the language your audience understands

Platform Access

Join events from behind
enterprise firewalls and networks for unrestricted access

Powerful built-in analytics

Gain insights into event
performance with advanced
analytic reports

Pratik Gadhiya
Pratik Gadhiya@pGxplorer_
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Oh man, @airmeet_com is so smooth and effective 🙌
Absolutely loved the table networking feature 💫
More power to you, team 💪
Alex Bazin
Alex Bazin@aibazin
Read More
I've spent this morning at an @IotTribe event using @airmeet_com . I'm so impressed by the experience, both as an attendee and a speaker. Of all the virtual events I've attended in the last few months, this is the closest to one that recreates the real-world experience.
Abhi @abhinjain30
Read More
@airmeet_com is just one crazy innovation. And this coming from India is even more awespiring thing.. What a great tool.
Afsar @TheAngrezJailer
Read More
Just experience virtual conferencing service of @airmeet_com.
Must say it is highly creative compared to Zoom and Teams.
It gives you that experience of attending an actual conference where you go and actually occupy the seat and could see who's sitting next to you.
Pavithra Krishnaswamy
Pavithra Krishnaswamy @pavithrakswamy
Read More
Attending this #Masterclass on adaptive #SaaS #Marketing with @qvikr breaking down marketing strategy in these uncertain times.
Love the platform they're using. @airmeet_com mirrored real-life networking on a virtual platform like I've never seen before!
Chandra Vattikuti
Chandra Vattikuti @VCShekhar
Read More
Finally got down to attending a session hosted on, Very neat product @lalitmangal & @jaasti . High quality, allows for self selection ( introverts to find unoccupied tables, extroverts to join occupied tables ..). 👏👏
Casey Lau
Casey Lau@casey_lau
Read More
Just when you thought audio-only was the best: @BlueStartups East Meets West conference on @airmeet_com proves that seeing and hearing speakers and attendees is still #fun. 🏄‍♀️ “Its not the platform, its how you program it.” 🏝 Reminds me of this song:
Vernon Ross
Vernon Ross@RossPR
Read More
Bored with most online summits? If so I think you'll find this interesting as I share my thoughts on conferencing platform @airmeet_com #VirtualEvents #virtualevent #ZoomFatigue

The Airmeet Event Experience Cloud is the only all-in-one virtual and hybrid event platform for unlimited connection with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Deliver engaging, dynamic, rewarding experiences that your attendees will remember forever.


Create one-of-a-kind, branded event experiences


Manage multiple event workflows from one powerful dashboard


Connect attendees together in more meaningful ways


Gain insights to help drive more revenue and conversions


Tap into 24/7 support, helpful onboarding, and white glove services

What’s New!

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Events can open the door to more connection, and more growth. Discover why Airmeet
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Craft meaningful conversations

Community Meetups

Engage your community around the year

Workshops & Trainings

Host interactive events that inspire your audience

Product Launches

Leave a lasting impression in the market


Bring everyone closer at work

Summit & Conferences

Deliver highly customizable events experiences at scale

Job & Talent Fairs

Make an impact with your next recruiting event.

Tradeshows & Expos

Showcase a world-class exhibition to your buyers


Organize team events that inspire innovation

Award Ceremonies

Host a grand reception for your rockstars

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform