Guide to maximise your event outcomes with Airmeet

Vishant Khare
• June 11, 2021
Guide To Maximise Your Event Outcomes With Airmeet
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as your last virtual event a sort of damper and did not get the desired traction you intended? Or was it a successful one, and the bar for your next event is set even higher now? Whatever be the case, getting the most out of your virtual event is not difficult. Well, at least, not with Airmeet!

Conducting virtual events is one thing and getting the desired engagement and results is another. If there’s good engagement, results will follow. And that’s where Airmeet hits the goal. Over the next five minutes, we show you how Airmeet can help you get the best ROI out of your next virtual event.

Table of Contents

How does Airmeet function?

As an all-in-one virtual events platform, Airmeet offers excellent options to humanize events and scale them up. Airmeet covers a range of live events, irrespective of their size. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking to conduct virtual conferences, workshops, or summits – virtual or hybrid.

You can seamlessly conduct a large-scale summit or conference that stretches across days. There is also a possibility of holding multiple sessions parallelly with an audience size of up to 100k participants.

Setting up an event is easy and intuitive on the Airmeet platform. There is also no need for any download and Airmeet supports multiple third party integrations to ensure that setting up and managing your events is smooth. On the Airmeet interface, you can manage registrations, publish event details, sell tickets and live-stream your event on multiple platforms. What sets Airmeet apart from its competition is the range of exciting networking and engagement features. 

With data gaining much prominence in recent years, you can analyse the attendee data to offer them a better experience next time. The platform also allows you to record sessions that you can use later.

The Airmeet dashboard is user-friendly, allowing for the quick setup of events, and even easier navigation for speakers and attendees. With the dedicated training and support, the hassles of hosting the event get reduced.

Here’s a further rundown on how Airmeet can help you maximise event outcomes.

maximise event outcome

Engaging session experiences

Airmeet allows you to have a seamless interaction with your audience and also engage them.

  • Rich engagement: The engagement features offered by Airmeet can help your audience to continuously react and let the hosts and speakers know how they feel via emojis and ask questions to speakers. They can even raise their hand, chat, and join the speakers on the stage.


WATCH: Host parallel virtual sessions seamlessly – Deliver sessions for up to 100K participants

  • Pre-recorded videos: Irrespective of the size of the event, you would want to deliver content that is of high quality. You can curate speaker video recordings and play them during the event without any hassles. There is also a great chance of monetisation as you can add sponsor videos in between the sessions.
  • Live stream: Are you looking to get more attendees for your virtual event? You can set up the live streaming on platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube through the Airmeet dashboard.
live stream

Help your audience build connections

Airmeet offers a lot of benefits that can help your audience make meaningful connections.

  • Virtual ballroom with tables: You can interact with like-minded folks here and be part of some exciting conversations. Whether it is the host, fellow speakers, or fellow attendees, your audience can interact with them all here. They can even switch tables and join conversations that interest them.

WATCH: Airmeet’s most loved feature – The lively networking lounge – Multiply your virtual event engagement

  • Speed networking: With the help of this feature, attendees get automatically matched with each other. It is ideal for short one-to-one conversations.
  • Table chat: The chat function here allows attendees to engage in live video, audio or text chats, exchange contacts, LinkedIn profiles, and portfolios. Both public and private chat options are safe and secure.
  • Screen share: By sharing screens with people at the table, attendees can discuss possible collaborations.
  • Raise hand and Invite to stage: Participants can use the raise hand feature, and the host can have them join the speaker on stage and be a contributor via the unique invite to stage feature. Attendees, on the other hand, can raise questions or voice their opinion with this feature.
  • Q&A: The dedicated Q&A window allows your attendees to ask questions. The host and speakers can also upvote the question and respond to them.
  • Contact cards: Attendees can exchange their cards virtually at the social lounge. It gives the same feeling as a physical event.
  • Polls: Polls are excellent for getting quick feedback on any topic. Whether it is about the event experience or any other aspects, polls can help you gauge the audience’s mood.

These features help in promoting audience engagement. Remember that it is essential to help the audience get the maximum benefit out of your event.

Event Branding

You can brand the event and onboard sponsors to increase the ROI of your event. It is possible by offering dedicated spaces to sponsors and exhibitors.

event branding
  • Event branding: You can use branded content and logos in the reception area. The stage backdrops allow you to use the themes and brand colours. You can even use the brand colours on the event interiors to maximise brand recall value. The virtual tables are customisable with your brand logos for sponsor recognition.
  • Booth exhibition: You can tie up with exhibitors to put up stalls at dedicated event spaces. It will help them generate leads. Booths offer several features like a booth lounge for discussion, collateral display area, and CTAs for the audience.
  • Ticketing: You can set up and manage the ticketing activities right from the dashboard. Use different ticket tiers that offer different participation levels. It will allow your audience to choose a ticket based on their interests.

Smooth sign-ups, logins, and onboarding

You can give your audience the best user experience by leveraging these features.

  • Single sign-on (SSO): This feature allows your team to login to your airmeet event through an identity provider (IDP) of your choice, facilitating better security and easier account management. SSO saves the time and effort involved in creating a separate account for your portal.
    Businesses can use their own login flow to sign into their Airmeet account. The rest of the registration and onboarding process remains the same. The clearly defined event entry rules allow you to choose who can join and enter the event. Learn more about SSO here.
  • Landing pages: You can create a high-converting landing page that helps you attract maximum registrations. With a seamless sign-up process, you can make it easier for your participants to register. Furthermore, the ‘add to calendar’ plugin allows you to block the slot for your attendees.
  • Onboarding: You can onboard your speakers and attendees better by educating them with related information. Reminder emails also help you keep them aware of the event.

Robust platform with stringent security measures

A virtual event platform should be robust and scalable based on your future needs. Security and privacy also remain a concern with virtual events. Airmeet helps you overcome those problems through the following measures.

  • Scalability: Airmeet allows you to conduct an event with up to 100k participants with low latency.
  • Security: The Airmeet virtual event platform complies with all the GDPR norms. The data also has 256-bit encryption for complete security. Whether it is the event, data, or communication, everything remains safe on the Airmeet platform.
  • Downloads: There is no need to download any external software. Your audience can directly join the event from a browser, whether on mobile or desktop.
  • Superior quality: You can get HD quality streaming of live events without any delays or lags.
  • Smooth streaming: Airmeet supports Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) streaming that allows you to conduct hybrid events like a pro.
  • Integrations: There are handy automation tools and third-party integration support to host your virtual events seamlessly. You can easily integrate Airmeet with your everyday business apps like Zapier, Eventbrite, Hubspot etc.  Airmeet open APIs can be used to connect with any third party apps that your businesses may use.

Additional features and support

Besides a feature-rich virtual event platform, Airmeet also offers dedicated support to help you conduct your events successfully.
  • Event marketing: You can get all the support to ensure there are maximum registrations and turnout for the event.
  • Event hosting: We understand that the technical host plays an essential role in keeping everyone hooked to the event. We offer all the necessary event hosting support.
  • Event setup: Setting up the entire event will be a matter of hours and not days when you take the help of Airmeet.
  • Event support: We offer all the assistance to both organisers and attendees to ensure it is a pleasant event experience for everyone.
  • Dedicated account manager: Our dedicated account manager will guide you at each step, so you do not feel stranded at any point in time.
  • Record videos: The in-built function allows you to record unlimited videos without having to spend anything.


Conducting a successful virtual event is all about making the most of the features offered by the platform. The features and dedicated support by Airmeet can help you with conducting events seamlessly and get the best ROI. 

Want more assistance from our experts? Contact us today, and we will be right at your service.


An effective strategy with the right mix of promotion and engagement features is essential to conduct a successful virtual event.

Choosing the right virtual event platform, offering an immersive experience, and delivering quality content are some of the best practices to host a virtual event.

Delivering an experience and adding exclusive value is the best way to make your virtual event stand out.

While there is no specific time limit, make sure the sessions are not too long. Don’t go on for more than an hour without a break.

You can use virtual event software like Airmeet to conduct all your virtual events.

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