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The Accel Events Alternative

Airmeet and Accel Events are both virtual event platforms, but Airmeet focuses on interactive networking. It’s well-suited for hosting versatile virtual and hybrid events. Airmeet excels at creating customizable experiences while cultivating connections and facilitating meaningful interactions through it’s advanced and engaging feature set.


From Engagement
to Conversion

Airmeet streamlines your
marketing funnel, ensuring
attendees transition smoothly
while achieving desired results.

500 %
Boost in sales conversion for Agorapulse
4000 %
increase in attendee growth for Kaiser Permanente
$ 0 Mn
Influenced pipeline creation for Workramp
90 K+
Event’s had 50-70% Show rate for Recro

Comparing Airmeet vs Accel Events


Attendee Management

Customizable Branding

Multiple Events

Social Media Integration

Virtual Lobby

Lead Generation

Live Streaming


Chat, Q/A, Polls


Custom Registration Page Builder

Email builder and analytics

Survey Management

Pricing Model

Free Version


Quotation based



















Individuals and Freelancers

Small and Medium Businesses

Large Entreprises


Flat Rate

Accel Events


A platform designed for an all-inclusive event experience


Works best on the web and supported on mobile with native accessibility features offered by iOS and Android


From Webinars and Virtual Events to Hybrid events, Airmeet provides seamless access


Host events with support for 12 languages, catering to a global audience

Gain an unfair advantage with Airmeet.

We built our Event Experience Cloud to help you engage buyers and grow customer relationships. That means more revenue, more pipeline, and more customers for life.

Target the right audience with precision

Airmeet customer events see nearly 2x event attendance compared to the industry average

Generate high-quality leads & pipeline

Airmeet customers have generated $250,000 in pipeline through a single event

Engage and educate buyers & customers

We offer 38 ways to captivate and connect with your webinar and event attendees

Instantly connect with your most interested buyers

Enjoy 14 ways to start instant conversations with your high-intent leads

Decode buyer
intent signals

Airmeet captures 64 buyer intent data points for your sales team to leverage


With options like a virtual lobby and live broadcasting, Airmeet is amazing at customizing virtual meetings and encouraging long-lasting connections.

Strong features that enable effective lead acquisition and simple attendance management include live streaming, chat, Q&A, surveys, and personalized branding supplied by Airmeet.

Indeed, Airmeet interfaces effortlessly with popular systems such as Marketo, Salesforce, and HubSpot, providing synchronized event data for improved post-event actions.

With customizable features like a virtual lobby, registration pages, and branding, Airmeet gives event planners the tools they need to create a distinctively branded experience.

In order to prepare organizers for successful virtual events, Airmeet provides a wealth of support and training tools, including sessions, videos, and documentation.

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