AirCare Credits Calculator

Use credits to avail white-glove services for your virtual and hybrid events.

What are AirCare Credits & why should you use them?

Airmeet offers an array of white-glove services like Event Manager, Dry Runs, In-Event Technical Support, Stage manager & more to help you have a hassle-free platform and event hosting experience.

Airmeet is now introducing AirCare credits, using which you can seamlessly start using our value-added services on the go and make the most out of our services. You can purchase AirCare credits in advance and use them flexibly across different events to avail any service listed as a part of our white glove offerings, based on your event needs. Your credits are valid for one full year.

AirCare Credits Calculator

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Benefits of AirCare credits

  • Time-saving, less paperwork, and easy maintenance
  • Purchase credits and use them for a wide variety of services without constraining yourself to a few
  • Flexible and versatile—can be used across all your virtual events
  • Your credits are safe in your wallet for one whole year
  • An easy and transparent credit system
  • Great discounts and benefits if you opt for AirCare packages
  • Get the exact support you need per event down to the hour
  • Utilize credits as you wish depending on your event type


For Better Implementation

Event Manager - Planning & Coordination

A designated Event Manager will help you set up the event roadmap. Starting from the planning call till the event end, Event Manager will support your event journey at Airmeet. Create deliverables, responsibility chart, and timelines.

Event Setup

Get specialized event experts to craft and set up your virtual/hybrid events from scratch.

Platform Training - Event Specific (Event Setup & HNC )

Creative Services

Hybrid Event Consultation

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